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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I'd tell myself not to run out of gas too early! I would tell myself to maintain focus and work hard from beginning to end. When a high school student thinks of senior year, he most likely thinks of a laid-back, fun end to the high school experience. I thought this way, but I unfortunately focused more on working and having fun than I did on my academics. I could've ended with a way better GPA than I did. I didn't stay focused, and as a result I had to work way harder than I what I would've had to had I just stayed focused in the first place. My senior year was filled with way more stress than it should've been. With a higher GPA I feel like I could've sold myself better on my college and scholarship applications. By the time I was done I felt like it was pointless because I just kept thinking, "Who would want me? I don't sound special..." Good thing I was involved in a lot of extracurriculars and still maintained a 3.245 GPA that could still speak good things of me.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself one thing. That would be to look at all possible angles when looking for a college. I believe that as a high school senior I only looked at colleges from the angles that the schools wanted me to see, but it would have been better if I did my own research and found the negatives of each school. When finding negatives you are not always turned off by that school, but you need to know each schools negatives because you will need to determine which negatives you can deal with just as you analyze the positives of those schools. The best way to do this is talk to actual day to day students about what they do not like about the school. However, I do not know if I would have chose a different college if I had done a better job fully analyzing each school, but it would have better prepared me on what each school lacked if I chose to attend the school as a student.


If i could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to really be dedicated to my studies. I would advise my high school self to have self drive because there are going to be several people that will discourage you from your dreams. My next set of advice would be to make the best out of the experience and find a way to be a leader and not a follower.


My Advice i would Give to my Former High School Self would be do not give up and study hard. I would tell myself these things because better grades would make it easer for me to afford college with more scholarships an opprotunites. I would also tell myself colege is going to be hard but it will also be a fun and rewarding experience. I would also tell myself despite my situation there are people to help you cope and excel. If i ever neede academic help there is an advisor, professors and tutors. Lastly, to be myself.


AS a hogh school senior I was on high honor roll and an overall good student. I didn't fill out many scholorships and expected my financial aid to figure itself out. If I could go back and give myself any advise it would be to fill out every scholarship that I saw. I would explain to myself that grades aren't everything; just because you have the grades doesn't mean that the money is simply going to fall into your lap. I would advise myself not to go to a school if your loan amount is more than the amount of grants or scholarships that they are offering you.


I would tell myself that studying is a huge part of getting good grades and if I want to have good grades and a social life I would have to be able to maintain both and if not I would have to put the most important one first. I would also tell myself to always take notes because It will be a test on every note taken. Also dont take morning classes.....


Apply for college early and dont waste anytime. Timing is key when it comes to college. I didnt think it was big deal when i was in highschool. Then i saw how hard it was for me to get inside school. I wish i could go back and start over with highschool. I would tell myself to study and hit the books alot more. and get use to doing all the work myself. Dont be afraid to ask for help also.


If i had a chance to go back in time and talk to myself about college life, making transitions and the advise that i would give myself. Wow, that would be a dream come true. I would talk to myself about college life and how much i would appriciate the struggles that i would face to become sucessful. I would prepare myself to make the transition from high school to college, having the supplies i need to survive and live a college life on or off campus. Preparing for anything is a good idea, so you can be ahead. I wasn't prepared the college life, it hit me fast. Making me make poor decision on what i wanted to do in college, made me give up on college and believing college was not for me. The best advise i can give any student entering college for the first time, is to be prepared to take on challenges. You will come across alot of obstacles in college and also in life, dont let that stop you from becoming who you are.


I would advise myself to apply to more colleges and have more of a set plan on what goals i want in life and how i want to achieve them.


The advice I would give to myself is to stay focused. Transitioning from a High School senior onto College life is really tough to stay on task and to remain focused. So, without the balance of home to help, College can really become overwhelming and it can cause issues with academics. Knowing this now, I would tell myself to invest in studying (effectively), develop more time management skills, develop networking capabilities, and to stay focused. Often times the finish line to graduation seems so far away when entering College but, staying focused on the main goal will help make anyone successful. I truly believe that if I had heard these words prior to entering College, my experience would have been greatly different. However, I am still grateful for the experiences that I endured because anything that allows for one to grow and to mature allows one to succeed in life.


Back in high school I was not a stong person. I wasn't passionate about any goals. my dreams were unknown. If I could go back In time and give myself any advice I would definately give myself stregnthening words of encouraging words like and tell myself that life is going to be hard so you have to be ready for what is has to offer. Whatever your going through some people are going through something worse. Be determined to be successful and see to it. your goals are that you want to become a fashion designer. you plan to go off to fashion Design College after I graduate. let noone cy-tract me from whats important.


try to taking on a challenge, and take alot of college prep classes as possible


There will always be time to have fun but make sure you have your work done first. Remember the people you meet because one day they may be your working associates or neighbors.


If I was a high school student talking to myself, I would let myself know that college is a responsiblity and life learning process. There are many times where you would find yourself stuck in a situation with no guidance of help. The best thing to do is ask questions. A question is never a dumb question. I would also tell myself to never be scared of moving out of your parents nest. They will always be there but this is the time you explore what the real world is all about. Keep your head up a never look back or down because you always have a reason to look forward.


During my senior year, most of the advice that I would have given myself I already had. During my sophmore year, I had applied for a scholarship through the ACE Program at Mesa Community College. This scholarship gave me the opportunity to earn college credits and takes college coarses while still attending high school, and because of this, I feel that I gained alot of college experience. Experience such as time managment, the registration process and how much of a difference it is when you make a transition over from a high school to a college. I am a determined person and will continue to be, with the knowledge that I had gained.


Do what YOU want to do! Do not make a decision based ONLY on others' opinions. Do not catch "senioritis". Senior year is only the beginning of the rest of you life, so make sure you do not fall behind on deadlines. A lot of colleges will not sympathies with you financial circumstances, so make sure you apply for the FAFSA on time, and apply to as many scholarships as possible. If any scholarships require essays, complete them. They will be worth it, trust me! The most important factor in the college process is your ACT/SAT scores. If there are any ACT/SAT prep practices or classes available, take them! These scores will determine whether you are accepted into an university, and how much scholarship and financial aid you will receive. No Money= No College. Plan on joining organizations and extracurricular activities that will enhance your college experience. Create a balance between social, academic, personal, and emotional values. All of these are key in having a healthy, fulfilling, and successful college career! Most importantly, you attend college to obtain a degree, not to party.


The advice I would give to My High School Self would to work harder and look for Scholarships in advance because is really Expensive; I wish My grades were better coming out of High School. I also wish I would've took College Visits to Schools before deciding to just attend College i took these visits for granted because I didn't look at the Big Picture {College would be my home for 4-5 years}. The final thing i would tell my self as a High School Senior i would work harder as a Football Player I took weight lifting unseriously and I didn't have fun my Last Year Of High School.


The advice I would tell myself is to be more focused. The way you end a year is the way you start the next year ahead of you; needless to say, you didn't end your senior year strong, you got a little lazy even though you had a 3.9 GPA. The procrastination did follow you to your first semester. You came out with a 3.7 luckily; however, your focus just wasn't there where it needed to be. Be careful who you decide to hang around because they will influence you. What they do, you will find yourself doing, even when you think that you're strong enough not to. So, all I can say is stay focused and be mindful of those who you surround yourself with.


The first and maybe most important suggestion would be FOCUS on all your studies. I know as a teenager most of us wanted to have as much fun as possible, senior events, proms and graduation. During these events we sometimes lose focus on the big picture. During your senior year don't slack off, take classes that will challenge you. Because when you attend college the first semester may come easy to you because they are reviewing to see if you know the basics. After that it's full steam ahead, and you don't want to get left behind. My second suggestion is to make sure you develope STRONG study habits. Some people like to study along and thats fine, but you will also have to learn how to study in groups. As classes become more advanced and complicated, sometime you need another persons prospective or idea to blend with your own. And last but not least, ASK QUESTIONS!!!! Trust me if you have a question someone else does too. Don't worry about what others think. There is never a stupid question. Good luck and never give up!


The advice I would give myself as a highschool senior, would be don't look at the schools that are far away, but look at the schools that are HBCU's. Those are the one's that will get you to where you need to be.


Students in high school have many decisions to make that affect the rest of their lives. For a lot of seniors in high school, education is not taken seriously enough because of the social pressure felt during such a critical time. If I could go back in time and talk to myself during my senior year of high school, I would make it known how important and serious this time was to create a strong base for my continuing education. I would sternly say to myself, “get the best possible grades in school now, to prepare yourself for college and life.” I would also urge myself to grasp the concepts of my education the best I could to avoid the struggles of re-learning the same concepts later in college. The last advice I would give to myself when I was a senior in high school, is to put my education first and my social life last. Working to provide income for my education has been extremely difficult. Had I been more serious as a senior in high school, the hard work would have paid off and I could have made it much easier for myself in my present enducation.


If I could go back in time I would have forced myself to work harder. I would have gone that extra mile and took that extra big step. I would tell myself to focus more and take it more seriously. I would have went to my teachers for the extra help so that I could have had an "A" instead of the average "C". I would have worked so much harderso that my grades reflected my ambition and drive. Good advice I would tell myself would be to look into schoolsand universities around me so that I could get a better understanding as to what I was really about to get myself into. Also so that I could have a better understanding as to everything that was requireed of me so that I could have been prepared.


The advice that I would give to myself would be for me to work harder and join mor activities. I would want my self to be apart of so many more clubs and orginizations to; a. make my people skills better, and b. I would have a greater grasp on teamwork and what comes along with that resposibilty. I would tell myself to dedicate more time to my studies because being a high school student and a sophomore student is a significant difference, and if I knew then what I know now, I would have prepared myself for the workload that would be in my near future.


As high school comes to an end think about going to community college for GED classes then transfer. No matter what you teacher and counselors say. It would save you a lot of money and time. Most importantly think carefully about the University you would want to transfer to since your health is a big deal. You might not want to be close to home but think of the distance you would need to travel to see friends and family. High school is not one bit similar to college teachers will not remind you about homework or projects deadlines. You will be all on your own. This is were major responsability comes into play. If you dont learn to manage your time now it will bring you down in college. Just like if you procrastinate you will be hurting later. So just think about what I said and dont like you have to take a big leap in to the UC system just yet. And one more thing get involed, ask questions and get help when you need it.


If I knew then what I know now, I would myself to research and apply for all the scholarships possible. There are so many scholarship opportunites that re not taken advantage of.




The advice that I would give myself would be to apply yourself. Its very easy to get caught up in campus life, your friends, and other social events. With that being said its very easy to slack off and loose sight. So i would say to stay focus and really know what you are there for. I would also say get involved in programs for the betterment of your campus. Your school year is what you make it. Your campus is what you make it. Bring your creativity and ideas to the board and work for it. Once again you can achieve it if you work for it.


Dear Self, Don't be in a rush to grow up. There will be time for that later. Go to college, enjoy your classes, get good grades! That GPA will haunt you later, even if it is a 3.0. Take all of the general education classes at the beginning of your time in college. Those classes, for example, Speech and English, will help you in the other classes later. Don't be afraid of Biology. That class will be one of your favorites! Volunteer, meet new people, and explore your options. Almost completing once degree, and then changing your major because you fall in love with a foreign language and another culture, while interesting, will set you back several years while you take classes for the 'newly discovered' major. Enjoy your teachers, they will be great friends, and people to go to when you need advice. When you have graduated out of the fish bowl and into the shark infested ocean, you will miss the good times, the bad times, and the really ugly times, however, they will all be wonderful memories. Enjoy life Self..and live it to the fullest!


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school self, I would emphasize the importance of academic responsibility. I would instill a much stronger work ethic as well as a stronger sense of moral responsibility. I would let my high school self know that you can't always talk yourself out of a messy situation that you're the cause of. I'd tell myself that college is not only the chance to party and have fun, but it is more importantly the opportunity to find oneself and realize our own greatness, gain skills and learn lessons that will help us to become productive members of society.


I would tell myself not so place a lot of pressure on myself in college. I have wonderful parents who raised me to know right from wrong. In order to be successful in college, remember all that they taught me an apply it to my new environment.


Upon completing my first year of college I realize how important it is to study, stay focused, and to seek help when needed. If I could go back in time, I would have told myself if you do not understand something go talk to your teacher or see if there are any tutoring programs you can join. Many students are embarrassed to raise their hand when their instructor asks “Is there anyone who does not understand?” Sometimes young people do not understand how important their education is. I remember being focused on the wrong things like trying to impress my peers by keeping up with the latest clothes, celebrities, and gossip. When I should have been trying to study harder, get the highest GPA possible, and get more involved in school, clubs, and activities. I once read a quote “10 years from now it will not matter what friends you hung out with, what kind of shoes you wore, and what designer clothes you had.” I know now that your education and how you use it is one of the most empowering tools you need in life.


Not to play around as much but, to take high school much more seriously because everything I have learned in high school. I will need now.


If I was able to go back in time, the advice that I would give myself about college, is college is about what you make it and as long as you are going for the right reason then you can't allow any negative opinions stop you from doing what you want to do.


I would tell them to start early on your college stuff. Do not wait till the last minute to start finding a back up plan. Make sure you pick at least 7 colleges and know how much they cost. Apply for as many scholarships as you can cause college eats up your money quick. Also, stay on top of your books cause when you in college that stuff aint no joke. You want to have a good study habit now so it will not be that hard to do in college. You need to start working on time management cause if you do not have a good hold on that then you will fall apart in college. Go into college with getting your education first then worry about all that other stuff later. If you can, take college course over the summer it will save you money and you wont have a heavy load on your plate during the school year. The most important then to remember is to try enjoy your self. You only experience college once.


My first year of college was an absolutely wonderful learning experience; although there was some sadness as well. I moved to California 11 years ago. My parents were divorced and my grandmother became my second parent. She was fun, supportive, and my biggest fan. Four months after I started college, this wonderful woman passed away after a short struggle with cancer. I have always believed that you need to live each day to the fullest, as we don't know what the future holds. I loved my grandmother so very much, and she knew it. I, however, really thought the day would come that she would not be watching my baseball games, knitting me scarfs, or just being there for me to call her gorgeous! (and she was!) If I could go back to my senior year of high school and give myself a piece of advice it would be not only live every day to the fullest, but let those you love know it, as you just never know when they might not be around to hear it. My advice would be to say I love you a lot more often to those I love!


I've been put out by my mother when I was only 15, and I don’t know my father. life has not been a walk in the park for me I provide for myself the only person that helps me out financially is my loving grandmother Shantell Mayberry, I feel so bad asking her for anything because, she has already raised her children. I feel as a burden to her and I would really appreciate this scholarship to better myself and show her that I’m trying to succeed in college to make her happy. Some things in life happens for a reason, I think some things in my life I used them to keep pushing further I’m so happy that I have opportunities like this that can help me out. I would have tolkd myself pay attention in class because when you apply for college you can get money for having a good GPA. I would have tought hoe important schoo is. I should've asked myself what makes me happy and stop trying to make others happy. These are the things I would've told myself when I was a highschool senior coming out of highschool


I would say that study hard and don't let anyone or anything detate to your studies. make sure you allow yourself to experience new things and not be shy to talk to that one girl you had a crush on, don't be so secluded that no one knows your existance. talk and smile at people make them understand feel your presence.


I would tell myself to do very well in high school so that i could be prepared for college. College is not a game and you need to be determined and focused. Never give up on your work or family. Do all extra credit work and participate in all campus activities. Learn to be a people person.


I am currently attending Central State University as a second semester freshman student. While attending CSU I have encountered many things that were priceless. I love my school in so many ways that one can imagine. However, what has really touched me is that I was accepted to attend Central State University in fall 2010, regardless to how low of my ACT score. CSU saw hope in me when many other schools didn’t. What has been valuable to me while attending CSU is that there are so many people in your corner that are pushing you to be successful! CSU is a small campus University and there are so many advantages. Unlike other big Universities, the teachers here at CSU gets a chance to know you personally and not just a name that is the attendance sheet. CSU teachers’ offers one on one tutoring, study habit advice, advises you to the best that they can in any situation etc. CSU sees hope and intelligence in students when they are too ignorant to see it in themselves. CSU is more family orientated and a place where you will succeed by all means. Change is central Expect it!


I have learned so many new things, and how to really think about things. Being a college student has helped me understand the real responisblities of being an adult. Having a college experience has been very valuable because with out knowledge you cannot get that far in the world.


College has been the best and worst time of my life. I have met people here that are closer to me now than my own blood. I have cried buckets and buckets of tears over my grades, money and train-wreck relationships. Band trips have taken me to places i may have never visited on my own. The marching band has made me stronger physically and mentally. Every year i say that i am dropping out and going home to Detroit. i haven't yet. Every year i say "why are we trying to recruit kids to come to this hellhole and ruin their lives?". The reality is that despite it's faults, with the rights choices this is actually a great place to grow.


I have gotten a lot out of my college experience here at Central State University. I have learned a lot about myself in these past four years. I have learned to be strong, patient and understanding. Some of the things that we're hard for me when i first went away to school was being away from my family and making friends. I have unconciously watched myself grow over these four short years and I have made and lost relationships but I've learned that it is okay to be on your own sometimes because it builds your character as a person. In my situation I had a best friend as well as a relationship with a guy and I had to realize that to better myself in my studies sometimes its best to start over. I had to separate myself from negative situations and people so that I could grow to be a strong young woman and succeed. Now I have stepped outside of the box and I have started to get more involved in things around campus and I will be graduating in the summer of 2011 with at least a 3.2 GPA. Talk about inspiring!


College has been rocky to say the least. I won't lie, when I graduated high school I was ill prepared for the drastic transition that I was about to face. I was warned that there would be more homework, that the teachers wouldn't take excuses or late work, but like everyone else, I was a little skeptic. Big mistake. Nothing could have prepared me for the amount of independence I was handed. Not only was I expected to hold a full time job, but also maintain a 4.0 GPA? At first I thought 'No big deal' until I got the biggest reality check of my life. College wasn't easy, and my first semester was a giant headache filled with all nighters and energy drinks, and you know what? I wouldn't trade the experience for anything. College has taught me to prioritize, to breathe through the hard times and get through them. It has taught me not to give up, and above all, college has taught me that my dreams are closer than I think and it just takes a little bit of hard work to reach them. And for that, I'm so grateful.


There have been many lessons as well as great things that have come out of my first semester here at Central State University. I have found out that college is similar to a job, in which if you do your job well you will recieve compliments and be rewarded with money. In college if you attend class everday and end the semester with a good gpa you will be rewarded. This experience is something that all students need to be apart of because its a great chance to make new friends, become more educated, and make a name for yourself. It has been a value to attend this school because I have already recieved so much and made many new friends. I have already recieved a internship in computer science in my first semester. This college is making a big impact on my life and it is a great one.


I have earned a sense of accomplishment! I have learned that the best building blocks for success start and end with your own desire and motivation. One cannot sit by and strive to be successfull. You must get up and go after what you want. I learned that I alone have to make the walk and do the work. If I place myself in the classroom, I will be given the information and tolls I need to be who and where I want to be. At the end of the day, it still comes down to me to be there. I have learned from my time at CSU that I alone will determine my outcome of the time I spend there! In the end that is all the motivation I need to do my part.


Two of the things that i have gotten and benefited from with the college is knowledge and friends. These things help's me attend the schoool because friends makes the day alot more easier and the knowledge hels me succeed in life which is my goal.


Out of my college experience I have gained several things. I have became a much better peoples person, a great listener, my school made you feel comfortable to ask question after question, I feel more mature, I feel like I had a family away from home, I gained so much knowledge in my area which was Education. My 4 years at Central, my professors were outstanding. We did hands-on activities, meet and greets with real educators, we had seminars, we went on trips and overall I feel like I had the best college experience. I have also learned time management, improved on communication skills, learn how to budget my money, and learned how to be the best person I could ever be.


I have learned to think twice about the decisions that I make. I learned to stop focusing on the glamourized aspect of college and to go deeper and look at the real, and what school is really offereing. It has been valuable to attend this school because it taught me to always think first and to be more critical when it comes to my education.


What I have recieved out of my college experience is understandment.


My undergraduate experience at Central State University has helped me interact with different people. I have participated in many study groups and doing lab reports. I love the college life and the affect it has on me. I have grown to know the importance of an education and the proper way to use it. The research experiences I have conducted in my undergraduate programs are writing lab reports and mixing chemicals. The study of science influenced me to consider graduate school or even medical school. I have not yet decided if I want to go to graduate school and get my PhD in Biomedical sciences. I am also thinking about going to medical school and getting my degree in Hematology/ Oncology. A HBCU’s environment accepts students for who they are, and students do not experience social isolation. Central State foster healthy relationships and the students form positive relationships with faculty members and peers. They offer programs to help meet the needs of black students and the black community. They educate many students as the possible can especially those with learning deficiencies. HBCU’s opened the door of educational opportunity for many blacks who were once legally denied an education.