Central Ohio Technical College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person that does not know what they really want to make their profession should not attend this school.


i dont think anyone shouldn't attend this school.


Someone who should not attend the school does not exist. This school is great for anyone. People who are continuing their education or someone looking to take a few classes and then transfer. I would recommend it to everyone.


A person who wants the party scene shouldnt attend this college.....this is a very focused but laid back enviroment and is much different than a huge city college.........


A person that is more interested in the typical "college life" should not attend attend this school because you have to be very determined to get through your program on time. Also, this school is in an urban/rural town so it is not the big city life and thereare not fraternities or sororities so there are very few parties, but the campus and student organizations that are on campus do have sponsor many student activities such as Bingo where you can win free prizes.


One who needs plenty of guidence and support to achieve a goal.