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I am very much close to home and well as to my current job. I have the opportunity to chose classes that does not interfer with my current job. I enjoy the staff and the close relationship the staff have with the students. I believe that they really care as to which direction we go in life. If I have to chose again, I believe I would still have choosen the current college that I have enrolled in thus far. I am also looking forward to see what else is out there for me to further my education. Thanks,


As someone who has attended more than one college, I can say that my school is unique because everyone is so friendly and helpful. People feel more at home. I attended a 4-year school last year and I think that CVCC has a much better enviornment. A community college is a much easier transition after high school because it is mostly local people who attend. You know more students and teachers on a personal level so that you can focus more on your studies instead of being worried about making new friends and fitting in.


I went to Virginia Commonwealth University for a semester and CVCC differs so much. It's more small-town, with smaller classes and the teachers are very nice and helpful and like to get to know you. I like my advisor here a lot better too, she is like an actual person.

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