Central Washington University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school is rather small.


Central Washington Unveristy may be small in size to some, but Central holds many educational opportunities for seeking students.


CWU is focused on allowing students to achieve completion of education.


Central Washington University is a eclectic campus, filled with people from many differnt walks of life including , but not limited to, exchange students from around the world, farmers, artists, scientists, football players, video gamers and non-trad students and because of this you are garunteed to quickly find people that you can relate to but also to interact with people you might not otherwise affiliate with.


My school is a friendly school where people aren't afraid to say hi to their friends, help out strangers when they are in need of assitance, and where faculty like to help out their students whenever they need help.


Central Washington University is a school that offers a variety of programs and extracarricular activities; their resources are very helpful and available to those willing to recieve services.


A relaxed atmosphere with lots of fun people to meet and a great music department that helps encourage the growth and development of one's musical abilities, so that students can become some of the best music educators, musicians, composers, and other music related careers.


Central Washington is a tight knit community where students do their best to achieve with the help of professors who engage them in fascinating lessons in order to create a permiere educational experience to empower students to change the world all ina beautiful setting.


Dedicated to providing the best educational experience for all students.


Central Washington University is a very diverse school that has something for everyone.


I think this school is very diverse in ethnic backgrounds and willing to accept others into their social interactive circle without any hesitation.


Central Washington University has many promising attributes.


Central Washington University is an excellent, big-town university in a quait, small-town setting.


CWU is a small-town school in the country specializing in education, music, and aviation.


CWU is friendly, functional, and just the right size.


Central Washington University is a small-personal school that will help me achive my goals and reach my vision of The American Dream.


Central Washington University is a place to disover new places, people, and yourself.


Knowledge is Powerful.


Central is small and personal with lots of individual help from professors if needed.


I have not yet attended this school but i will be transferring over there


Central Washington University has small-town vibe, whose students and faculty are both friendly and eager to apply themselves, and cultivate discovery, respectively.


Central Washington University is a small school that offers great oppotunity to those who wish to embrace it.


My school is exactly what I was looking for!


Central Washington University provides a variety of oppertunities for all students looking to better their education.


Central Washington University enrolles a diverse and enthusiastic student body whilst offering a wide spectrum of classes and activities to it's students; I am very satisfied with my educational experience at CWU.


Central Washington University has a comforting and supportive environment that offers endless encouragement for students to strive to succeed in all that they do now and in the future.


Central Washington University is just the right size of college in the right size of town filled with friendly, loving, kind, generous, people. Central is an enjoyable place to be at, because their is always activities going on. I enjoy being at Central, because they really strive to promote diversity. The classes are not too big, and there is always academic help if a students needs it. The teachers are also always willing to help the students. Central does a wonderful job of making sure your stay at Central is the best.


A big school with a small town feel, it has a great professor to student ratio, and an amazing art department that can easily beat the department of a much larger university in a more modern city.


Central Washington Universtiy is a great school to attend and it is conveniently located for students who wish to attend a University but perhaps cannot afford to move out of state or across the State of Washington. I would recommend students of all ages look into attending this College as Central offers a wide variety of vocations and programs of study to choose from. I especially love that Central Washington is diverse enough to serve students from highschool graduates to professionals returning to school seeking another degree without even having to leave the State or their employer to attend school.


Central Washington University is a smaller university that excels with small classroom sizes with individual attention from professors to students.


Central Washington University, is the most helpful university in Washington state.


Central Washington University is the school that is going to help me achieve my goals.


Central Washington University is a mess of ethnicity slowly homogenizing itself with a river running through it with ducks.


Diverse, fun, interactive school set in a beautiful small town filled with ton's of support from professors and other students alike, along with a multitude of activities and clubs for students to engage in.


Central Washington University is a great school full of opportunities and life lessons that will help guide any student in the direction of their dreams.


Central Washington University is a land of opportunity nestled in a small, safe, and caring town that will nurture the lives of young students by limiting available "trouble" while still providing plenty of recreational outlets.


Central Washington University is a wonderful place where you can focus on yourself, your studies and who you want to become in a beautiful setting with wonderful people, teachers, programs and clubs; there is something for everyone to find their place in.


CWU is a great great place to get a well-rounded education with great professors to help decide your future as well as a great place to live with excellent dorm rooms and apartment complexes.


A perfect fit for me, between my hometown and Seattle, but close to both, with good people, teachers, and a great history program.


CWU has a perfect sized campus in a small town, the people have yet to truly experience a diverse community.


Central Washington University is a highly diverse educational institution devoted to the academic success of its students, as well as a thriving social climate which attempts to better integrate students from a multiplicity of social, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds.


This school has a fun, interactive, and friendly atmosphere that anyone could feel comfortable here.


Central gives you the university experience, yet it is small enough that you're not just a number.


Conservative school with an emphasis on the arts, but a severe lack of talent in the University administration.


My school was very welcoming.


My school is layed back socially and acidemicly stringent.


Central is more of a mix between liberalism and conservatism than most universities, being located in a small town.


The school is small and sometimes boring, but it's also rather laid back.


It's a fairly average school, but the change in enviorment from my hometown and the variety of study abroad programs offered encouraged me, and probably others, to attend.


central washington university is small and boring.