Central Penn College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I'm honestly not sure what my school is known for. Most people don't have a clue about this college. It's pretty small and insignificant.


My school is best known for their small classes. The small class sizes help people get that one on one attention that some people need to be successful. With the small classes, the classes are hands- on so people can actually draw blood or do whatever their major is.


I recall that my college used to be a business school, and when I began my search they were at the top of my list because of my interest in business. The fact that they have grown into a bachelor degree conferring institution only made my decision easier when it came to choosing which school to continue my education with.


The college was most recently recognized as one of the most proffesional schools you can attend. I would have to say that Central Penn. is best known for sucess and proffesionalism among young adults. They lead you in the right direction for a bright future.


Central Pennsylvania College is best known for its sense of professionalism. Students at Central Penn are required to dress in business attire for class. It helps simulate what the actual workplace environment will be like. This college is full of students who care about their future careers and want to develop the skills they need to be successful in the working world early. You will not see pajamas in class at Central Penn. Professionalism is a key component to being successful at Central Penn. Besides, who doesn?t want to look good in a suit and tie everyday in class?!


Central Pennsylvania College has great professors that are very knowledgeable and enjoy their jobs. The small class sizes are a big plus because class interactions are much more fun and interesting when everyone can participate without being intimidated by a large number of people.


My school is best known for its small class sizes. It's a small community that has a family feel.


Central Penn College is best known for its flexible programs in which there are over 20 degree programs to chose from along with additional certification programs. They have many choices for students to pick from including completely on-line degree programs. They are also known for creating a business-like professional atmosphere within their campus'. That allows the students to get a 'feel' for what it will be like in the professional world as well as it allows for Continuing Education students to fit right in after a long day at work.


We are best known for our business like atmosphere. We revolve a lot around business. Every has to dress up, we are taught to follow things just like our jobs would be in the real world. We are adressed with real life experiences every day and are able to be involved with business experiences. We are best prepared for life in the job atmosphere compared to people in other colleges who can wear what they want and just skip classes all of the time. We are very prepared for the real world!


My school is best known for allowing the students to graduate and recieve thier college degree earlier than other schools. Also, my school is known for thier business ethics regarding uniformal attire to classes and having a business-like persona.