Central Penn College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish that I had known about this college much sooner!


I wish I would have known that they didn't have a football team. When I was in high school, I used to play football every year, but know I feel like its nothing to do, but I have to keep my grades up anyway.


I wish that I would have known that minors were not offered at satellite campuses. I wanted to do a minor in healthcare administration, however the minor classes are not offered online and I attend mostly online courses, in order to work and help contribute to my family. It was disappointing, but perhaps down the road, they will make this apart of their online agenda. In the meantime I am thankful to have the opporuntity for an education.


I wish I had known just how supportive the staff has been, because I would have made the decision even quicker to study through Central Pennsylvania College. The staff is genuinely sincere in helping their students, and it shows in everything they do.


I feel that the marketing material and the counselors information was exactly what the school represented. Before you are accepted to central Pennsylvania College, they require you visit the campus.


I wish that I would have known how caring Central Pennsylvania College?s staff and faculty are! You may have gone on a college visit, and you probably met someone from that college who s job is to recruit you for that college, so it is their job to be nice. Sure, college websites say all the time about how great their faculty and staff are, and how much they care about your personal goals, but at Central Pennsylvania College, they really do mean it! From security, to library personnel, the level of friendliness and caring is off the charts!


I wish I had known that you need a car to really get to do anything up here. A lot of things are not within walking distance.


There really isn't anything--Everything at this school I witnessed and knew about from my visiting and my research. The only surprise I got was that I actually enjoy attending classes--who would have thought that?


I think that I was given sufficient information about the college, before I enrolled, by the admissions representative that I talked to (he was very helpful and informative). Central Pennsylvania College is trying to expand so they rent a classroom Monday through Thursday at McCann Shool of Business & Technology in Sunbury to accomodate students that live in the area. So some of the information I recieved before I enrolled changed while I attended clases, however, being one of the "guinea pigs" for their expansion is to be expected.


I wish I would have know how easy it was to complete the process and how easy it was to be excepted.