Central Penn College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The classmates at my college are a blend of traditional and non-traditional students.


My classmates are always kind, courteous and helpful.


My classmates are made from a variety of majors, ages, ethnicities and backgrounds and add character to Central Penn College.


My classmates are very friendly.


My classmates are from multiple cultures that I have never experienced before, so I am learning new things.


My classmates are diverse, passionate, committed, and will accept nothing but their best.


If you're coming to Central Penn, get excited! Going to this school with gives me a feeling of accomplishment and motivation--I wake up every morning excited to get to class. You should get ready to focus, learn, and blaze through terms. Come with an open mind, and a readiness to "make it" through college. This school is not for those that wish to just party all the time--there's a great social life, sure, but academically focused is the word around here.


As an online student, describing my classmates will be somewhat difficult; however, my exposure during online discussions reveals that my online peers are focused and determined to performing well in continuing their education and achieving their goals, so much so that they are willing to take online classes due to their inability to sit in a classroom as a result of conflicting obligations in their lives, such as families and full time jobs.


They are all of different intelligents.


My classmates are very diverse in their religion, race, culture and opinions.


My classmates are motivated, driven, achievers, and overcome obstacles and excel.


My classmates at Central Penn are diverse, energetic, knowledgeable, driven, dedicated, and business oriented; they take pride in Central Penn which is a close knit community that works together for the greater good.


my classmates all depend on the class itself; however, it is diverse .


My classes are comprised of older, working students who have a drive and determination to succeed in the field of study.