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Central Washington University is a perfect bridge for eastern and western washington. It's large enough for students from the west side to be comfortable yet small enough east side students to be as well. CWU is surrounded by great nature areas good for hiking, camping, rafting, fishing, etc. What I love about Central is that I don't feel pressured to engage in the 'party scene'. There is a large population of students who would rather hike, camp, discuss current events or play music than party.


I have always been in schools in cities. CWU is located in a relatively rural area. Therefore, what's unique to me is that it has got stars in the sky every singe night, which I could rarely see when I was in Taiwan and Japan.


My school is unique in that there is a very dedicated program in the education department. Everyone in the department seems to really care about helping students become the best possible teachers they can be, and helping the future of education. I chose this school almost completely becuase of the quality of the education program, and the resources available to people trying to become teachers.


One thing unique about Central Washington University is that we have a huge teaching college that is part of our actual school, I believe many students who major in education here, come out amazing teachers.


Central Washington University it unique from the other schools I considered because of the amount of eco-friendly choices this institution makes. Some of our newer buildings have been awarded for their environmentally friendly materials and energy saving utilities. You can find assorted recycles bins all over campus to ensure that students have a chance to recycle instead of waste. I found this trait of Central to be the most appealing because I believe that an environmentally sustainable future is the only acceptable future.


The class sizes are smaller so it's easier to stand out in a class and get recommendations from professors. Also, since it's smaller, it's not as intimidating as a bigger school would be, but it still as amazing programs and good classes just like any other university.


It's a great community and enviroment to live in. The campus is beautiful and everyone is very nice and helpful.


The campus is beautiful and centrally located in Washington. It is flat and easy to walk through. Central is small enough where you'll see people you know all the time, but there are opportunities to meet diverse people.


It is a great place if you want to live somewhere where it is not to big but still has all the things necessary to survive. The campus is beautiful all seasons of the year. There are many things to do in the fall, winter, spring or summer like hiking, skiing, river rafting, and many more awesome outdoor activities.


It is by far the most convenient University option around. I can attend University classes in my home town at night, so I can still work full time during the day. Also, all of the classes are taught by professors, not graduate students, it's a unique experience.


The campus is accessible to everyone with hopes for grad school.


This school has so many study abroad programs and has sister school contracts with so many other schools around the world that it's hard to decide on just one program out of many that work for you!


Reputation within my field of interset coupled with proximity to my home town.


CWU is the only 4-year University within a 4-state radius that offers a bachelor's degree in professional flight.


At my university, I feel that the uniqueness is found the familiarity and friendships between the students. There are so many different types of students, who come from everywhere (exchange students from Saudi Arabia, and China!), with different life stories. Central is not as large as some other universities, but still takes a lot to become accustomed to. This school allows you to build your strongest relationships. Our school comes together when the stories of all these students overlap with each other. Nothing is more comforting than, "Oh, you should come visit the club, they'll like you!"


My school is in a medium sized city, which still provides the hometown feel as well as the city life. Its not too far from a major city, such as Seattle or Spokane. The school, offers great class sizes which provide the one-on-one attention you may need in college.


Central Washington University is unique compared to other universities because how small the University is. I believe the size of the university is unique because it brings the students of Central to become close. I attended this university knowing only two people, but now being here for a quarter and a half I have found many great friends. Attending school in this friendly atmosphere gives me great pride to say I attend Central Washington University.


I truly enjoy the fact that CWU is relativly rural. I can drive for five minutes out of town and be in an area great for camping. We are within a half hour of the Cascade Mountain range which has an abundance of hiking trails and camping areas. My school offers a relativly unique experience to have solitude and yet still be part of a community. I believe solitued to be incredibly important for a meaningful life, but it must not be taken at the expense of interacting with the world as a whole.


Some unique things about CWU are that it used to be a teacher's education college just for women when established but then became more popular and is still one of the fastest growing universities in Washington. It also has a Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute where they have chimps that have learned sign language and is the second of one other school in the world to have it. There is a large study abroad program making many possiblities of international travel and also bring AUAP and other international students to this campus.


Central Washington University's average class size is only 30 people for ever professor. Students actually get to know their professors and are very willing to help students succeed in class. The location of the school is amazing, 40 minutes to Snoqualmie Pass, and around an hour to get to Seattle, WA.


The diversity is one of the greatest thing that Central Washington provides, students from all over the country and globe come here to share in the great educational fields. We all learn off of each other and get a better understanding of each others cultures as we interact through out the school year.


In comparison to other schools, CWU stood out for a few reasons. First, it was located just a few hours from my house. Also, the tuition and room and board prices were better than other schools I had looked into. The big thing though was the fact that the school offers a degree in Primate Behavior and Ecology, which I plan on getting in addition to a degree in Biology. CWU has a group of Chimpanzees on campus that have been taught American Sign Language, and I don't know of any other school that has that!


There are many things unique about my school. One would be that our residence halls are very well organized. The residence halls provide conventient and easy ways to get involed in our school. The leaders in my residence halls are extremely respected yet can still be a friend. I believe this is an extremely hard task to master. As a freshman, we are confined to "freshman dorms," which really brings our class together. These freshman dorms have sporting events and meetings to ensure togetherness within the freshman.


At Central Washington University we have one of the very few chimpanzee sanctuaries. While providing a home for the chimpanzees, they also benefit our education here at Central. All of the chimps know American Sign Language and are used as breakthroughs between the relationships of humans and chimpanzees in terms of communicating and evolution. Several majors correspond with the Chimpanzee sanctuary and it is truly unique to Central Washington.


What is unique about this school is that it is small. Most classes are small which allows the professors to form relationships with the students. I also like that the school is located in a small quiet town. I grew up here so staying close to home was important for me.


I play softball at my school, in fact I am on a scholarship now, however this year is my last year so I will no longer be eligible for that scholarship. I really enjoy how the school puts academics before sports. At this school they will let you skip practices in order to go to classes where as other schools will make you schedule your classes around practice. This is very nice for me seeing as how the majority of my classes are during our softball practice slot.


One thing that is unique about Cental Washington University is the location. Ellensburg is a well know small town that isnt really to small. When i fist came to this school I thought I was going to be inthe middle of no where but then found there is so much to do here. A few of my favorites are snowboarding, hiking, and the activities the school puts together. There is so much to do but still time to get your school work finished. It is also only about 2 hours from Seattle Washington which is a nice day trip.


Central Washington University's music program definitely drew me into the university, but they began phasing out the guitar program the year I got into CWU, so I decided to go into a math major with a music minor.


I actually never considered any other schools. I chose CWU because its in the town I grew up in and I could save a lot of money that way. I had also heard that CWU has one of the best teaching programs in the state.


Just go somewhere else. While the professors are cool, the education standards are mediocre and there is no redeeming quality to make up for it.


Central Washington University has a great atmosphere and sense of community that really appealed to me; everyone is extremely friendly and very willing to help. There are a multitude of ways to get involved on campus and everything is really easy to access. In addition, Central does an exceptional job of making freshmen feel at home, which was exceedingly important. The Douglas Honors College was also a HUGE draw for me, as it is interdisciplinary, and I always seek to challenge myself as much as possible. Central is exactly the type of school I wanted to be a part of.


Every teacher I have and anyone I have had to talk to is extreamly helpful and nice. The faculty are here to help you and you can really tell. They want to do well and reach your goals.


Central is unique because everything is within just the perfect walking distance. You can make it from one side of the campus to the other in about 8 minutes without breaking a sweat! But don't let that fool you! It's a lot bigger than it seems. I would say it's one of those small schools that's got a big heart. Plus everybody seems to be cheerful even during a dreary day.


Central Washington is located in Ellensburg and that pretty much says it all. The fact that if you go to a random big city and say you go to a school in Ellensburg, people wouldnt know where that is. Thats perfect though because the location is amazing. Sure you come here and wonder why did you ever apply here in the first place, its a country area, but thats what many students need is a new setting. Being around the mountains, hills, cows, a rodeo is somewhat peaceful.


Central is more compact and not as big of a campus as the other schools. Also I liked that the class sizes aren't as large, this way you can get to know your proffessor.


This school is known on a national level for it's fantastic music program. As a music education major it was wise for me to come here and learn from one of the best schools in the nation. Also, I fell in love with the campus as well as the fact that the school is smaller than most public universities making it easier to get one on one help from your teachers.


The answer to this question came to me while attending. The faculty understood the relationship between students, teachers, and employers. The professors are working for the employers, preparing us, the students, to be job ready as we begin our careers after college. In addition, the professors had real-life industry experience. The professors have the curriculum, and were able to adapt it to the needs of the students; the exulting part of their teaching style prepared each student for the real world.


This school is unique becuase you can learn and grow in different ways. My favorite thing about this school is that it gives second chances. I didn't have a very high GPA in high school but this school accepted me as well as many others. Also after attending 3 years at Central, I had a circumstance where I took 2 years off. Even though my grades had slipped my 3rd year at the college, they accepted me back and gave me another chance. My final year at Central I was fully focused and able to bring my gpa up.


The community here is great. Its small, but with out sounding cliche' they have a big heart. This community does everything it can to involve the people living here and to encourage tourism. The weekend events that are held are great.


Central Washington University is located right in the center of the state which makes access to home or to friends at different institutes somewhat easy. Central is in the middle of a small town where agriculture is important. The campus itself is small and easy to navigate around. Classes are small and professors care about the success of students. It is encouraging to students that professors want to help. Those qualities make Central unique compared to other schools. It is a great place to be.


There is something unique in the diversity of Central. Most of the students are from Washington, but from every corner so there is a nice range of ideas concerning important ideas to our state such as politics and agricultural. Central provides a healthy forum for people to express their views and opinions without the threat of ridicule or some sort of persecution. I have personally experienced many great discussions in classes with people I wouldn't otherwise get the opportunity to debate with.


It's a smaller University in Central Washington which allowed me to continue to live in my home town and still be within commuting distance.


The Centers, that put on programs for the students to educate them, and how friendly each Center is to helping students.


My school is unique to me because it is so close to home. My family is in the process of a family crisis, so being close to home AND going to a four-year college and getting that college experience is really important to me. Also, Central Washington Univ. is small enough to where my peers and I have great school pride and spirit. Other schools around here are big schools, like Washington State University and University of Washington, who have great school spirit, but not in the way my small town college has.


Central Washington University has the most beautiful campus I have ever seen. All of the buildings are made of brick and each season is quite beautiful on campus. This school is in the middle of a small town named Ellensburg in the middle of the state, Washington. Personally, I think it is interesting and unique that such a large university thrives in such a small town. Central is a well rounded and diverse school with many excellent programs and staff that wants only its students to scuceed.


This school offers a cohort program. I attended with the same group of 22 students for the entire degree program. It was a great way to make friends and work collegues.


When I was applying to schools, I e-mailed many advisors to have my many questions answered about psychology programs. Central Washington University's advisor was the only one that e-mailed me back. I knew then that they were the school for me. They focus on all students even if they are like me and prospective students.


This is a very welcoming and comfortable campus. I'm a small town kind of girl, so I love that class sizes are smaller here and that you feel more like a person than a number, like in many other schools. It's nice to walk through campus and recognize your fellow peers, while still having the freedom to branch out and meet new people, make new friends and experience new things. I have fun here at Central, and actually look forward to going to school, so I would definitely recommend this university.


The amount of outdoor activities are astounding here. From fishing and hunting to wakeboarding and snowbaording. Amazing hiking and backpacking are also available.The smal town with a larger school in it is a different atmosphere than any of the other schools that I considered going to. This provides a fun environment as a lot of the town is geared toward the college demographic.


Our Theatre Arts Department has the only touring company in all of Washington Sate.