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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to save more money and build credit. I have taken the money I have earned for granted, as well as the importance of having credit, good credt. Being someone who pays for their own education out of pocket, I could be further along with my studies had I been able to afford more classes. Additionally, I am currently lacking a reliable means of transportation to school. If I had began building credit at a young age, I could get a better loan to buy a reliable vehicle. Affording college, and a reliable means to get there, are two struggles I am currently having. I would be able to concentrate even more, had I told myself this information in high school.

Jamie Colleen

I didn't take the whole process very seriously, and missed scholarship application deadlines, and I just didn't really try. If I could go back, then I would apply to many, many more scholarships and would have tried to go to a university instead of a community college. I feel like I would have a better experience at a university, and would have been able to make a lot more friends easier. I regret not taking things as seriously as I should of, and I learned my lesson. I should have pushed myself to do what it took to go to the school I have always wanted to go to.


If I were to go back I would tell myself that it's going to be really tough at first. Class schedules will be confusing, you'll get lost a few times and it'll be hard to make friends at first. But you just need to be strong and know that things will get better. Dont be afraid to go to club meetings or speak up in conversations. Its ok to be unsure about things, but dont let it get in your way of moving forward. Lifes journey is just beginning, its ok to take it easy and get your footing before you continue. Theres a long road ahead and its important to not stress too much about it and just enjoy life in the moment.


"Don't change a thing." The challenging experiences that I endured and brought upon myself since high school have molded me into a revolutionist. My scholastics were in turn put on hold, but during this time I became educated in the courses of life. I am seasoned with the knowledge of the struggle to survive. The freedom of college students demands time management and responsibility. Everyone develops differently, and this process determines our futures. Adversity developed me into the adult I had to be to recognize my purpose in the biochemical/physical and nutrition fields. I'm a dreamer of excellence, and I believe it starts and ends with nourishing, not poisoning, our bodies. The many evils of our world have consistently drawn our attention away from the most detrimental one: disrespecting our bodies. The exponential growth of our population has pushed our industries into mass production of the cheapest "food" products that can be manufactured and it is killing us. The obesity epidemic is a result of our relationship with these "foods." We are addicts, and I was an addict once too. The constant battle with a process that is necessary for life is deep, but I can help.


to always keep a good altitude and do well in school and also respect each one


The advice I would give myself about college life and making the transition includes better planning, build a relationship with staff, make friends before you get to campus, and become familiar with the area. I was definitely unprepared my first day! I didn’t have lunch or any snacks, so I was hungry all day. That hunger was a distraction from listening to the professors as they went over syllabi. I also had to stand in multiple long lines because I didn’t get my ID, bus pass, or books ahead of time. Secondly, I would tell myself to build relationships with staff early. The people on campus are there to help you, so the earlier they get to know you, the more they’ll be able to help you. Also, I would tell myself to build relationships with other incoming students. You will feel much more comfortable if you have a familiar face in one of your classes, someone to sit with at lunch or between classes. Lastly, become familiar with the area surrounding your campus. Not only will that ensure your safety, but you will know more resources to help you succeed. Good luck!


Hindsight is 20/20. If I could go back in time to high school and tell my self information that would help me get through high school and to be beneficial for college, my number one thing would be to form good study habits and to not procrastinate. My study habits are not the worst but they definately could be better. I would tell myself to study more because studying more has made my life so much more easier in college and looking back in highschool i caould have just spent an hour a day and my grades would have chancged dramatically. I would tell my self not to procrastinate because procrastinating in college could be the death of you and you do not want to be behind at all. In highscool I was always stressed out over work because i put it off until the last second and now that I dont and try and get my work done as soon as I get it and life is just easier because you do not have to worry about assignments all the time.


I would have told myself to never take that college break. Even though it might seem like a good idea, you will just be putting yourself behind in life. I would have also told myself to be better with your credit and to save money, because going to college has a huge opportunity cost when it comes to your time and finances. And last but not least to just hang in there, that it will all be worth it in the long run.


Upon graduating high school in May of 1999 I joined the US Navy. If I could do things over I would have went to college. The advice I would give myself is that a college education is very important. Everyone wants to make money and having the knowledge is power and will allow anyone to earn a higher income. Take the time to study. Dont rush the process, research a good accredited university or community college and attend, its many for profit schools that costs thousands of dollars and aren't accredited. Research scholarship and grants, avoid student loans unless absolutely necessary. Prioritize all daily tasks to be organized which will lead to success! Meet friends and don't be afraid to ask for help when needed.


Dear, Jacquelyn, Now that you are a senior in high school, you are wondering about your future and what lies ahead of you. I want you know that your decision to go to college is great and this dream will become a reality for you. I know that you are contantly dreaming about going away to school. You're not so sure if this will ever happen because, you didn't make the best grades in high school to qualify for top rated colleges, or earn scholarships to pay for your college education. I'm here to let you know that all is well because, I am you in the future. Your dream of an education and a rewarding career will happen. You see, the secret to achieving your goals are in the following: One, keep your options open. Your decision to go to a community college is not a bad choice. Taking this route, will allow you to earn a higher GPA and earn scholarships. Two, always ask questions and seek out information. You will have so much support from people who will guide you and serve you as mentors. These secrets is just the beginning of your success.


If I have another opportunity to be a high school senior, I would have a lot of advises to share to myself. However, there is one advice I think that would have helped me better prepare for college, and it is to challenge myself more academically. In my senior year, I was often afraid of failures and rejections. For instance, I only applied for one scholarship in my senior year because I thought applying for scholarships were too competitive, and there were many students out there that are better scholarship candidates than I was. However, had I believed I could do it, I would have probably figured out the steps I need to take to help me win these scholarships that I wanted to apply. Even if things had not worked out as I planned, I would have not being disappointed at myself because I knew I have given it my best shot. Therefore, knowing how to deal with challenges is beneficial for anyone who wants to make the transition from high school to college because being afraid of dealing with challenges often prevents people from getting to where they want to be both in school and in life.


I would advise to first do a lot of research about the college you are attenting. Become friends with the advisors, in that way you can find out about every single type of help the schools offers. Visit the campus to see if your feel comfortable in your own skin. Do things before the deadline that way you get first pick on everything. Interact with people that attend that school, just so you can get some extra advise on what to do.


That I should take my time, and really decide what I want. Also do not pick the most expensive school that accepts you, Community Colleges aren't so bad. To start thinking of a hobby that you can take up while in school, because taking some classes that are fun and intrest me will help out ALOT..


If I could go back in time to talk to myself as a highschool senior; i would tell myself to consider college. When I was a senior in highschool; i thought I wouldn't need to go to college. I would tell myself that college can be beneficial to me in the future. I would also explain to myself in the past that getting a job with a Highschool diploma can be challenging. Some advice I would give my highschool self would be to apply for scholarships early. My highschool self was very fustrated and just anxious to graduate. I wish I could tell myself to enjoy my time being a teenager. I would also tell myself to not get stressed about passing my classes. I have experienced college it's a challenge sometimes; but I have learned a lot more than I have learned in highschool. It's a life changing experience that I don't regret. College has really helped me enter my young adult years confident and optimistic about the future. College can be expensive, but it is worth every penny. I can use my college education for my career and for my upcoming life experiences.


The most important advice I would give myself would be researching and applying for scholarships early in the year, even the summer before my senior year commence. Going to college is a process that takes time and planning and it cannot be done in months before graduation. A year may not even be sufficient. Grades, extracurricular activities and sports are important when getting into college, but nothing comes easy and you should never limit yourself. The mistake I made was relying on a full scholarship based on my grades and activities I was involved in. I would tell myself to consider other plans in order to be fully covered before I apply for colleges. In addition, the most known colleges are not necessarily where I should consider going. Sometimes researching several colleges and seeing where I fit best will be better. College can be filled with experiences everywhere you go, and you have to make it the way you want it. I would tell myself to have a better plan for the years I will be spending in college. Life has surprises and you never know what it reserves for you. Research is key for a better college experience.


Firstly, I would say how hard its in high school don't dropout from high school. it means dont give up just surrender yourself means ask teacher or someone who can help with those problem. Study hard in high school get good grades and graduted form high school with high rank. Don"t scare to come college just register and do your best later you will realize that you will never gets scare when u been to college once. you feels like you want to comes there again soon. All teacher and the environment of college makes you feels Great. you yourself feels different like oh I am a college student now. when I was in high school before i feels like college life is different but its not that. Being a college student makes me feels Awesome. so again I encourage high school student to graduated soon and came to college.


Knowing what I know now, I would tell my high school self that trying to take the easy road only makes things harder in the end. Every year counts in high school, not just your junior and senior years. I would tell myself to listen to my family, counselors, and teachers because at the end of the day, they're only looking out for your own benefit.


I would have told myself to keep searching for scholarships to pay for school, and also, I would tell myself to sign up for internships to pay for college. I would advise myself to take more college level classes, so later that I would have to pay for so many classes for college. Most important of all, I would warn myself to take the SAT and the Placement tests more seriously.


I was not able to finish high school due to the fact that I got pregnant, but I did go back and get my GED graduating before my intended class. If I could go back and talk to myself I would tell myself you have your entire life to make careless mistakes. Dont take for granted your education and the strength in having a career/proffession. I would stress to myself not to be scared of what the world has to offer, school is your driving force to be more than you ever thought you could be. College is very necessary in helping people find themselves in many different ways. The transition from high school to college is one of the scariest but most rewarding experiences of your life, so dont wait , don't procrastinate. Just go for it, you will never regret going to school and excelling in all it has to offer. College is a significant key to unlocking your dreams. This is definitely what you want even if you dont know it yet. You will see on your first day the empowerment college can make you feel. College is the beginning of forever; your forever, so goodluck.


The advice that I would give would be to prepare myself for three or four page essay papers. I would give the advice that reading is the most important part of understanding and passing the courses. Unlike college, your teachers or professors don't constantly remind you of assignments that are due. Keeping up with your work and knowing when they are suppose to be turned in is very important. I would also give the advice that listening and attending every class meeting is very significant. When your in college, your basically on your own. You are the person that has to manage your time, you are the person telling yourself to study and be on time for your classes. College life is what you make it to be, if you make it hard then it will be hard. College life makes you more of an independent person. In highschool your depending on your teacher to give you that worksheet that you missed. College life is totally different from that and it also changes your life.


Three words: Take your time. Take time to really think about what you are going to do with your life and what you want to get out of college. Take time to meet interesting people and forge relationships that will last forever. Take time to do your schoolwork and meet with your professors, you never know when you may need their assistance. Take time to enjoy yourself, in moderation. I worked really hard my first semester, pushing myself the way I did in high school. Do not do that. Join a club, play a sport or just set aside time for something you enjoy. Remember from where you came. You might need to go back one day. Take time to go home and let your family and friends see the person you are growing up to be. Take time off work if you get a job. Do not always be there at their beckoned call, school should be your first priority. One day your job will be important but right now it's just a means to an end. Take time to find out who you are and never change it for anyone.


If i could back in time and talk to myself as a high school senoir, knowing what I know about college life and making the transition i would tell my self how hard it is. I would tell my self that it's nothing like high school. I would explain how important your education is, because without an education you wont make it in the real world. Before now you could get a job with just a high school diploma. Nowadays you need more than that, you need a high school diploma and a college degree. I think what I am trying say is that life is short to just let it pass by you. You don't want to be one of the people who wake up one day and realize their unhappy, and wish they would have went to college and really lived there life. Stay in school you wont regret it.


If i could go back in time, I would tell myself to win myself as much scolarships as much as I can. Get a part time job first, so that you raise enough money to help along the way and possibly help your parents get you a laptop and your own transportation ( a truck, for example). The teachers will give you a deadline for any assignment they give you, so be prepared. Choose your classes wisely. There are some classes that starts only Mondays and Wednesdays and there are some classes that start only on Tuesday, Thursdays, even Saturday. And there are some that start in the midnight hours, early in the morning, and in the evening. So get plenty of rest and be prepared.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself get off of that couch and quit being lazy! It?s your senior year you should be living it up with your friends, and figuring out what the next chapter in your life holds. You should be studying every chance you get to make sure that your study habits, and grades are up to par for the transition into college. Stop worrying bout what everyone else is doing make sure that you perform to your highest potential. Take advantage to all the resources that you are given at school; this can help you make decisions about colleges, programs, and grants all easier. Follow your gut on a lot of decisions, and feelings because it will pay off for you in the future. Try to take classes that are going to help you with your degree and not just to feel in a gap in your schedule. Trust me it will pay off when you already have some knowledge behind you. Lastly enjoy the experience because this will be the best experience of your life!!


If I could go back to my senior year and talk to myself about college, I would say that you need to focus on school instead of making friends and socializing. You should also try a small community college first and get some experience in the work load of college and what is expected of a college student. This will give you the opportunity to make sure you have choosen the right career path and to assure that you are ready for college and the challenges you will face ahead. I would tell myself that you need to do the work when it is assigned and not wait till the very last minute to complete your work, that it would be very diffucult to keep up in class if you put things off.


I would say to soak in the experience and enjoy yourself. This is the most carefree time in your life where you don't have to worry about anything but passing your classes. Don't worry about what your career will be because you will probably change your mind 10 years down the road. College is not about learning the information, but about learning how to learn. Most of the things you learn in class, you will forget, but you will remember how to find the information when you need it. Use your time in college to learn social skills and make lifelong friends. It really is about who you know. The contacts you make in college may become important to you later in life. Finally, don't be too serious. There will be tons of time for that when you are out in the real world with a family, house and career to stress. Remember that if it will not make a difference in your life 10 years from now, it is not worth your stress.


Well Alex, I see that you are going to become a collage freshman. You might think that all you do in collage is party and have loads of fun; well let me tell you something, you are wrong. Collage is a very educational environment and if you lack studying then I feel sorry for you. The finances that you would have to pay are going to be over the top of your head. The class themselves could cover about one thousand to two thousand dollars. When I went to collage I thought that the professors give text books to us, but I was wrong. The books that are required for the class are needed to be bought from your own pocket. The books can be bought at the college campus or they could be purchased on internet. Collage is a place of education but you have one chance to make it right so don?t mess up.


Throughout high school, we students were constantly being frightened by the teachers about what college would be like. Not only was this discouraging, it was misconstrued and made out to be so much worse and hard than it actually is. Teachers should help students prepare and not in the way of scaring them to make them work harder. Also, one very good idea is to attend a community college before a university so as to not make money, homesickness, and dorm parties an obstacle to success. Community college is a way of dipping into the ocean, not plunging right in.


Overall, high school has been an incredible learning experience. This schooling process has brought up not only education, but wisedom and morality. High school has only been in a prepatory period in my life to get me set to start my life as a young adult. In doing so I have been granted plenty of leeway by teachers, parents or any adult understanding that mistakes are a basis in the life of a teenager. With that said, my advice to myself would be to not underestimate the challenges brought to me by the future. Second chances were a must in public high schools but it's a different world in college. Put all of your effort into what you do and know that you recieve as well of a reward as the fight you put to get there.


I attended high school 30 years ago and it all seems like a dream I had about someone elses life. The woman and student I am now is so different from the girl and high school student I was back in 1980. I was in such a hurry to get out of school, get married, and become an adult. I have often wondered what I would change if I went back. The first thing I would tell myself is to slow down and enjoy this year. I would advise myself to become more involved in my community and less involved in the drama that surrounded my personal life because my contributions to my community would be more lasting. I would tell myself to work hard, and study because the feeling of success that doing well in school is one of the most worthy feelings that I will have throughout my life. I would share with myself the need to go to college and the impact that an education has on an adults life in later years. I would encourage myself to stop being afraid and just go for it because to reject myself is far more painful than rejection itself.