Central State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The students and staff are so immediately friendly. I've been on campuses where the students were so caught up in their own schedules to even say hello. I met the president of the school right on campus the day I shadowed. How many schools have their school president walking around regularly? The campus is really easy to get around. The student ambassador team is so friendly; one of the best I had experienced when college hunting. Central State University had a wonderful home atmosphere.


My school is more like a fmaily. All the students and faculty members are friendly and it's a very cozy envirement.


That it is a Historical Black College, and that the Professors and falculty really want you to achieve your goals in school and at life.


I brag about the historical history about central state. The culture, the diversity and the legacy.


I would brag about how the teachers that are there, really want to help you succede in college and that they will set a time to really help get you where you need to be.


The friends and great relationships you gain with your peers and adminstrators. Nonetheless the school pride and how if you apply yourself you can acheive your highest goals. That is what being at central state has taught me.


When I tell my friends about my school, I always brag about all the extracurricular activities that take place and how much fun they are.


I brag about being exited to return to a school which is an HBCU. I also brag about the fact that the school offers courses geared towards the non traditional student who is also employed full time and raising a family.


I tell me friend about the college life,parties, and the girls so that they would want to go and see how it is for themself.


Its a perfect size school . All of the instuctors knows there students name. And we have a wonderful homecoming. We also have a wonderful business program.


the band, chior, the proffessors everything its the best