Central Penn College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Classes tend to have roughly 25 students allowing personal attention from the professors. Professors treat students as adults and do not play favorites, they do respond to every question you have and offer personal assistance if a studdent is in need of help. Overall the faculty is the greatest asset the school has and I cannot imagine earning my degree elsewhere.


The best thing about Central Penn is the flexibility to take my classes online. I am currently employed full-time, so luckily at Central Penn, I am still able to pursue my dream of getting my BA.


The best thing about my school is that it is very small which means all the teachers know you personally.


It is small, and has alot to offer its student academiclly. I like it alot because the professors know what they are talking about and can help us not only learn but eventually can get us a job in the field we got our degree in. Many people come here because they couldn't get into any other school, while i chose to come here because it looked like a great place to learn and seemed affordable if i could get enough fincial aid.


The fact that they offer numerous online courses because it makes it more convienient for working adults.


Clearly, small class sizes sets Central Pennsylvania College ahead of the rest. In many cases, students have a hard time adapting to a new school compiled of cultural diversity and new principles. The small class sizes that Central Pennsylvania has to offer helps bring students together more efficiently. Not only that, but small class sizes allows students to communicate with the professors at a one-on-one basis, where students and professors can build a personal, yet professional relationship. Small class sizes offer more involvement of the students, enabling the students to have a better grasp on the material presented.


The flexibility and offering of on-line classes. It is local to where I live and have high standards and expectations of their students.


I would say the best thing about Central Penn would be how focused the cirriculum is in the classes. I like how much hands-on learning the students recieve. It makes learning incredibly easier to understand and helps pick up on factors in the career. I am going for physical therapy and it helps to do everything hands-on so I get the feeling of what it is going to be like once I find a job. I feel I am better off with the extra help in learning how it will be in the real world.


As a non traditional college students the best part of attending Central Penn College is it allows me to accomodate my school schedule around my life. The teaching staff is understanding of the different demographics represented in each class. They strive to make our dreams of a college degree a reality. if I wasn't given the choice of a variety of online course i'm afraid I wouldn't be able to attend college. Thankfully because programs like the one offered at CPC I can confidently say I'l graduate at the end of this year!


The best thing about my school is its small intimate campus. It has has teachers that care about their students and want the best for their students. The campus may be small but it has all the resoources that the students need to complete their studies. It holds a very professional standing with having the students dress for success in the uniform of the career they wish to persue.


Many things are good about Central Penn College. First, it is an all-year college, which means I will get my Bachelor's Degree in about three years when it would take me four years at a standard college. Second, Central Penn has an appearance policy which is you must wear a shirt and tie. This policy will get me ready for the business world. Next, the class sizes are only around twenty people, which mean more one-on-one time with the professor. Lastly, the classes are hands-on which means the classes are just not lectures.