Central Washington University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Central Washington University is best known for it's teaching program. It opened up in the late 19th century as a teacher's college and Central still is best known as just that. Most students come to Central to persue their teaching dream, like I have come to do.


Central Washington University is well known for its Education and Theater programs. It also has very good Army and Airforce ROTC programs.


I believe that CWU is best known for their education and music departments, as well as their staff. The advisors are very helpful and really care about where the student is headed. Each class is very personal and they really focus on the learning experience. Some classes are small and personal, but some end up being larger. The programs are very serious and are created to help students live their dreams and face the future with the proper knowledge.


In all honesty, I heard only three things about Central Washington University before I was accepted here for the winter quarter 2012. Number one rummor that I heard was that Central is the biggest party school in the state of Washington. Number two, is that it's a great school to attend if you want to be a teacher. Central Washington University was once a normal (teaching) school called Central Washington State University. Number three, Ellensburg is in the middle of nowhere.


They have a wonderful teaching program. They also work to ensure that the graduates are prepared to be outstanding educational teachers learning who can demonstrate the knowledge and skills so that they can educate and work within a diverse school community.


Central Washington University (CWU) is best known for its amazing music department. CWU produces some of the best music educators, musicians, composers, and other music related careers. The school has a great faculty that will go to great lengths to help musicians obtain the highest levels of excellence. The atmosphere is amazing for music and the university makes sure that the music department keeps its funding. In addition, our bands, orchestras, and choirs perform at the highest levels of excellence and perform at some of the major state and national competitions for those groups.


Central Washington is best known for its academic success. I thought to myself and realized that if I attend a college with good academic reputation I could be successful I whatever my career choice is. Knowing this made me want to come to this university. Also Central has a nice and clean Student Union Recreation Center (SURC) were student go for breakfast and lunch. On the northeast entrees of this building it has a well set up weight room with various activities and leadership programs a student can enroll. The SURC is the place where many students can get involve.


VCU by name is best known for its basketball team and it's achievements in the most recent year (getting into the Final Four); however, as a school it is known for it's incredibly large number of attending students and urban environment. It' location in downtown Richmond makes it a bustling campus for students to enjoy numerous shops, restaurants, etc. In addition, because the number of students is so large, there is a wide variety of students in terms of race, personality, and major.


Being the only school offering an Aviation Bachelor degree in the state of Washington


I think that central is known fore very good programs which provied wholistic and well rounded learning enviroments.


I attend CWU Des-Moins campus. My campus has the most beautiful setting over looking the Puget sound and the Cascade Mountains in the background. Since this campus shares with Highline community college it has a very diverse community. One of the most diverse in the state, I love this campus and it was my very first choice since I live in the area and also graduated from Highline Community College. Come here and enjoy learnig in the a beautiful safe environment with a dream team of staff that wants you to succeed.


Central is a business and music focused school.


CWU is known for it's music program. There are dozens of ensembles and they are all nationally ranked. The school is also known for it's good sports teams.


CWU is best known for the supportive staff.


CWU is best known for it's music, education, and GIS programs.


I believe my school is best known for our amazing teaching program.


CWU has a phenomenal Geology dept and it's Sociology and Psychology departments are excellent. The instructors are very interested in your success and will challenge and help you accomplish whatever academic goals you may set for yourself. As a mature student I didn't feel uncomfortable being the oldest in the classroom. It is a very diversified campus and that's what I like about it.


One thing I truly think Central is known for is the fact that it's a great education school. I mean this in the fact that most of the graduating classes at that school are going or getting their teaching degree. After my Senior year was over I got askes where I was going to college, and when I said Central most of them asked if I was becoming a teacher (I'm not). I think it's a great thing to be known for. So many people want to help students become more sucessful, Central is just that.


I think my school is best known for its business program and the theatre department. The business department is ranked with in the top 5% of the world. When i talk to people from other states they know of Central due to its business program and its theatre program. I think those programs is what our school is best known for.


Besides its great athletic tradition, the school is best known for its variety of majors. Their is a department for almot any and evrey field that you could think of doing. Their are no limits at Central Washington when it comes to your future.


Central Washington University is best known for their amazing education program for those who are looking to become teachers.


My school is known for having a prominent Education program. The Education program is one of the most successful at Central Washington University.


Central is most known for there Education and Art programs. This is something that I did not know about till I came to this school. I am getting a minor in Studio Art . They are also know for being every helpful when it comes to advising and helping students choose classes to go with thier major and minors to complete there college credits on a time effecient manner.


Central Washington University is best known for its astounding music program (including music education, performance, and composition).


I came to Central following gossips of large, round English programs and strong school spirit one can hear a mile away. Gossips were right. But I also found that if you watch TV you may know a bit more about how severely wasted our freshmen find themselves.


Central is best know for its furthering education program.


Central is a very open campus that encourages academic success and interaction with professors in the field you are pursing. Small class sizes are a very large bonus.


Central is known for being a teaching school,and also for the primate lab.


Educational wise, my school is best known for its psychology program and aviation program. Both programs are popular and excellent programs. Although, we might be known more for our football team. Especially this last season. They ranked #2 in the nation and had a great season. Our sports are very competitive.


Central Washinton University is best known for its Education program. They have a fabulous education program that does a great job of preparing students to be effective teachers.


My school is best known for education and music degrees. Central Washington Univeristy is also the only school in Washington State that has a BFA program for the theatrical arts. BFA or "Bachelor of Fine Arts"


We have a Chimposium where chimps who were raised in captivity and learned to talk in sign language live and are taken care of. There is a whole program of study just for people who want to learn about and work with chimps and a unique opportunity.


Central Washington University was best known in Washington state as a very good college to attend if one wanted to persue a teaching degree.


Central is best known for its teaching program and its music programs. In the past the teaching school has been number one in the state of Washington. The music programs here are well known all throughout the state and almost every week there are concerts being held or programs for elementary or high school students.


My school is best known for its great music and teaching programs. I know many determined students who come here to earn a teaching major or become an aspiring musician. Both programs are very competitive and require diligent hard work and practice. Central Washington also has fairly small class sizes compared to other four year universities. In fact, during my past quarters here I have not been in a class with more than forty to fifty students, allowing me to receive more assistance and attention from my instructors. Small classes can really help a new student settling in at college.


Central Washington University is best known as the 4-year Washington public university that takes students with low grades and gives them a chance at a university career. While, I had high grades in high school, I had many friends on-campus who used this "last" opportunity to get serious about their education and their careers.


From my search for scholarships for my school, I have found that Education and Music is what my school likes to focus on. I beleive that education is extremely important, but for an Anthropology major as myself, it is difficult for me to find scholarship applications. My Anthropology teachers and advisors are wonderful, but they do not help me pay for school.


Central is best known for their education, business and music departments.


Central washington is well know for thier education program. Also known as the windy school, because it tends to always be windy here.


My school is best known for educating people and helping them go beyond their goals. The success of its students after graduating is marked by their encouragement of enrollment of incoming students. They encourage others to seek education as a means to further their impact upon the world around them.


Central is best known for the quality of its Education, Construction Management and Business programs. Along with small class sizes, these few perks are widely known to anyone who is even slightly familiar with the campus. The quality of the programs alone is the biggest reason most students have a drive to attend central in the first place. After attending some classes in these majors, I must say that you will not be disappointed with your choice of attending central, ecspecially if you plan doing any work in their related fields.


My school is best known for people who are not affraid to be themselves. You will get straight answers from anyone here, faculty included. The education recieved at this school is also great for the price of school. Central Washington University is a smaller size college allowing kids to meet one another and for making life long friends. Besides the education it is a great place to come and learn while being yourself, and this is what Central is known for.


Our school is known for being loyal to the students. If the students feel that they need someone to talk to they are able to find someone. We have many clubs and organizations on campus that people can either join or they could also form. We encourage students to get involved whether it be in an organization or club or just by attending and event that is being offered on campus.


Education Program, and Music Program


I would say it's best known for its ed. department. Many students who attend Central are going to become teachers. They have a great program here.


My school is best known for Football. The Central Washington Football team has managed to finish the 2008 season with 10(W)-2(L). The football players at Central are so nice and make you feel like you have a connection with each player. I believe this connection is what brings so many of our students to come out and see our players play. The students come fully dressed in school colors and cheer at the top of their lungs. I work for the Athletic Department and each game I work I am sorrounded by all my wonderful friends.


education major, partying, psychology, small town, getting away from parents but still being close enough to visit OFTEN


I believe that my school is best known for its excellence in the Elementary Education Programs. Obviously there are more common majors accepted here, but when I think of Central Washington University, I think of people going to get a degree to become teachers once they graduate.


sports, education


Central is best known for its small community. The city is practically made around the college. I enjoy Central best for its great academic programs. It has such a wide array of different studies.