Central State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Central State University?


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who is looking to recieve a great education for an affordable price, but also have a great experience outside of the classroom, wheter that is in the form of social events, athletic events or other campus related activites. Race, gender, sexual orentation, religion or any other discriminatory factors are not a problem on this campus and just about any type of person would be able to fit in on this campus without being "bullied" or looked down upon.


A person who is very focused should attend Central State University because it is very easy to get distracted and you have to be focused and determined to achieve your goal.


A person that is easily can adapt to his/hers emvironment and a very patient person as well.


Anybody can attend this school. It takes a strong person to stay and graduate from the school. I dont want to be the person that tells someone he/she isnt good enough to attend central state.


A person willing to learn and is focused on their goals.


Students who nurture within a value-based environment focused on excellence in teaching and learning, research, and public services. Students who want to academically prepare thereselves with diverse backgrounds and educational needs for leadership


The kind of person who should attend is anyone. Central is a friendly, positive environment. If you an open-mind person then you should really come to central.


Central State University is just not any college, this campus have people that really care about you. It is a Historically Black College. When I came to this school I thought I was going to feel left out but I don’t I feel like these people are my family. I’m very proud to be a marauder here at Central; we have many Greek organizations on campus. I have met some people on this campus already they are very friendly to new comers. The teacher here really care about you and your education here at CSU, they're serious.


I think someone with a strong desire to be part of a heritage, someone with a strong desire to be part of a history, someone with the desire to be effective in their community, and someone with the desire to be part of culture. Central State is a Historically Black College and has deep roots. Central State strives to continue that legacy.


The person who should attend this school should be a person who is sure about their identity, a person who knows how to set in stone their legacy. This school is for people who want a rich Greek environment, and loves a small campus.