Central Texas College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Well, I have been to a few different schools, but I wish I had known about prerequisites. At this school you have to have all of your prerequitsites before you can attend. I had to go to community college for a year an a half. I wish I had known about buying books online that would have helped immensely. I wish I would have known that a little extra is the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.


I had a lot of knowledge about it before I started going.


Before I attended college, I wish I had been informed about the necessity of scholarships and how financially difficult it would be for a full time student. I've always been prominent in keeping my grades well and managing my time wisely however, financial problems can cause a huge postponement in one's education. Also I would have told myself to study much more diligently for my SATs and to delve straight into the classes of my worst possible subjects while the topics were still freshly incorporated in my mind.