Central State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Based on my tours of Central State University, a student that isn't motivated and prepared to work hard should not attend CSU. The staff encourage you to do your personal best and academics are taken seriously. The students there are trying to master their craft and are about business. If you're going to college to party or goof off Central State isn't the college for you. The entire student body dresses in business casual every Wednesday; they're serious and ready to take on the corporate world.


Individuals who are not hard worker or devoted students ready to handle all challenges that come their way, shouldn’t attend Central State University. Central State is a place that is designed to assist all type of students, no matter the race or ethnicity. If there is a student who isn’t always positive minded then they shouldn’t attend Central State, because this school assists with the positive relationships within the staff, other students, and as well as the faculty. If you're not enthused to take general college courses then you should'nt attend Central State University.


The kind of people that should attend Central State University are the artistic people. People whom what to become entertainers and be social with others. There is so much talent at this school and no one sees the potential that we have. People at this school everyday strive everyday to perfect they're craft. At Central State University we have singers, actors, dancers, models and photographers.


the kind of person that should not attent this school, someone not willing to learn..


Someone who is not determined to succeed.


A close-minded person should not attend this university because we have alot of different backgrounds and views oncampus.


The kind of person that should not attend Central State University is someone that is not goal oriented and someone that believes everything has to be given to them.


I really cannot say what type of person should not attend Central. Everyone is different and have the own view points on what they can be around. The only thing I would say if you the type of person who need to be around like a big city then central is not the place for you because it is in the middle of nowhere.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who is not serious about continuing their education or is some one who is not up for being a challenged academically. Since CSU is a school where everyone very friendly and welcomes everyone with open arms, some who has a major atittude problem would not fit into the Central State community well.


A person that is very easily influenced by anything negative. If they want to major in any science field, they shoould rethink this school all together.


A person who is only coming to school to get a refund check, and not wanting or willing to learn anything.


A person who isn't comfortable with being surrounded by people should not attend this school. Central State is a small, family-oriented institute.


I feeel [eople who want o experince a college that has great professor and want to come to an all HBCU then this school is for you .


A person who is highly motivated and in search of a college or university with mature people should not attend Central State University.


anyone that is interested in learning and know how to have fun too!