Central Ohio Technical College Top Questions

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They are very involved in the community! Each summer they have something that they have called "College Aspire" in the past. This program is for youth ages 12-18 who may attend classes for one week. These classes cover all of the degree programs that Central Ohio Technical College has to offer such as: robotics (engineering), bussiness, cullinary, forensics, photography, and medical madness. When I was twelve I attended the medical madness program and the bussiness program the year after. In medical madness I not only was able to take classes but also become certified in CPR and First-Aid.


I escaped the financial burden of a university but also get the campus feel because COTC shares the newark campus with Ohio State.


The faculty and student relationship


My school is unique compared to other schools because my classes are fairly small and you and the teacher can have more one-on-one time if you need it.