Central New Mexico Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The people who should attend this school I believe should be High School graduates and parents. Since this school has very flexible hours and plenty of individual attention. Its a grate experience for high school grates because classes are real small and you get time to talk and discouse with your pears the homework and work. Adults have plenty of tutoring help and can speak to a teacher more openly about missing classes and turning in work.


Someone who doesn't like the ampitheater style classrooms, who prefers one-on-one experience with the teachers. Its for those who like amore personal college experience who if they need help they can just talk with them after class.


The kind of person who should attend is someone who is dedicated to continuing until the end. Someone who is not afraid to work hard to acheive his or her goals.


Any kind of person who wants to further their education, this is a great school with plenty of opportunites.


The kind of person that should attend this school is one that wants a degree based more on Technology. Or for some one that likes smaller classes. Also people who are a little strained for cash.


Excellent school for trades, but anyone wanting small classes with many very good teachers, and at a great price, would benefit from CNM.


I would say CNM is a good choice for those who are also employed and or have a family and require flexible scheduling. Also, those are not receiving financial aid benefit from attending CNM because of its lower cost of tuition.


Any and everyone!