Central Penn College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The BEST small campus every!


Central Pennyslvania College is organized and well-structured; it's fun and expressive, and easy to follow.


My school is small but what it lacks in size it makes up with the care and success that it places on it students because of the staff at the college.


My school is fast pace and has great environments to learn.


This is small college located in the middle of a small town.


Wonderful place to learn in if your serious about your education.


I take online classes and my school is very helpful and has helped me every step of the way so far.


Central Pennsylvania College is a tight-nit community that prides itself in community involvement and excellence in education.


Central Pennsylvania College may be a small college yet it has a huge impact on students lifes when they graduate


Central Penn College is a career oriented college designed to provide students with the educational skills as well as life skills to be successful in whatever endeavor they chose. They show a dedication to the students and faculty in providing hands-on education while doing it through real-world situations and easily accessible classes. They are accomodating to all levels of students whether they are traditional or non-traditional (continuing ed) students.


It is an amazing small school that has very friendly people in it.


A small, private school with smaller classes for individual attention.


my school is very deverse and passionate in students succeeding.


Central Penn is a college that offers students quality education and allows them to choose from a variety of programs/curriculms/means of class (online, in-class or blended); with knowledgeable and helpful professors and staff.