Central Washington University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I believe the type of person that should attend this school should be one who in determined to succeed academically and in my case in athletics. Acedemically a student should very friendly, outgoing, and understanding with all professors, counseling, and peers involved with the University. From the athletic side of a student, he/she should be humble, motivated and committed not only to himself, but also to his team and coaches.


CWU sounds like a very diverse college. They show their support to Vets (which I am one of them), single parents, and families that have same sex partners. I think it sounds amazing for just about everyone.


Students who are eager to succeed, build lasting friendships, and bring others up with you will fit in well here. If you are unsure about your career path, it's ok. There is ample help and services to help you become what you want to be and flexible options. You will need to like hands-on experiences, class participation, and respect from teachers and advisors, and be willing to share what and who you are in class. Come expecting a good experience and stick it out!


Any students or people who want to expand their knowledge and look for great place to learn.


Coming from living in a suburb to Ellensburg, Washington was quite a big difference, but it has been nothing short of amazing. Anyone looking for a change of scenery or wanting to go to a nice quite town would want to go to Central Washington. We have so many different opportunities for adventure, while big cities are only a short drive away. Central is a great place to expand one’s horizons while meeting a diverse group of friends and also getting the chance to find a major in almost any subject, and would be a fantastic fit for anyone.


Someone who is driven and is able to stay on task. You need to be able to work with other people in all sorts of environments. You also need to have good study and homework skills.


Lots of personalities fit CWU well. I think people who are open minded, fairly environmental and willing to show school spirit fit here the best. But as we all know, it takes many to make the world go round.


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone who likes small towns and being outside. Also someone who is looking for more of a personal college experience.


Central is a great school for anytype of student. This school presents a great variety of classes, anywhere from karate to physics and more specific sciences. There is always a chance for students to challenge themselves and seek help if needed. Central provides great tutoring oppotunities and fish bowl sessions. Ellensburg is a smaller town, which makes it alot easier to make friends. The campus provides great activities such as white water rafting and hiking. There are a rediculous amount of clubs and tons of intramural sports that anyone can participate in. CENTRAL IS AN AMAZING SCHOOL!


Any person should attend Central Washington University. The University gives an amazing opportunity to all wanting to study. Age is not an obstacle for attending. Each student will be treated equally and with respect. There are many career options offered at the university. So any person will be sure to find a career to graduate in. A person who likes small cities, that feel like home will definitely like Central Washington University.


The type of person that should attend this school is a person who is positive, serious about his or her education and someone who wants to make a difference in his or her community. Being positive will make that person persevere his studies. The more the person keeps on keeping when situation become difficult is the type of person that can make a positive difference in his or her community. I believe that all college professors want this kind of Student in their classes because they know that they can be successful.


I believe that anyone with motivation to succeed should attend Central Washington University. There is so much to offer here, including hundreds of clubs. There are alot of distractions though so you have to be able to stay concentrated on what you should be doing so you don't fall into the traps and get behind. Also, you have to be able to work with a variety of different people. Some professors aren't as easy to learn from you have to go the extra mile to get the help you need.


Self- motivated, mature people should attend CWU. This is a great teachers school as well.


Any student who has proven to be academically responsible in their past schooling lives and anyone who is willing to continue through college, to succeed and untill they have become a productive member of society. This is the type of person that should be granted the opportunity to attend Central Washington University. It is honeslty is that welcoming and indiscriminative type of University. People from all walks a life attend here now and ten a hundred years from now is the type of people who should continue to be accepted.


Individuals that are serious about their education.


The type of person who should attend this school HAS to be a person who loves a small town. There isn't shopping or a whole lot of indoor activities. You have to love the outdoors and love eastern Washington weather. They would also need to be the kind of person who likes to be invovled. People who are not involved will be very bored.


This school is the small town experience where the school population is equivalent to half of the population of the city. A person who comes to Central Washington University needs to have a mind set on academics, because the town has very little to distract. This university has an outstanding track record for producing phenomenal teachers. In other words, those seeking teaching degrees will find Central to be a cozy beginning to a career.


The kind of person who should attend Central Washington University should be anyone willing to learn truly. I believe this school has a lot to offer for any student, especially for students who are thinking of pursuing a career in the business field. I did not know that Central Washington University is in the top five percent of schools in the world for its Collegiate of Business Program, and I was just ecstatic to learn that after I chose this school.


Central is the home to the friendliest people in the world in my own opinion and opinion of many others. Central is a place where as soon as you walk into its grounds you can sense the happiness of all Central residents. Central is for everyone who wishes to make many friends and live an amazing college experience. Here not only will you make friends, Central is the perfect place where you will meet great people that you can take with you into your future. Central Washington University is for you if you wish to join our home of happiness.


I do not know much about the campus life of Central Washington University, but as for online schooling a person needs to be very self motivated if they want to attempt online classes. You have to be extremely dedicated. Assignments are usually due everyday meaning you need to be online checking your course everyday. It it not like the actual campus life where you spend time in lectures with few assignments, or where it does not matter if you do not show up for class for a few days.


I believe that any type of person should attend this school. Just make sure that you are ready for school and all the styudying time it takes to get the best grades. One would be much more satisfied with themselv es if they just stay focused for the time in school and then take a breath when they have graduated. All the students that I encounter are very nice and helpful and we all want the best for eachother, then again we are all trying to be teachers so naturally we have helping attitudes.


I think that all people that are serious about their education and want a lot of opportunities should attend CWU. There are so many things to choose from at this school and such a diverse group of people. We are very famous for having a lot of international students which provides an ever changing environment among students. There is a very convenient recreation center that allows for convenient gym time, intramural sports and private exercise classes. We have many clubs to choose from and if you don't see what you like, you can form your own.


The outdoors man, musician, educator, or artist.


I believe anyone who has the will to continue their education should attend CWU. This school provides a variety of classes for various disiplines and has many wondeful instructors.


Anybody could attend this school, it's so diverse! We have international students in the AUAP program from Japan, a few from Europe, and out of state kids as well. The music program here is huge, I myself used to be a music major, but anybody who wants to get a good education could attend Central Washington University and get their money's worth from any of the programs offered here. It's a great school!


Any laid back, but hard working person, could attend this university.


I believe the type of people who should attend Central are people who like (or need) more attention and smaller classroom sizes. I believe that they should also have strong character - Ellensburg is a small city that is dominated by the university, and thus getting along with such a close-knit community is very important to everyone located here.


Central Washington University is a school that any kind of person could attend. People who strive to succeed by going to school should attend here. Anyone who wants to be something in there life should attend here. Basically any being that want to go to school and make something out of themselves should attend this school.


Central Washington University is extremely diverse, and welcoming to people of all backgrounds. The university offers numerous extra-curricular activities, a wonderful recreational facility, and research labs and libraries open to all. College is what you make it. I feel that almost every openminded invidual would enjoy their time at Central Washington University if given the opportunity.


The kind of person that should attend Central Washington University is one that should love the outdoors. Hiking, biking, snowboarding, skiing, kayaking, and camping are just a few of the activities you can participate in while attending the University. Here at Central there are significantly less students in attendance then when compared to one of the larger state schools. This creates the small town community feel here on campus. So the kind of person that should attend this University is one that not only enjoys the outdoors but wants that sense of family community as well.


There is no limit to the type of people who should attend Central Washington University. Whether each student prefers to take notes using their laptop, pen and paper, or mental notes, they would feel comfortable and confident they are receiving an education, and not just attending school. There are many different types of students, Central Washington faculty and staff understands that and adapts their teaching to the needs of the class as individuals, not collectively.


Anyone who wants attend a lower key kind of school. This is a place where you can live far enough away from home but still be able to travel back when necessary. As a freshman you are made to live your first year in a dorm. This is one of the greatest experiences because this is where you meet most of your long term friends.


A student who wants a medium-sized campus and is okay with a small town life. A student who likes getting invovled in campus activities and learning about different cultures. A student who may not be sure of what he/she wants to do as a career. A student who wants to meet new people and make friends for life.


Any kind! It's a great place and there are tons of things of interest for all kinds of people. There are tons of clubs and sports programs; you'll never bo board and it's easy to be a part of whatever you want t be a part of! There are tons of fun things to do as well, weekly free movies, open mic nights, lots of live music! It's a great place and anyone would enjoy it here!


This school needs students to attend that like the close campus family life. It is nice to have a small group of friends rather than none at all and a small campus allows students to get to know others easier.


A resident of Washington state who wants an inexpensive education. Somone who is interested in the Primate behavior and ecology program available hre


Anyone who enjoys a great learning atmosphere with a great community supporting the school and meeting new people and creating new friendships for the rest of your life.


The kind of person that should attend this school is pretty much anyone. I've witness this school changing people's lives. Using myself as an exmaple, when I came to this school I was outgoing, but very shy. After going to Central Washington for a year, I've opened up because of all the opportunity of activities around campus and off campus. My job encourages everyone to improve our people skills. The people that are usually the outgoing people help bring the shy people out of their shells.


A person should attend Central Washington University if they prefer a laid back but focused group of students as their enviroment. There is no rush to graduate at CWU. Once I started at CWU I just wanted to learn and was eager for the future. While working towards my major I am also taking classes that are for my benefit about learning about the different cultures and life around the world. Students are into making themselves better citizens by being open minded adults. There is plenty of help among students and faculty to help others reach their goal in college.


A student that's looking for smaller class sizes in an intimate setting. The students are very click-involved, so don't come expecting to make a huge circle of friends. It's a friendly environment though.


Really, any person should attend this school. It has things for every type of person. It's very diverse and everyone gets along great.


Central Washington University is well-known for its education program and social atmosphere. If an individual has grown up in a small town for most of their life, CWU would be a nice fit. It is a small farm-town with a lot of outdoor activities.


outgoing, motivated, sportsishy, musically talented, someone who likes nature walks*,


Small town type of person. You run into people you know everywhere. It's very much it's own little world in Ellensburg and lots of fun!


A person who grew up in a small town or in the country, or a person who is willing to live the typical country lifestyle. A person who is open minded and a person who is willing to do lots of work and stay focused for their four year term.


Someone who values Lifelong friends and a potential spouse over actual qality of college


The kind of person that should attend Central is a person that is willing to adjust to a small town setting. They also should like to walk or bicycle a lot since you can get anywhere on foot. A person attending Central is determined to not only meet new people in a different and new setting, but to succeed in life to the best of their abilities. An open minded person would also love this school because we have Christians, Democrats, Republicans, Gays, and Cowboys.