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I have recently found out that the enrollment is so bad in the Electronics Program at CNM that if you are able to take the class you signed up for without it being canceled, then you are lucky. Again the curriculum is questionable at best and it appears that the administration is just trying anything to keep the program alive and everything they are trying to make the program better is becoming more and more overwhelming and very fast paced for the student to be able to get any kind of education that would be considered good. As far as getting in, it seems that they are letting anyone in the program in order to increase the enrollment numbers. As a comment of advice on this fact, if you want to get into a program of study where anyone and everyone is allowed to sign up and attend class without being tested to determine their capacity to learn and comprehend the material and to determine their level of interest in the coursework then consider the drawbacks to what sounds like a "good thing". The drawbacks are that you may attend classes with students who are not able to comprehend and perform the required coursework and who, most likely, will feel overwhelmed and lose interest in the program and will just drop out which increases the chances that any classes you need in the future in order to complete the degree plan in the time provided for completion will not be available and will be canceled. In addition, this program has shown no support toward students whose work schedules require them to be able to take classes in the evenings. If you are not able to take the classes when they are offered, the administration for the electronics program makes no attempt to provide a schedule for your needs, instead they just tell you, "Sorry, you are out of luck, either take what is offered or find another program of study" which brings us to the motto of CNM itself. The motto of CNM is "Find Your Course". Find your Course? Is this the best that they had to choose from, but regardless of how good or bad the motto is, the motto seems to fit the attitude of the administration, especially in the School of Applied Technologies who seem to not really know what they are really doing and appear to be placed in the wrong job for what they seem to know and the sad truth is that the administration of this program do not seem to know much about anything.


I find it unique that not very many people choose a community college to go to. Reason being is because it gives people less distractions when there are now very many students walking around campus. I am able to study wherever i want with peace and quiet. When i walked around the University of New Mexico there were constantly crowds walking around and you see many of your friends and don't really get your work done. I also find my school unique that books, tuition, and parking is cheaper then the bigger schools. Tuition can be expensive these days.


The tuition is very low for in-state residents. The school has two year degrees, the credits can be transferred to the University of New Mexico which is a higher level college.


I chose to go to Central New Mexico Community College instead of going to the lead university because I was scared to fail at a higher lever college. Once I got to the school i realized that it was so much better to start there than anywhere else, they have smaller class sizes so you actually get one on one time with your professors and they really care. the learning criteria is just as hard as a regular university and as i've met my professors and the people around me, l've had a better chance at success.


It's close enough to home and offers me a financial point to be capable of paying for school without putting undue financial strain on myself. It's also the only school in 150 miles that offers the program I wanted to learn.