Central Penn College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


If I had to choose one thing that is frustrating about the school it would have to be the dress code. A student must dress up in business attire everyday to go to class. I would rather be comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt than a skirt.


The most frustrating thing I found about this school is some of the professors they hire. Students go to them after class or even durning class and ask about something they didn't understand, but most of them either ignore your question or they don't know the answer to the question. I don't understand why our school hires professors who don't know the subject they are teaching or don't know much about their subject.


The most frustrating thing about going to Central Penn would probably have to be the dress code. The reason why I say the dress code is the most frurstrating thing is because there at times that you just want to be a normal teenage college student and where sweatpants and sweatshirts to class, but in the end you know that with the dress code it's for the best and is helping you in the future.


The most frustrating this about our school are the limits. I am not saying the instructors hold us back but rather that there is so much more out there to learn. There is more knowledge and skill in the world than any of us will ever know. This or any school could not give us even part of that knowledge. There are some things they do give us however; the desire to learn, the ability to problem solve and the confidence to succeed. The knowledge we have yet to learn makes the skills we do learn all the more valuable.


Considering the fact that Central Pennsylvania College was once primarily a business school, it clearly has been adapting well to the traditional college standards. However, the college continues to lack in the athletics departments with sports such as football, soccer, cheerleading, baseball, tennis, among other sports as well. It is somewhat frustrating that the college only offers basketball, but I understand that it is pushing to fabricate a wider variety for students. After all, it is immensely important for students to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


While Central Penn offers a big school education in a small school environment, it also comes with a big school tuition with minimal scholarships for student athletes.


They dont offer all classes every semester, nor do they offer them at multiple times during a semester. If it doenst fit in your chedule, then you can take it. If you are about to graduate and only need one class, but it isnt offered, you ahve to wait to take the class before you can graduate.


Honestly, the only thing that I can really say that frustrates me about Central Penn is the amount of money spent on it. I feel like Central Penn can help me out a little more due to my financial needs , by introducing me to scholarships and things of that nature. Nontheless, my GPA is really good, I really do deserve some help. I'm proving that I'am focused and I do want to become successful. So why not help out the Latina female that wants to make something of herself.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the bookstore. It has poor quality service. Textbooks are always sent at the last minute or late and when I call, no one ever answers the phone. No one ever replies to e-mails either.


There are no extra curricular activities, so once your classes are done everyone pretty much goes to thier oen living spaces and do not communicate or make friends besides the ones in which they livve with. Also the food is very very disgusting and way expensive to the point where our school's cafeteria has been convicted of food poisening plenty of times.