Central Penn College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


There is not any one person that should not attend Central Penn. Central Penn welcomes anyone with open arms and the faculty and students are amazing. The school is great and the professors and advisors help you with everything you could possibly think of and more. When I was looking for colleges Central Penn caught my eye because they have a range of classes to choose from so all types of people can attend and go to school for the career that they have been dreaming of to better themselves and their families.


People who do not like to dress up or who do not like to follow dress codes. People who is not going to go to class everyday. People who are taking college as a joke. People who want to go to college just to party and drink beer. People who want to sit around all day and smoke drungs. People who do not like to do work or homework. People who are just going to play video games all day, everyday.


The only people who should not attend this school are those who are not ready to succeed!


I would say somebody who does not have good time management. There is a lot of busy work and you must be a self motivated person.


You should not attend Central Pennsylvania College if you are not looking for a professional business career. We are also aquired to dress business professionally when we attend classes, if this does not suite you then I would suggest not going. We have strict classes, if you miss more than 4 days then your grade gets dropped a whole letter grade. Also, there are classes that are 75 or better classes.


There is really no type of student that shouldn't attend any school. But I wouldn't advise anyone that doesnt like to turn in work on time do work on a dealine schedule.


If the individual is into a lot of partying this isn't the school. If the student is looking for a big campus with a lot of social things this isn't really the school for him/her. Also, if the student hates dressing up, Central Pennsylvania College is definitly not the school because they have a very harsh dress code that the student must follow.


I feel this school is a great place for someone who doesn't want to be involved in a HUGE college. So, a person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who wants to play sports or be involved in art or music. Someone who likes a large amount of people and a big campus shouldn't come here. Someone, who doesn't want to wear dress clothing every day shouldn't come here either or who has to follow an attendance policy, this wouldn't be the school for them.


Every person should attend this college. except if the major they are interested in is not offered.


A person who has no direction, determination or drive to be successful should not attend this school. A person who does not think they can follow a dress code a abide by and an attendance policy should not attend this school.


Students who want to play varsity sports, be part of a sorority or fraternity, or those that want to be on a big campus definitely do not want to attend Central Pennsylvania College.