Central Piedmont Community College Top Questions

Describe the students at Central Piedmont Community College.


Many of the students at CPCC are from all different backgrounds. Some, like me are there right out of high school. Others are a bit older and have come back for a higher education. Some people want to be there while others would rather be somewhere else entirely. But if I would have to describe the students at CPCC I would say that they are mature. My classmates at Central Piedmont are all there for an education, they dont cause disruptions and trouble in the class rooms; they are simpliy there to learn.


My classmates are enthusiastic, respectful, and eagar to learn and succeed; their determination and hardwork creates an acceptional learning environment, as well as an intellectually and academically stimulating one.


i have not yet experienced classmates in a classroom environment in college yet because i have not yet started my classes in school.


My classmates was so good and they all ae helpful to me.


My classmates are the most ambitious & helpful people you could ever meet.


My classmates are very interesting.


I would describe my classmates as young and just starting to discover life.