Central Piedmont Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


amount of people in a class are great and less


Well since i have not started my classes yet for this semester other than an online class i have not experienced to much about CPCC. I have had some experience withe the advisors at CPCC though. They are very helpful people and they show that they do in fact care about you and your education.


I think the school is very diverse. I'm a working adult student and attend school with younger students. Their is various ethnicities as well, which makes for a better learning expierence!


The best thing that I consider from my school is the staff. They are very friendly and helpfu, not only that but you can tell the joy it gives them to help a young adult like me. They guide you every single step and it makes me feel like they want me to go to school and be sucessful. They are always checking up on me and also never fail to give the best advice for my future.


The number of campuses and classes that one can take through-out the city.


All teacher they teach very well and if we help they were always there for us. And school environment is so good it makes me feels stay there always.


The best thing about Central Piedmont Community College is that you can get a discount for your food purchase from certain resturants near the college campus and you can get a discount for art supplies for school too. The other thing is that the teachers are very friendly and patient towards the students.


The thing that i consider to be the best about my school is that it allows people with single parents to join a collage and advance with thier education. I am going to become a Phycian assistint and from my reasearch, i have not found a collage that could help me with finances and with the program in witch i am enrolled in.


The thing I love about Central Piedmont Community College is that you may not have attended a class like myself in 30 years and CPCC has a way for you to start again. At CPCC new beginning are encouraged and celebrated. When you walk into that classroom for the first time with your knees shaking from fear, CPCC is standing on the sidelines coaching you, cheering you on, and finding a way for you to succeed. I had to go through all the developmental maths but guess what, it was worth it. Thanks to CPCC my future is bright.