Central State University Top Questions

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It has so many resources available and the professors will work with you to ensure that you do not fail.


At Central State University, it is very true whhen they say "Academics are Central. Although we are a smaller HBCU, we have a better learnig advantage, versus a larger campus such as Ohio State. Each student at Central State is an idivisual with their own idenity, we are not just know to our teachers as, "that person in my 3:00 class", no we are known as who we are as a person.


Central State University has a very unique feel, when you get to the campus it feels like home. It is the only HBCU in the northern part of america, while still managing to be a small university.I personally love CSU because it is a wonderful place to be while learning great things.


The design of the buildings. The historical background.


Central Sate is unique because it has so much history behind it. The clock tower at CSU has survived a tornado that passed through Wilberforce years ago and was the only buliding still standing when the torando left. Not only is our school blessed, but it is very small. This results into the teacher getting to know you as a individual. Teachers are avaliable during office hours and loves to help students. CSU is very relegious and everyone loves being a marauder and love the state ohio. That why we as CSU students say FOR GOD, FOR CENTRAL, FOR STATE.


It's small


we are an historically black college.