Central Michigan University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about this school is the people. The community of people within in this school really makes it worth going to. The confidence that people have makes others gain confidence and always provides us hope for the future.


The best thing about this school is the people, everyone is so different yet everyone gets along so well.


the best thing about central, the people who can help you. What i mean by that is you have amazing adivors and cousenlors that know alot and know your questions before you even ask. They are kind and down to earth, it feels like you ar talking to your mother or father; they yell at you when you need it and give you gold stars when you deserve it.


The best thing about my school is the people. The people are extremely friendly here and very open to new things and different ideas. They make it easy to meet people and make new friends.


I like that the two major programs I am involved in are both small and personable.


People and food


The best thing about my school was the diversity of different cultures blends in one. In todays society diversity has lost its important meaning. Majority of people have shied away from exploring diversity because different cultures have been associated with negative connotation, and the media is to blame for it. It is the job of Universities like Central to enhance the importance of diversity, and that without it; it would be hard to grow intellectually, spiritually and emotionally.


You have a lot of advisors to help you figure out which field to study.


The online class availability


The best thing about Central is the spirit that there is around the campus. Everyone just loves being there and is proud to be there.


I feel that the campus is not as big as many other universities to where everywhere that someone could walk to is in walking distance.


The best thing about Central is the people, both students and faculty. There is anyways someone in a class that you can start a conversation with and roommate matching really helps with creating new friendships. The faculty always seems to be willing to help and they want you to learn and go as far as you can. I have never felt out of place when I needed to ask a question.


The best thing about my school would be how the teachers are interested in your education. Bigger public schools in my state are known for coming to class just to teach but my teachers are intersted in my education. They go out of their way to help me with my work such as holding extra meetings, explaining things more than once, and always attending office hours. Not only do I learn more because they want us to succeed but they make me happy to attend classes every day and eager to learn.


The best thing about being a freshman at CMU is dorm life. Being around students like yourself and being able to make friends is awesome. There is always something fun to do when you're bored because you live with a bunch of teenagers who just want to hang out. Also, living in the dorms is safe and comfortable and there is always plenty of food in the cafeterias. Living in the dorms has taught me to be respectful and tolerant of almost everyone I meet, inside or out of the building.


The best thing is how friendly everyone is there, and how excited everyone is to go there. It's truly amazing. This is the best thing because it makes me feel honored to go there and be apart of an awesome group of people who value the same things I do. It makes waking up and going to class much easier knowing you will see someone you know on your way to class with a friendly smile.


The best thing about Central Michigan University is that they have a lot of RSO's (Registered Student Organizations), they have all kinds of programs and organizations to fit the needs of anyone from any gender, race and religion on campus!


The best thing by far at Central is definantly the sense of community you feel everywhere you go! I've met so many people and new friends up here and they help encourage me to do well in classes and to socialize. The people I've met are the main reason I am doing so well!


The best thing about Central Michigan University is how everone is so friendly and always willing to help out. All of the staff members go out of there way to help and make sure you have the best college experiance you can have while also as a first priority making sure that you succeed as a student. Also how the staff members have been through almost any stiuation that you can get in and know the best thing to do in any stiuation. That is what I think is the best thing about my school, Central Michigan University.


It has a very good psychology program. This program is second under communications. This university strives for exxcellence in Leadership skills and ability.


At Central Michigan University, everyone is very diverse. One of the main focuses at CMU is to allocate diversity and implement ways to make everyone feel comfortable and secure in themselves. It is truly enjoyable seeing smiling faces everyday that one travels on his or her way to class. Central Michigan University is more than just a school, it is one large family of students.


The best thing about my school are the people I encounter everyday. Everyone is friendly and they are always willing to help one another with any type of situations. There are also many organizations and groups that are always doing charity work to help the less fortunate and many of those values are instilled by this institution. The Staff is very nice and friendly and it makes being here just as good as being at home.


I LOVE the special education program at this school. The professors are extremely knowledgeable and they always involve us in the community. I also love that the headquarters of the Special Olympics is on our campus so I can stay constantly involved, and that our entire campus is accessible for anyone, no matter what their special circumstances may be


What I consider to be the best about my school is that they are always learning knew things and apply it to their classrooms. Many professors take the initiative to learn more and find out what will help students learn to the best of their abilities. They are always trying to find new ways to help us learn the material faster and easier so when we take our exams, we don?t panic! At Central Michigan University, the environment is definitely student based learning and I am very proud to say that I am apart of this university.


As a newly accepted Chippawa, the thing that I consider the best would be that everyone here is available around the clock and that the school itself is so accepting of many different types of people with different backgrounds. I think that this is an important thing that is helping not only myself but my fellow peers as well. It is creating a more diverse atmosphere as well as putting us in situations with people who have different views than our own. It is better preparing us for the "real" world because this country is also becoming more diverse.


The best thing about my school I would say would have to be how involved we are. We help out the community so much. We do multiple blood drives, book drives, and other things. We have arranged days to get the campus to clean up the area. We also have many community service based groups. Ever our fraternities and sororities do community service that the community acknowledges!


The best thing about Central Michigan University is the friendly (even the animals are friendly) and captivating atmosphere. It is extremely easy to become involved on our campus which allows for the opportunity to meet new people and make meaningful connections. CMU offers close to 200 different clubs and organizations for it's students to join, making it easy to find something you like to do. One of the best things about having a relatively small campus is that once you are involved in a club, the chance that you'll see someone you know in your classes practically doubles.


The best thing about Central is the wide variety of events and access offered free to students. The exercise facility is amazingly and includes a weight room, track, courts, hot tub, pool, free weights, and weight and cardio machines. There are helpful workshops such as resume builders, fake interviews, and etiquite dinners. Speakers and entertainers make frequent apperances as well. Free athletic events make you feel welcome unlike some larger schools having to pay for tickets to cheer for your own team. Not only are all these events free but also well advertised and participation is largely encouraged.


The best thing about my school would have to be the students, the athletic department, and the campus. The students are always nice and friendly and willing to help with anything. Fellow students create study groups and the library is always open. The successful football and soccer team make going to sports events fun. Central gives away t-shirts and other goodies during the games and they are great events to hangout with friends. The campus is the perfect size. It takes only 15 minutes to walk from one end to the other. Its really an amazing school.


The best thing about Central Michigan is the overall feeling you get when you walk on to campus. People here actually say hello to each other and smile at you rather than simply scurrying to class with headphones over their ears and their heads down. You never know who or what you will see while walking around campus and it is very refreshing compared to a lot of universitys I have considered.


The friendships that ive made aleady and the fact that are campus is not to big or to small.


The courses designated for an individual are sorted by the student's interests, career goals, and availability. The classes and professors are flexible and informative; the campus itself is more confined giving students the ability to get to class on time and enhance their academic possibilities.


One of the best things about my school would be that the people are very interested in learning about, and embracing, diversity. Also, my school is very active in volunteer work.


The town it is located in. Everyone is very friendly and the campus is beautiful.


I feel that having people from all differnt backgrounds, and ages is the best thing about Mid Michigan Community College


The workload isn't too overwhelming to the point of suffocating my social life. I can have fun and still do well in school and it's a pretty easy balance. I like that there are opportunities available but no pressure to take them.


CMU is very good with cultural diversity. There are plenty of diversity events every week even. At the first university that I attended, we didn't have any hint of a diversity program so when I transferred to CMU, I was very pleasantly surprised to find the amount and quality of diversity events.


Everything. I can't say there is much wrong with the school. It's the perfect at home feeling and the people are amazing.


Sense of community, school spirit.


The best thing about my school is the small classes, the friends I've met, and the housing. The classes being small really helped me learn the material better. I met a lot of nice people and friends at CMU that I will probably have for a very long time. I also like the fact that the apartments are cheap to rent. I pay about $300 a month, which is very affordable. When I was looking for apartments at MSU, they ran around $500 or more a month.


Everyone is always really friendly. I have been to other schools and the people are not as nearly as friendly or helpful then the one's at Central. I also think that Central has a wide variety of Majors that makes completing your major really simple.


This school is perfect for me because I am able to juggle both a Varsity sport and an intense work load. I love both the school and sport aspect of school and even though both demand a lot of me. I also enjoy the classes that they offer. They provide a good balance of both your degree requirements and classes that allow you to have a good liberal arts education. I am able to take classes that are outside of my major that I want to learn about.


The friendliness of the campus and how everyone includes you.


The best thing about Central Michigan is the school spirit and atmosphere. The school loves football, and going to the games is big. Also just walking around campus and joining in activities is great. I love this school.


I believe that the best thing about my school is the overall enviroment in which the students live in. There are rare problems that involve students not getting along, nor are there many racial issues that happen on campus. The best thing for me are the friends that I've made through out the years here already, that will be friends of mine for the rest of my life.


Students are freindly, pretty willing to help you out if your in a pinch. Smaller class sizes allow you to get to know people, socialize, and build networks. School spirit is high. Although there is a fair amount of drinking, students want to do well and are willing to work hard.


The best thing about my school is the spirit. Everyone is proud to be a Chippewa. The football stadium is always packed for football games. There is never a shortage of Central clothing on campus. Even when I'm home i walk around in my school's apparel, so that people will ask me about my experiences at school.


The way the school comes together for athletic events is very fun. The new student housing is really nice. The new health professions building is also state of the art.


I love the classic campus feel about this school. There are older buildings and although the library and the University Center are modern buildings they allow for a small campus, hometown feeling that is very welcoming.


The Atmosphere. People preform better in school when they want to be here and are surronded by people they like and enjoy.


The best thing about Central Michigan is the friendliness. Everywhere you go, you will see a smiling face. Anytime you need help, you will find someone willing to give it to you. If you have a question, a professor is usually willing to go out of his/her way to help you out, and the same goes for your schoolmates.

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