Central Oregon Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Don't be so ashamed of attending a community college. With all of your friends heading off to big four-year universities, be proud of yourself for staying home and saving money. Your classes at COCC will be easier than the ones your friends are taking, and you're saving so much money that they're working so hard to get just to say they go to a university. Instead of getting a random roommate and being stuck in debt all your life, you're staying at home with your family, in your own comfortable room, still having most of your things paid for. Ignore everyone else! Community colleges give you the same college credits a four-year university would give you, so you're not missing out on much. And trust me, you're still going to transfer to that big university you've always wanted, trust me. Your first year of getting your core classes out of the way will be cake, and I can guarantee you won't be as stressed and broken out as most of your friends struggling to focus. So quit your stressing! Everything works out in the end, I promise you.


I would tell my high school senior self to get started early. Don't wait till the last minute to start on important stuff, the faster you get it done the easier things will come. Also don't rush into growing up so fast, take your time, have fun (but not too much), and focus on school. Don't worry about working right out of high school, you will have your whole life to work after you're done with all your schooling. Make goals for yourself, keep focused, and accomplish those goals no matter what it takes (Unless it's illegal). Don't get so caught up in the hype of going out with friends all the time and focus on school, it will get you a lot further than you think. And don't be afraid to "reach for the stars" in any sense. If you have a dream, if you have a plan, don't be afraid to do what it takes to reach that dream and make a success of yourself. But most of all, make something of yourself.


If I could go back in time and give my self advice I would tell myself don't be affraid. Waiting almost 18 years since I completed high school to go back to college is my biggest regret. I was to affraid to fail my family that I did not want to go back to school to better myself. My wife has been my biggest supporter to become a nurse. Now that I am back in school I wish I would have just gone to college right after high school


Being in my junior year, I took my G.E.D. I would tell myself to complete my high school deploma, and now that I am 44 I would insteruct my self to get an education. My Parents did not believe in schoolong, very domestic, and religious. I now want my AA and as a single mom, I want to set an example for my children, and promote a better life through education. I would love the scholarship top help with finances and make things less stressful.. Thank you for the chance....


I would tell myself not to worry about moving on with my life. Not to be afraid of new things and to be excited that I will be working towards a goal that I want to accomplish. College is not as scary as it may seem, it is actually a ton of fun once you get settled in and meet new friends. I would tell myself not to worry about being in debt because Finacial Aid would be covering a decent amount of the charges. Also to fill out and apply for more scholarships so I would have an easier time with paying off charges for classes and books. Finally, I would tell myself to not stress so much about not understanding something I may encounter in college because there are teachers and staff that will be available to answer any of questions I may have.


I would tell myself that everything will be alright. That the things you are going through now are the things that are going to make you strong enough to go back to school in 33 years. Yes being a mother is hard, burying 4 out of 7 children would be hard for anyone. But it also comes with rewards, the survivors are strong and loving souls, the youngest boy is a hero serving in the Air Force. When the day is done and the 7 kids are gone and you're on your own, that is when you get to have your day . You will be scared. As it will seem like you have to study harder than most everyone else because of your age, but you can do this . You have walked threw a fire most cannot even imagine, so buck up. Take your time, study hard and don't be afraid to ask for help; You are worth it. Have faith you are a strong survivor, and you are worthy of an education.


I would have to tell myself to stop acting like such an idiot, but I doubt I would have listened. I would have to tell myself to stop digging the rut in which I would all but bury myself, but I would have had to fight myself over the proverbial shovel. I was a stubborn fool, but I was sure I was right about most everything. I might mention that I found the transition to college far scarier in my mind, in reality it was easy and fun. I have found that often the thing that stops us from doing what we really want to is us, that we create or destroy our own barriers. We hold the keys to our own happiness, we are not marionettes. We create or prevent our success, and likewise with failure. Failures are not necessarily mistakes, especially if we learn from them. I would ask myself why I was so sure I was right about everything, had I appointed myself God? Had I created God in my own image, and if so was I able to see clearly the image I had created? Looking back I can see how wrong and deluded I was.


Social life isn't everything! If I could have told myself one thing, that's what it would be. I would have explained that being social is not important when it comes to being able to enjoy free schooling. Knowing now that I have to actually reach into my own pocket and hand over money for school makes me regret blowing off homework and AP classes for friends and football games.


Stop. Just, stop where you are for a second. Now take a deep breath and come down from all the passion you're feeling for getting out there and being an adult. Look more deeply at not just who you want to be, but who you are right now. Don't be so impatient that you mess yourself up. The world doesn't end if you're 23 and still working on college because you needed more time to grow up and understand yourself. Take a break, get a job, explore the world around you, and make some great friends. When you're done, take another deep breath and ask "what do I really want to be?"


I would tell myself to trust my own instincts. And to understand that not everyone pursues their dreams.


Well, I would be a high school senior this coming school year but last year I joined an early college program named Baker Early College. So if I were to go back in time to myself last summer before spending a year in the program I would tell her to really stay on top of math. I struggled with it a lot so that was my biggest problem. I would also try to convince her to be more outgoing in the campus news paper that she was going to work for. The last thing I would warn her of was that her friends from high school would fall out of contact with her if she didn't stay in touch and she would really regret it if she didn't talk to them anymore. I would also assure her that she was about to have the best time of her life and to keep her head up no matter what!


Don’t let what happened to you slow you down; use it to make you stronger. I know you had a hard time in high school but you need to move on and stay focused. You need to apply for colleges right away, do not hesitate because you will be stuck in your hometown for another two years and you will hate yourself everyday for it. Navina no one will be there for you and you will learn how to live on your own, you are strong you just need to push through this pain. By the time you are 20 you will be a very strong and independent buy you need to make sure you are doing great in school so you have a chance to go to college and not get stuck at a community college. You’re very smart you just need to apply yourself a little bit more. You can and will do great things.


just go with the flow have fun meet as many people as you can and stay on top of your work. youll be fine.


My advice to my high school self would be to breath. Applying for schools and trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life was exceedingly scary. I often would panic about whether or not I was making the right choice. If I could go back I would say, just take a deep breath and take one thing at a time. The whole process was overwhelming especially the financial part. I was constantly wondering how I would survive being tossed out on my own. But if I would of just looked at it in pieces I think I would have been a lot better off and would have prevented a lot of stress. I used to spend my nights tossing and turning trying to figure my entire life out. But looking back none of that anxiety was necessary. I figured what needed to be done out and the rest will come. That is my words of wisdom for any high school senior. Breath, it will all work out and it will be worth all the sleepless nights. I promise.


Go to college right out of high school. Going when your a single mom and 30 is hard


Don't take a break after graduation. Keep with it because it is a lot harder going back later then sooner.


If I was able to go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself how hard it is to acheive your goals without a good education and how important it is to start early and do your best. With a good education, a person can do anything.


In a lot of ways I wish I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior. In reguards to education, my main advice would be to not doubt the decision to go to college do to concerns reguarding the cost of education. There are many diffrent programs avalible to help students through school, and it's usually easy to manage a part time job while attending college and still have time for friends and family. My secondary advice would be to live college as a life style. By that I mean become involved with the clubs on campus, take at least two classes a term that I enjoy, and develop close friendships with fellow students. Not only has learning this increased my enjoyment of college, but also improved my attendence in classes and improved the grades I have been recieving.


I would tell myself to save up as much money as I possibly clould and not to waste my money on thing I don't really need. By doing this I could have saved a lot of money that I really need. Another thing I would tell my self is not to loan out any money to anybody. The main point I would try to get across is to stay focused and to be prepared by going out and asking questions to my teachers, friends, and counslers about college. Everything I do has a cause and effct me in the future.


Dream--as big as you can! Coming back to school at 49 years old was an extremely hard choice to make, I had convinced myself that I was past the age of learning. I see myself in a whole new light today-----you are never to old to learn.