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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could talk to myself when I was a senior, the best advice I could give would be to go to college right after graduation and not take time off. I graduated early from high school and I thought I would take a year or a couple months off from school and then go back. That didn?t happen for me and I don?t think a lot of people end up going back. My main reason for going to college now was because I had my daughter and I want a better life for her and I both. I wish I would have continued my school right after high school so I could have graduated sooner and start my career. Instead, I?ll have to wait a couple more years before I can start the career that I want.


I would encourage myself as a high school senior to examine the different majors available and pick something that I will enjoy doing for the rest of my life rather than choosing something someone else thinks I'm going to be good at or because of the income potential. It's important to shadow these jobs as well because if you couldn't handle examining the daily tasks for the job, then there's no point in receiving a degree for something you wouldn't want to do!


If i could go back in time and see myself thinking about college, the main piece of advice that I would give to myself would be to open myself up to all possibilities on what I would like to do with my life and to take control of what college I go to. I would do this by doing my own research by talking to the right people and looking at what I like and want from a college. I would finally save as much money as I could in order to make the transition run smoothly for myself.


I once heard a great saying. Though the movie, person, or book the saying came from has long since dissolved, the quote stays fresh in my mind to this day. It is a message that echos within me. All be it simple, this little phrase would be my biggest piece of advice to myself as a senior in high school. I wish I could sit my self down and simply say, ?Be yourself, an original is worth more than a copy?. As a freshman in college, for the first time, I am spending large amounts of time away from my family. I do not have my mother to gossip with, my father constantly checking up on me, nor my twin to shadow my every move. I simply have me. The cluttered lifestyle I left behind has been replaced with a new task. Not the homework or practice from the school, but an enjoyable and sometimes comical effort in finding my true self. As our knowledge of the outside world grows, so should our personal awareness. To find ourselves and craft a future from it will be a great start for the rest of our lives. So just be yourself.


If i were to go back to a high school student, i would tell myself that working hard does pay off. I would sit and discuss my options of finicial needs coming from a large family and being the only child to graduate i would want to make my father happy. I would over come challanges that would maybe stop another individual. I would make the best effort to become something in life. I would not let high school drama consume my life. I would keep my head held high and think that this is only four years of my life. What will come next. These are the most important things that i would think of. thank you


There are many things I wish I could go back in time and warn myslef about back in high school. However, the one thing I would tell my self is to save money for college. I saved through out high school, but spent a lot. If I saved more than I spent, I would have more money now to pay for books, the tuition my loans dont cover, and the expenses I pay to fix my car. I really would tell myself that most of the material things I am spending my money on as a High School Senior, I just end up getting rid of. I would tell myself that saving now, will help prevent headaches and the fear of having to drop out of college because I simply do not have the finances to pay for it. I wish I would have saved more as a senior, and if I could go back that is the one thing I would tell myself.


There are many aspects that one should keep in mind when transitioning from high school to college. Some aspects are being responsible on your own, opening up to new types of people, having confidence in yourself, and staying focused on the right priorities. When in college, you need to be responsible about homework, feeding yourself, and any other daily activities. Your parents are not there to make sure you go to bed on time and do your homework on time. In college there will be many new faces and attitudes that you will not be used to and you have to open up to that because that is the real world and everyone is different. In college, you must have confidence in yourself and strive to be the best student you can be. Lastly and most importantly one needs to stay focused on the right priorities. You need to be careful that you do not fall into the party groups and the people that go to college just to "have fun." You can have fun but do it responsibly and with the right people that will not get you into trouble. I believe those are the biggest advices to remember.


If given the opportunity to go back into time and talk to myself about college life, I would tell myself that I shouldn't build my expectations on the stereotype of college. Don?t go into college thinking that the next 4 years is all about partying and doing whatever you want. College is about molding yourself into a prestigious leader of the future. College is preparing you for the future, not who can get ?hammered? the most in a term. Yes, college is fun and you do have moments when you party like a rock star, but there are moments when you have to push your party animal aside and be a responsible young adult. Don?t go to college and do something stupid because that one little mistake can hunt you for the rest of your life.


I would have to say that College is not a joke. Just because it's the last year of High School does not mean you don't have to work hard on the things you do. First and foremost, you have to pay for college. Meaning it's most likely going to be money out of your pocket, unless you get a scholarship, and still, because you can loose scholarshsips once you mess up. I highly suggest you don't go to College to just "party" , because it would'nt work out. Ofcourse you want to enjoy yourself but not to the extent where you don't do what you are supposed to. It's honestly a waste of your time, their time and your money. You would not want your money to go to waste. All I'm saying is prepare for the real world, because now that you're an adult you must take responsibility for everything and anything you do. If you ruin it , it'll be on you. Especially if you are living on campus. You must achieve on your own qne learn the true meaning of both maturity and independence.


The advice I would give myself is to stick with college even when things get frustrating. After graduating high school, I went to college for a year and then quit. I left on good academic standing, however I just thought that I didn't need a degree to make it in the world. I ended up married at a young age and LIFE began. I wish I could tell that silly 20 year old to wait to get married and stick with earning a degree because life is tougher than you think. It's been 10 years since then and I am divorced, I don't make much money at my current job and I am in need of making out better for myself. I'd probably be a lot farther ahead in life if I had just made one different decision. But...I know better now and I am attending college striving to earn an Associate's Degree.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would make sure I was financial stable. When first coming to school I did not have a car and I was not from the area. It made it hard to be away from home for the first time because I was not use too fending for myself. But after I met friends and got a job it made everything so much better. I thought about leaving the school because I was home sick but after awhile that stopped. If I knew all of these things before coming to school I think it would have made the transition that much easier.


Going back and talking to myself as a high school senior, I would advise myself of three things. First, I would advise myself to get to know the best way for me to study and to understand information. This would help handle the stress of sitting through long lectures and studying for test and quizzes during my first semester. Second, I would tell myself to get to know an older student who is in my decided major so that they can help me make the right decisions throughout my first year of college. Third, I would advise myself to join a club or group that was affiliated with my major so that I can get experience in the field that I plan to work in after graduation. This will also help me meet students and professors on campus and professionals who can later help open doors for me for internships or possible jobs.


First and foremost I would advise myself to stay on track and forge forward, believe in yourself and your instinct. Additionally, I would stress that it is OK to change your major; such experiences promote growth. Do not dwell on the negative but view those experiences as character building exercises. As Kahill Gibran said "Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars". Lastly, I would stress to enjoy yourself and make choices based upon what you like and what you feel has the most economic benefit.


The advice I would give myself it to take continuing education seriously and to focus on obtaining a degree or skill set that can be used in the world today. As the world changes, more and more focus is placed on what degree you have behind your name. That degree is important because it shows your commitment to learning and growing. Those traits are extremely important to future employers and if you prove you have them, they are more likely to select you for the opportunity vs. another candidate who might not have what you have.


If I could go back into time , when I was a senior in high school. I would tell myself that I really need to start to study more than I did in high school. Not to be worried about my friends and there drama and focus on my school work. I woud tell myself to start my school work early. Instead of waiting to the last mintue to do my work. To not worry about people back home as much. Just be myself here and not to think about the people who do not care about me. To have fun you only live once but do your school work on time.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would offer myself a whole lot of advice. As a high school student I had no ambition, I never made the honor roll and never wanted to be there. However, now as a college student I make the deans list and have a 3.75 average. I would tell myself to try harder and work at my classes with more effort than I did. My parents are so proud of me now, and I can only imagine how proud they would have been back then. I would tell myself "You can do it!" because I obviously could of , if I only would have applied myself. Another piece of advice I would have given myself is to be more involved. I was in the band and also did cheerleading and a various amount of clubs. However, I wish I had played a sport. We have basketball here at Central Penn, and I'd love to play but don't know much about it, I would have wanted to try that in High School. Hopefully, as a senior I would have taken this advice.


I would tell teen-aged self that if I want a decent job and admission into a top college, to buckle down and do my homework, pay attention in class and not to be driven by clique groups. College life is not all parties and beer bashes, but a lot of work to get decent grades. Although you have plenty of time to enjoy the college experience, you need to budget your time for recreation and study. The transition will be a little tough, you will be homesick, but remember, Mom, Dad and your siblings are just a phone call away. So study hard and take a lot of English composition courses, you will need them to write your reports/papers and have a little fun.


If I was to go back into time and to talk to myself as a high school senior as i now know about college life and making the transition, I would tell myself to keep the hard work. However, college is nothing like high school. Teachers may prep you for college with some form of college work, but it is not the same. High school teachers do not enforce rules on exactly how things should be done exactly. The rules are different. College treats you more of a grown up than a high school. You definitely are not babied through college as it treats you the way you are in the real world in a "real" job. You are treated professionally.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would have prepared myself even better for the college life than I did. I would tell myself that it is a lot of work and that I need to put forth an effort of 100%. The most important thing in my life is getting a degree and furthering my education so that I can be more successful in the business world. When I went to orientation I was extremely intimidated and second guessed myself quite a few times, but I pushed through it. If I had the opportunity to prepare myself better in that aspect, I definitely would have when I was a high school senior. College life is a great experience, and I think everyone should consider it. I have really grown up, and I would not have changed my decision for anything because I know that my degree is most definitely going to be beneifical to me!


I would tell myself that there are many financial opportunities to allow students from low income families a chance to go to college. I did not go directly from high school because I thought I could not afford college and was only an average student, therefore no scholarships were available to me. I waited 25 years to go to school and I am loving it!! It was a scary thing for me to go back to school after so many years. I am meeting new people and learning more than expected. I wish I would have gone to college right from high school. Perhaps I could have experienced living on-campus, fraternities, etc. The positive I get out of waiting is my desire to learn. I feel that I may not have gotten as much educational experience from college if I had attended directly from high school.


I would tell myself there is no room for doubt! There is also no room for procrastination or laziness. If I knew the possibilities were available to me to further my education I would have push through and really committed myself while in High School. I would go back in time and tell myself that my socioeconomic position will not be an impediment for me to obtain my dreams of a college degree. I suppose the adage of where there is a will there is a way can be utilized here. The habits whether good or bad learned in High School will set the stage for the type of student you will be in College. Therefore I would advise myself to learn good organization skills and better time management. Most of the work in college is doable and understandable if we set aside the appropriate amount of time to learn it and comprehend it. However if adequate time is not allotted we are left to panic and at the last minute submit substandard work. I truly believe that college is an exercise in time management. This is an invaluable skill in the workplace. A skill that should be practiced early.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice in my senior year of high school I would tell my self to try my very hardest in all my work and not settle for anything less than a "A" GPA. I would also tell myself to complete all my as early as possible, but make sure that it entails everything that my teacher asked for. Another peice of advice I would give myself is stay on top of all of my assignments missed when I cannot attend school; get all of my work ahead of time. The last peice of advice I would give myself is to never give up, or doubt my own judgement; sometimes I should trust myself before trusting someone else.


I cannot really think of any advice to give myself as a senior. I received good grades in high school, so I would not give advice to get better grades. My college life is not that different from my high school life, so the transition was not that big. The only difference is class times are different in college. Instead of having an eight o'clock to three o'clock day in high school, I could have a nine o'clock to three o'clock day in college with an hour break in between. However, there is not any advice I can give for different class times. My workload for college and high school are about the same, so I cannot give myself advice on how I can change my working habits. I do live with a roommate, but it seems we have gotten along since we first moved in together. Therefore, I cannot give myself advice on how to live with a roommate. It is hard to come up with advice to give myself because it seems like nothing has changed from high school to college.


Take your time, apply to many schools and visit all of the options. See what their activities and campus life is like before you accept.


I would inform the parents and students to go and visit each and every college that they may be interested in to get a good feeling about the atmosphere. I would also advise the student to participate in shadowing current students at thier college so that they can really get a feel and experience. As far as making the most of the college experience, just get out there and don't be afraid just be yourself in order to make friends.


I say know what you want. I also know alot of students, and parents, do not know what it is that they want right out of high school. Ask yourself (and make sure to answer) very important questions regarding college and your life there. Do I want to attend a big campus or a small school? What majors am I interested in(look to make sure prospective schools have those programs)? Do I want to be in a small classroom or a big lecture hall? How far from home do I want to be? Do I even want to be away from home? Where are my friends and classmates going to school at? Do I want a typical/traditional four year school or how about one with an accelerated program? One thing I don't think alot of students look into before entering a school is the times classes are offered. Students need to look into course schedules and think about when they like be in class and have free time. After all, making it to class is part of the battle. Of course, it is important to look at costs and financial aid if needed.

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