Central Washington University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Central students are outgoing, fun, hard working, partying, diverse, intelligent, lazy, introverted, independent, musical, technical, and spiritual; they are made up of scientists, pilots, musicians, teachers, actors, managers, and so much more: all of which, when combined, creates a diverse campus with every student being different.


My classmates are goal oriented, kind, generous, fun to be around and willing to help other students as they work towards their goals.


Most of the students here are incredibly interesting, dedicated, and very nice!


My classmates have a strong desire to be powerful leaders and to have a voice in the world around them and thrive to be influential to future generations.


My classmates are very nice and respectful.


I truely enjoy the classmates that I have met; Yet, i have not met them all because I am at such a large school, all in all , I like my classmates here at Central Washington University.


My classmates seem to be normal, nice people.


Friendly, nice, social, fun, and willing to work with others.


My classmates are motivated, focussed and helpful.




People with great ideas, but little direction in life.


Some where nice, some where quite, and some piped up way too much.


My classmates are focused, driven and upbeat.


My classmates in the education department are a community, who commit themselves to helping each other and helping to further all future teacher's knowledge; as well as they are a group of highly competative students dedicated to learning as much as they can to help further children's education.


Some of my closest friends ever. I know that those that i met in college will be my life long friends. I know I can always count on someone being there for me as I will be there for them. Also a lot of my classmates are respectful and friendly.


Many students are partiers; there isn't very much to do in the freetime, so parties are pretty common on the weekends.


I don't know and have never met a large amount of my classmates in any class, and it's moderately difficult to pick up the courage to ask them about themselves.


Most of my classmates seem to be very helpful if you have questions about anything.


My classmates are very friendly, in which, they would help you if you start struggling in class. They would start a study group with you so that you would understand what's going on in class. I've received help from friends that have already taken a class that I am currently taking. They would help you by telling you how the teacher would grade and how the test are. Outside school, my classmates love to hangout so that they would get to know you.




Either sleeping or totally engaged in the lecture.