Central Piedmont Community College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


CPCC is known for providing a quality, affordable education to anyone who is eager to learn. Their campuses are extremely diverse and extend outreach to anyone without bias. The professors are remarkable and well educated in their fields, as well as willing to help in any way that they can. The Academic Learning Center is constantly reaching out to students to ensure success. The small class sizes cultivate a learning experience that cannot be obtained in large universities. CPCC offers programs that comply with a vast array of interests in the workfield and prepares students for the future.


Central Piedmont Communitty College (CPCC) is best know for its high quality training in short term career program. Most companies in the Greater charlotte area recommend or send their employees to CPCC for additional training or continued education. CPCC offer a huge variety of classes to meet the demand of the Charlotte area workforce. Most students are confident that they are a receiving a quality education and/or training at an affordable tuition costs.


My school is best known for its diversity. There are different age groups as well as cultures on the campus. Each classroom is filled with different ideas due to the opinions from people who had different experiences. Every day, you meet someone different and you are constantly learning something new. Although the unavailability of dorms may not allow you to connect with a specific group of people, you still meet different people each semester. There are also different community service opportunities offered that help students get involved in campus activities and also ameliorate their resumes.


Central Piedmont Community College is best known as a transition school. It is a great place for fellow students to go and gain knowledge for future degrees. It is also a way to save money until going forth with education at universities.


According to some of my syudies of my coolage, i have found out that cpcc is ranked as the top ten collages and they are all spread out in charlotte north carilina.