Central State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Central State is known for the special attention it provides to students. For instance, the Student Support Service. The Student Support Service is a program that provides students with the right encouragement they need while entering Central and as well as exiting Central. Central State goal is for their students to be successful. Their mission is for students to take hold of the support they will be giving within the academic goals, and also their inspiration for students to achieve whatever. Central State is also known for being a Historically Black Colleges Universities, which alot of African Americans would prefer.


Central State University is best known as a HBCU were it's a great family enviroment to pursue a higher learning.


Central State is best known for its tradition being a Historically Black College it has been the home of a lot of influential African Americans in the past. Also academics are very essential when it comes to Central State.


Great Tradition that was left in the 80's


Central is one of the nation's oldest historically black universities, with a 120-year legacy of academic and athletic achievements. CSU is best known as Ohio’s only predominately African American public institution of higher education, but it is, and has always been, “open to all persons of good moral character,”


My school is known for this marching band and great school spirit. Also the academics, we have a diverse population of teachers who whose unique lesson plans to intrigue the students. Nonetheless we are known the family atmosphere .


To my knowledge, Central State is best known for the Invincible Marching Marauders (of which I am a proud member) and the University Choir. Our marching band has been to the Honda Battle of the Bands and was featured in Dave Chappelle's block party. When students hear that the band is unable to perform at a function, they don't come! Many music students come to Central because of our highly skilled music teachers.


My school is best known for our academics and our business program. We may not be very organized but we do offer a lot of opportunities for future business ventures such as organizing career fairs with our career services department. We also have advisors that help students find job opportunities and prepare for opportunities in potential career fields.


Central State University is best know for its effort to promote hard work and excellence in young African Americans. It is best know for this because it was the first black college in the United States.


Thw Central State University Chorus which i am currentlyon which enables me to see other people and get to go places outside of wilberforce.


Our school is best known for its mighty band, they have won numorous awards, and also was in the David Chepell movie!