Central Washington University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


This school is built for people who are going into the Education field and want to get the job done with education. If you are highly competitive, backbiting, and don't have the drive to serve and help others to succeed, you need not apply.


Someone who wants a quiet and completely academically focused experience shouldn't attend central. there are events going on almost every week and the people are loud and expect you to be the same way.


Anyone who isn't a hundred percent sure what they want to do with their life, but still wants to have the university experience at less the cost of WSU or UW.


I think that people who do not have any idea of what they want to do with their lives, should not attend Central Washington University. This school has amazing programs for students who know what they want to study, but then there are students, mainly freshman, who enroll at CWU and expect a major to fall into their laps. Sometimes students do find their interest during their freshman year or afterwards, but many do not give a major much thought until CWU demands that they declare a major, and then they panic because time passed too quickly in their minds.


People that should not attend this school would be ones that do not enjoy extreme weather. They had very hot summers and cold winters, most students walk to class everyday. Otherwise ones that are not dedicated to their school work. Many of the staff members put effort into helping students reach their full potential. They value students that also want to learn and build a future.


A person who isn't serious about their education should not attend CWU. Central is for students who want to get an education, and want to improve their lives. If you're not willing to work hard for your future, don't bother going here.


Everyone should attend


Someone who isn't willing to work for the grade that they want, someone who is close-minded and is set in one way of thinking.


Independent thinkers to academics.


Any person that has a desire to learn should attend this school . Central Washington University is a school that celebrates diversity and welcomes students from any race, culture, gender or background.


Central is a very friendly and open school, with many different activities and events for all kinds of people. The type of person who shouldn't attend this school is the type who isn't open-minded and willing to try new things and have new experiences. Because that's what college is all about, after all. Learning about what makes people different, and accepting and enjoying those differences.


I think that any type of perosn shoud and could come here. There are so many different types of people here that they could easily fit to a group.


Central Washington Univeristy is located in Ellensburg, where is not a crowded city. Therefore, people who likes party and drinking should not attend this school, because there is no good place to hang out in this small and peaceful town. A side from that, it is very cold in the winter in Ellensburg, so people who do not like cold weather should not go to this school.


I think that people who are coming to school just to say they are going to college because they have no idea what they want to do after highschool, should not attend Central Washington University. When people attend school when they really dont want/need to be there, they are taking places away from other people who want to attend and cannot, plus they eventually end up just being a distraction for students who really are attempting to learn and make a change in their lives.


People who are looking to work individually on their degree, with no outside involvment, would not do well at Central Washington University. Many majors require volenteer hours and internships of their students. Even the math majors are required to help tutor the underclassmen during their senior year. A person must be willing to interact and work with others in order to do well at this university.


I believe that Central Washington University is a school that welcomes everyone and has a very diverse group. With the exchange programs at our school, people from different parts of the world even get a chance to attend! This also gives the students of CWU to learn others culture better! Even though I would highly recommend Central Washington University to anyone in need of a good school, there is one thing I would suggest! If you do not like the snow, this may not be the place for you with snow falling from November through January!


I think students who don't care about their education and who are just here to party shouldn't attend this school. We have so many opportunities and those who take advantage of them will succeed and have many opportunities after they graduate. The university is very strict with drug and alcohol rules and don't allow any exceptions to those rules. Campus police are out in full force throughout the year and will take action if necessary. It is a very fun and safe environment and I think it is important to keep that throughout the coming years.


Someone who likes a fast-paced urban lifestyle shouldn't attend this school because its very close to the country-side. Likewise, a person that doesn't really try to focus on their studies and parties a lot shouldn't attend this school because its very strict on its policies about academic probations and warnings.


It is hard to say who could or couldn't attend this university. There is a fair amount of students from small towns and big cities that attend here. Also, ethnically and racially it is diverse, but of course cacausian is dominant. The only person I personally think shouldn't attend, is someone who loves many activities. It is a small town here, so recreational fun is lacking. The only activities i see that is fun here is outdoor activities such as sports, hiking, snowboarding, skiing, etc.


Like I said previously, college is what you make it. If one is close-minded, and unopen to learning, encountering new experiences and people, college might not be the right place.


People who are close minded should definitely not attend CWU, there is a suprrising amount of foreign exchange students for being in such a small town, so Central holds students belonging to all different groups, faiths and ethnicities. Students that are open to interacting and socializing with all different run's of life should look forward to attending CWU. This isn't a college for those who are just interested in the academic's because it has a variety of different clubs and intramurals that students can get involved in.


If a person cannot handle living more than half an hour to the closest mall then this is not the place for them. When you go to Central you focus primarily on your studies, work if you have a job, and pursuing your own interests and hobbies. Things are simple here and the people are friendly. If a person cannot be happy in the slow small town life where every where you drive you go 25 mph, then this is the wrong place for them. If you cannot appreciate the little things, do not bother on coming.


Students that want to the college experience because they not a whole lot the college offers.


A person who doesn't want to commit to a long term education. In order to earn a degree at CWU, one must dedicate at least four years, sometimes more, but if you're looking for a fast education, this isn't the school for you.


At CWU, students should be dedicated to their school work. This school is known for the education department and the chimps. This school has a lot of school spirt . a person that attends CWU is kind, respectful and studious.


I believe that anyone could attend my school and be completely satisfied. However, if the person is easily taken over by boredom and does not like harsh weather conditions, my school may not fit them. Ellensburg is an extremely small town with not much entertainment, and so an individual who enjoys a city-feel may not be comfortable in such a small farm town. Also, the weather is extremely hot in the summer, and cold/windy/snowy in th winter. This may irritate someone who does not lie this type of weather.


I think that every type of person would be able to attend this school. Central is big on diversity and allowing to get everyone's voice heard. Mostly, it is not the school that affects who can and cannot attend it is more of the students attitude toward school and life. Because if they have a poor attitude about school and life the chances are they should not attend the school. Most students at Central love it here and have a good attitude which carries over to each student and makes going here the best decision they have ever made.


There is not one person that should not attend Central Washington University. Central offers something for everyone. My school's motto is "Your Future is Central" and that applies to everyone. There is a large range of diverse students that attend Central Washington University which creates an opportunity for anyone and everyone. With such a wide range of such different people, students are bound to find a group they "click" with or a program that suits what they want for their futuire career.


If you are someone who likes a big campus, like a D1 school, you shouldn't come to Central. If you like to be in the city, like Seattle, you shouldn't come to Central either.


Although drinking is very common at this school, students planning to consume should not attend this school because the police departments (all five of them) in the area are in existence purely to reduce MIP's and also to reduce DUI's. There is hardly any crime in the area yet there are police officers everywhere you go. Being stopped while bicycling or skateboarding under suspicion of drinking is not at all uncommon.


someone who is going to cause drama. people hear about things real easily because of how small the school is. people who have no business going to college should not show up. they should not waste the governments money and the professors time.


I do not believe there is a certain kind of person that should not attend this school.


people who like urban areas


I would say that the person that shouldn't attentd this school would be someone that loves the city life and the people who love to go shopping. This school is more suited for people who love to live in the country.


People who are strongly seeking to enter the film or commmunication industry.


A person with an interest in going to law, or medical school


A person who is not willing to work and is not adaptable to the many changes that people go through in college. A person who is willing to better themselves through study and in peer pressure. CWU students are drama free and are open minded about many walks of life that attend at Central Washington University.


First of all, Central does not offer majors in some departments. If you are a person who is interested in medicine, Central cannot offer the classes you need to pursue that career. If you are the kind of person who wants to go to a big school and learn in a class with many students, then Central would be too small for you. A person who does not know what they want to major in should apply to a school with more options to help them decide what is best for them. Central does not have a huge selection.


I do not feel that students who are used to the "city life" should attend Central Washington University because there are only 16,000 people in the entire town. Local families in the community do not welcome college students into the town, let alone more businesses in order to allow the community to prosper/grow. Depending on an individual's major, Central Washington University has little to no networking for graduating students unless they are prospective teachers.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is the kind of person that isnt willing to live in a small town where everyone knows everyones business.


A person who is a big city person and someone who doesn't like snow.


Someone who despises rural areas.