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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If i were given the opportunity to go back in time as a high school senior I would go about life completely different. It took me untill after my freshman year of college to mature and finally realize how important education is today. If I could talk to myself back then, I would tell myself to put education first. I would tell myself to limit distractions to set goals and achieve them. I would make it very clear without question that it will be more benificial to put in all of the work early is order to reap the benefits later on in life not only through school and baseball but financially at the same time. I would tell myself to develope saving habits and to practice consistency. I truly believe that if i were to know and understand the wisdom and knowledge that I have recently recieved over the past couple of years of my life, that I would without a doubt be very successful right now with more goals set to achieve.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high schoool senior the first thing I would say is to jump on the responsability wagon and get my priorties straight, because there is no one in college who is going to hold your hand and tell you what to do like mommy does at home. Second, I would tell myself to start sleeping eight or more hours on a regular bases that way when I get into my REM cycle I can download what I learned that day into my brain , sleep might be one of the more important tasks in getting good grades. Lastly, I would tell myself to chose my friends wisely because not everyone is out there for your best interest. For exmaple, you might have a test the next day but a friend invites you to a party that night, don't waste time socializing when you could easily be studying for that test tomorrow. In all I would basically give myself advice about the mistakes I have made in this first quarter transition so that I could better myself in the future.


There aren't to many things I would say to myself. The mistakes I made in high school define who I am today. But if I had the chance this is all I'd say. First would be to take math seriously. I didn't know back in high school just how much I would have to use it and how it has slowed my learning down to a crawl because I have to wait to finish a math class to get into a higher level accounting class. The next would be to not worry about those bullies to much. Because soon a growth spurt will happen and your going to be bigger than all of them. But don't stoop to their level either. Last but not least, I'd tell myself to spend time with my grandpa. You never really realize how little time you spend with someone untill they are gone.


I would work harder to maintain a higher GPA. I would also continue to do sports and stay in clubs through my senior year.


If I could go back to my senior year of high school, I would tell myself to get more involved in sports or do more than I did while at school. I would tell myself to be more careful with my money and save more of it for college. There are maybe a thousand things that I would like to tell my past self, but main thing is to be more outgoing and get out there more.


First piece of advice: Everyone is as nervous and scared as you are; and everyone is friendly and looking to make friends. Literally you can say hi to anyone you see and pick up a conversation and maybe a friend. The more friends you have, the better time you'll end up having overall. Second: Don't ever skip class. Ever. In high school you have plenty of days of just busy work, in college you have to be there every day and you learn something new every day. Plus, as a freshman, you live on campus and have three hours of class a day. Only three hours. Even when your sick you can get up and sleep the other twenty one hours. Plus it's only a five minute walk. There is no excuse to ever skip class. You're there to go to school, so go to school. Third: Surround yourself with happiness. If someone is a problem, just don't pay them attenion. It's not high school where your stuck with people. You have no reason to be unhappy in college. So just have fun and drop anything that is a negitive in life.


You have a purpose. And you have passions. These will come together and a common goal, and it's high time you realize that your choices now will have an impact on your future. So try harder. Go farther. Don't let anything hold you back. Because this is the time of your life, and the time to prepare for your life. School. Work. Relationships. All of these matter. Don't neglect any of these areas of your life. And don't neglect yourself. Take care of yourself. And take care of others. Because one day you may need to rely on your friends for help. And never, ever lose sight of your goal. God placed you here for a specific reason. Are you stewarding your time well? Are you stewarding your relationships well? Last of all, don't forget to reward yourself. If you work hard and do your best, then no one can ask anymore from you. So give yourself a break once in awhile. Stop and smell the roses.


The number one advice I would give my high school self about college is DO NOT BE LAZY. Work to find out when deadlines are for auditions so you don't end up without an opportunity to get into the musical theatre program. Also, Work hard to not spend all your money, because before you know it you can be in some serious debt. Just manage your expenses and don't be careless and lazy about things, and college will be easy. work on that senioritis, because it won't be accepted here in the big boy world. Also, chose your friends wisely.


If I were able to travel back in time to talk to my high school senior self I would say to not give up. I would tell myself to not just settle for community college, even though it was cheaper. I would tell myself to continue applying for colleges/universitys, even if it was a big reach. I would also tell myself to look up scholarpships for myself, and to take it seriously. I tell myself to take applying for colleges seriously and to stop being lazy about applying for colleges. To get the help I need to futher my knowlege about applying. I was a good kid in senior year, I would just tell myself to take things, the future, college, moving out, more seriously and to not be lazy; and to never give up.


Altough I am one to think that everything happens for a reason and wouldnt change things in my past because that is a part of life. However if I could go back for only school purposes, I would change or in other words fix my veiw apon things. College is something I couldn't really grasp the concept of. It's challeneging not only class room wise but so much more. I would go back and tell myself to not be afraid, to try things, to not be so shy and hidden away for now is when you find yourself. I would've told myself not to juge colleges by covers or hear-says. To go climb out of my box and visit other colleges, to not fear the "what ifs" but to challenge them. Life is a puzzel and no matter if you were to go back in time you will always make mistakes because we are only human. If when knew the end of a book, would it be so exciting? Why would I be willing to erase my pages just to skip to the end? For that I learned many lessons that I wish never to forget.


I would tell myself to apply for more scholarships. I didn't apply for many my senior year and I wish I would have because now I realize how much college actually costs and I would have liked to have taken out less money in loans. I would also tell myself to take the whole college process a little more seriously. When I was in high school this all seemed so far away and strange and when I got here it got really real really fast which was kind of scary. If I had thought about it more in high school it wouldn't have been such a scary thing. I would also tell myself not to worry about going to a college that none fo my friends were going to. I made new friends and it turned out fine but I was so worried about not having any friends that it stressed me out a lot in high school. I would also thank myself for taking Running start classes. That really cut down on the number of General Education requirement classes I had to take which was nice.


Staying focused is key. High school may be over, but the studying and the pace of life never slows down or stops to wait for you. I would tell myself that you can't hold yourself back and blame your past for future and present decisions and actions. Along with that, coming from a sheltered life, I would tell myself that college is full of experimenting and morals are being tested and temptation will present itself quite frequently. Take a chance, live a little, but don't forget your purpose for being at college in the first place. I lost sight of that in the rush of my first year of college and if I could go back knowing what I know now, I would. Don't be afraid to meet new people and mingle, that is a huge part of moving on and succeeding in life. Men will tell you what you want to hear, but unless they give you their all, you shouldn't give them everything. Love yourself first and everything will fall into place. Some days are hard, but don't lose hope. Just pick yourself up and keep moving forward.


I would actually give myself a lot of advice. Starting with, make sure to graduate high school with a 4.0 because you will have a better success rate with colleges. Study as hard as possible to understand the information that is being placed in front of you. Make sure to not involve yourself with drama and only pay attention to what is going on with you. Focus on school, you can have fun as long as you get all of your homework accomplished first. Join all the clubs that you have time for and are interested in, extracurriculars are fantastic, and they allow time with friends. I would keep going with cross country instead of doing it only 2 years. Making sure that you are the best that you can be and not allow anyone else to tear you down. No matter what negative comments people have stay positive and great things will come. I would also say to learn better study habits, go to a library more often, and have study groups, not just you so then you get bored and do not study. Give 130% at everything you do and never give up.


I would say that I needed to focus more on academics and preparing for the future in terms of going to college, applying for scholarships. My academics weren't horrible, but I know that I didn't meet my standards and could've done much better. I joined the Army Reserves to help pay for college, but didn't help nearly as much as I had thought, and though my parents make a lot, they can't manage money very well. It is essentially my own effort to pay for college so applying for scholarships and such should've been on the top of my list. It would also be nice to be awarded grants. My parents earnings scew the awards I can be given, but their money management skills should be taken into consideration too.


If I could give myself any advice as a high school senior, it would be to keep an open mind. I would tell myself to research and explore, to take campus tours, and speak with the students at different colleges before deciding on a career or specific school. I believe this would be the best advice because it is the first essential step to building your future. I would explain just how important it is for credits to transfer and for you to design a long term goal for yourself. This would be essential to me in the steps leading to each decision made for the years to come. To be able to relate to the people you go to school with and have common goals will help you see a brighter future. This advice would have helped me come to a decision on my school quicker, and my search may have been more effective. I would have had no doubts if I took this into consideration, and I'm sure I wouldn’t have been as nervous as I once was.


Keep moving and do not stop. Balance the present with the future, and they will work together in harmony. Reach forward constantly. Dreams and passions are what life is about and once you lose sight of those, you lose yourself. Make your dream more than an idea. Make it a priority. We all get lost in the present and the financial burdens and worries, but you need to try to continue forward, even if it's only one class, and stick to it. Research is very important. With computers, don't go spending $1,200 on a laptop without knowing that it's exactly what you need. Don't rack up credit card bills, you don't need that worry right now. Take some time off of work for school rather than the other way around. Your boss is more understanding than you might think. Most importantly, keep your focus. If you work hard, you will be successful. Your life depends on you and your decisions.


Dear past me, When you start your college career look extra hard for a job; anything to help lessen the blow of student loans is incredibly helpful. So you need to make your resume look great, fill out every job application you can get you hands on, and while you are unemployed, volunteer. Scholarships are your next best thing to a job so apply to ALL. Do not eat out. College is expensive and every saved penny is awesome. Ramen noodles and macaroni always taste great. Get out of on campus housing as soon as possible; renting a house with friends is much cheaper. You will save so much and you will practice becoming more independent. Keep in touch with old friends but remember only the good ones. Life is too short to not be surrounded by those who love and support you. Call or text your parents weekly. Even though they wanted you out of the house, they still miss you like crazy. GO TO CLASS! You will get great grades if you go to class and engage. Last, study and do homework, it's for your own benefit. Stay positive, your future self


If I could go back in time as a high school senior I would definitely change some things. My senior year in high school I did not prepare myself for college. I did not look into schools or think much about my major. College was a last minute thought and decision. It is definitely a lot harder than high school. I have nobody except myself to motivate me. I also sometimes question my major. I know criminal justice is something there will always be money in, but as I experience classes like psychology I wonder if that would be something I would enjoy more. If I could go back in time I would definitely have done more research and put more time and thought into my future decisions/goals. I would have applied for more scholarships as well. I am finding it very financially hard to finish school. I not only have to pay for my classes, but I have to have money to survive. Balancing school, work, and being a single mom is not easy. I find myself always getting stressed and neglecting one or the other as if I cannot give them all the attention that they need.


I would tell my high school self not to give up, think about every decision you make, consider the ramifications of everything you do, and listen to your parents. When I was in high school, I thought I knew it all, so i would tell myself that I don't know half of what I think I do. I would tell myself to avoid the things and people that cause trouble and break the law. I would also tell myself that, no matter what happens, I can make it and should never quit just because I'm nervous. I would love to be able to go back to that time in my life and literally smack myself for some of the things I was doing and all the time I spent wasting my life. I would let my high school self know that we would have children and that I need to consider my long term career goals now, before it's too late, so that at 28 I wouldn't have to get my GED and cause more hardships on my family. Finally, I would tell myself that I can do it and its not too hard.


If I were to go back to my senior year I would tell myself to take advantage of every oppurtunity whether it be an AP class or the school musical becuase it is going to be useful in the end and it is going to be helpfull once you get to college. On top of that, and I think this might be the most important thing, I would tell myself not to be concerned with what my friends are doing and where they are going and just go where I want to go. In the end where I go to school is going to determine the friends I make in the future and the career path I may choose and I may not be friends with the person I was so concerned about being in contact with ten years from now. To wrap things up I would just tell myself to do what you want and make your decisions with you in mind and no one else.


First off, I would tell myself that I am definately going to college because that is the only way to have a meaningful career. I would do extensive research into colleges to find the best one to match my career goals. The next step would be to apply for all available grants & scholarships so as not to take out student loans & be in debt right out of college. I would also do research on the demand for the field that I am entering.


If I could go back to my high school senior self, I would tell myself to not get hesitant about going away to college. Moving to college is a big step in anyone's life, but it well worth it in the long wrong. College gives anyone the chance to meet new people, fullfill their future education goals, and have the oppotunity to experience life on their own. Leaving home will be a challenge, but once someone leaves, like I did, they will never look back. College is truely the best way to find out who someone is as a person. Someone is able to see what life is like without parents and how to deal with things with no help. I would tell myself to take each day at a time and never forget why I am here in the first place; to persue my lifelong dreams.


Thinking about leaving home is both scary and strangely exciting. You have dreamt of this moment for your entire life and finally it is here! When you leave home for college you will be able to make decisions for yourself that will change your future and help mold you into the adult you will become. While this transition is frightening and thrilling it is also something that is not afforded to everyone. You are an extremely lucky person to have this opportunity.. Loving education and loving life are two things that you have always been enthusiastic about. While your Multiple Sclerosis may slow your body down but it can not destroy your dreams. You are a compassionate woman who has so much to offer to the world and I am ready to watch you roar!


Seeing myself now and thinking about myself in high school I can see so many changes for the better. If I could talk to myself as a senior in high school I would tell myself not to worry as much. I would say to myself that I need to care less about what other people think and just do what I want and what makes me happy. I would also tell myself to continue to work hard because what you are learning really will come in handy and its not just for nothing. Another thing I would say to myself is not to take your family for granted. Being in college and being away from them is difficult and becomes something that you really miss. So enjoy your time at home with them and don't go out with your friends as much, because you never know what may happen in the future and when nothing is certain anything can happen, so spend as much time with your family as you can.


College is a whole new world. You need to do a lot of research and learn how to access your courses, register, meet deadlines, and sign up for classes. It's not easy so don't wait until the last minute! Same goes for when you start classes. Online classes are an option, but that doesn't mean you go online and check your email. Get your work done! Also, teachers really appreciate when you make an effort to communicate with them, so if you need to, don't be shy. This will be a period in your life when communication is vital to your success. Stop being so timid and don't worry about what others think. This is your time to shine. Get out there and give it your all!


Take as much variety of classes as you can and don't go to a large university.


Do not worry about getting into college and doing well in it. It is way easier than highschool because you get so much free time that you did not know you could even have. Do not procrastinate on your papers because you will be able to write them with a lot less stress. You can also take as many breaks as you want if you start early. Pay attention in class and take good notes and study atleast a bit for your tests. If you do all of these things you wil be very successful in college and you will be able to get the job that you want after you graduate.


Sit down andcreate a 3 and 5 year plan. Do the research, meaning, what resourses are avaialable? what are the costs ? Is your goal something you enjoy and can visualize yourself doing as a carreer ? Budjet and ballance your time and money. Get involved outside the classroom. Try to make asmany contacts in your feild and work your people skills...network. Decice what sacrifices will have to be made to succeed. You cant do it all. Pace yourself or you will burn out. Besides that, just demand from yourself a posotive attitude and outlook. Take it from the source if you heard my story you would believe anyone can achive their goals with determination and motivation.


Take the time to stop and smell the flowers. College should be a time for growth and finding yourself, don't forget to do that. It is okay that you don't know what you want to do or maybe even who your really are. College is about exploring. Take classes that sound interesting or that maybe you other wise wouldnt and use those experiences to create your own path. Eventually you with find a subject that you love, everything will click and you'll know that you have made the right choice but don't rush that process. Half of the fun is growing, learning, expanding your horizons and stepping out of your box. Don't be afraid to push yourself or try something new. Sometimes I look at college like eating food, how do you know you don't like it if ou don't try it? Maybe you'll take one bite and suddenly have a new favorite food. Don't be afraid to try new things.


Hey, I know what I want to convince you to believe would sound distant to you. But please take the advice and integrate yourself. First of all, what have you done in your "last high school summer"? All you do is play video games, hang out with friends, and go clubbing. All you are doing is spending parents' money. You are attending college in less than 2 months. Life is short. Time is precious. You have to integrate yourself; get yourself prepared. College life is often believed, "the best time in someone's youth". I tell you. It is truer than you can imagine. At college, nobody cares if you study or not, especially when you're going to the US, thousands of miles away from home. Parents are far away and teachers, unlike those in high school, don't care if you study any more. Also, overcoming peer pressure is important. There are more "opportunities" in college, but you have to know what's right and what's wrong to do. Therefore, what's really important is "self-discipline". You are here to pursue education and to experience a broader view of life. Don't worry. Enjoy!


If I could go back and talk to myself as a senior in high school I would definitley volunteer at my local hospital sooner. It would help me get an edge on the compitition and it will look good on applications. The last bit of advice I would give myself is to take more units my first year of college. I thought going into college would be a lot harder, but If you just keep up on your homework it's quite easy.


Armed with the knowledge that I have gained from my first year and a half at college, I think about how I would be able to help my high school senior self by going back and having a conversation with who I was then. I am sure that the best advice I could give my high school self would be to never give up, because with a desire to work hard and get through the challenges, there is always tomorrow.My first quarter at college was incredibly stressful. I had no idea that college-level coursework would be so intense. There were times when I seriously considered dropping out because of how frustrating the work load was. However, by the end of the year I managed to excel in my work, and even made the honor roll. All this happened after I decided to stay in school and keep on working. As a result, at the end of the year I felt really good about how much I accomplished. Therefore, the best advice I could give to my past self would be to never give up, because as long as you persevere, you can always overcome your setbacks.


The advice I would give myself as a high school senior would be to go to a University and not settle for the Junior college in my home town. I did not know what I wanted to do and I was scared to leave my family but moving and living on my own has been easy and I would have been ready for it when I graduated even though at the time I did not feel like I was ready. I also would tell myself not to stress out over what I should be when I grow up and stick with the prerequisits instead of taking classes that would not help me in the long run. I wasted a lot of time on classes I did not need and I was frustrated when I was not getting through with my trasferable AA in the two years that I was planning on finishing it.


I would tell myself to relax and get the most out of my senior year. The transition was not as scary as I thought it would be and most of my worries were pointless. I would remind myself to enjoy the people around me, since most of them would move away. I would also advise myself to be more open and friendly as a college freshmen and to take full advantage of all the opportunities available for meeting people. Homesickness goes away much quicker when you have friends to distract you. Finally I would tell myself to take a course in my prospective major first quarter so I could realize that I definitely was not interested in that path and save myself some time and money when it came to deciding what I would get a degree in.


If I were to give advice to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to schedule "me time" and allow myself to unwind. Prioritze the important items on my to-do list and try not to stress. I would tell myself to get involved on campus and meet as many people as possible, but do not spread myself too thin. If I do spread myself too thin, I will be more likely to stress tremendous amounts over insignificant things, instead of putting that energy towards more important activities. I would also tell myself that, although grades are important, it is okay to receive B's in college classes. The only one putting pressure on me to succeed is me; lighten up a bit and enjoy college because this is a once in a lifetime experience. I think it would also be important to disclose which classes and professors to take and which to steer clear of. Knowing prerequisite classes for future classes in my majors and when to take these classes can be crucial for scheduling and determining my graduation plan. I would give all of these items of advice to myself to better my college experience.


If I could go back and have a conversation with myself I would mention the cold weather. I would also tell myself to not be so shy. There are so many resources opened up went at CWU. You can create connections for in the future, be involved in community and volunteer activities, and make strong relationships. I would have told myself that I should not be afraid of change, because it can bring great benefits. You learn independence, knowledge, leadership skills, and gain confidence.


I would want my former self to realize that finishing everything in a hurry does not make college any easier. I would want to let myself know to have fun with the awesome people I would meet and find and to just go with the flow of college. Finishing a degree in three years is impressive, but it makes for an exhausted student who didn't have a lot of time to just be a growing adult.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself I would tell myself to get all the information I could about college and the classes. I would tell myself to become educated about every aspect of college life, including the classes, financial aid, scholarships, activites and housing. I would tell myself to meet and get to know my instructors and meet as many students on campus as I could. I would tell myself to be involved in as many activites as I could and to take all my classes seriously and to make the best grades as I possibly could.


Some advice I would give myself knowing what I know now about college would be to not tell your family you can't wait to leave home, beacuse when you get here for the whole first quarter you will cry. A lot. Another piece of advice I would give would be to be prepared to work 10 times harder then you did in high school. College is really not the same. at all. You have to learn to be independent on only yourself and not others. My last words of advice would be to come into college with an open mind. You will meet alot of different people, from so many different background. It's a big world out there. Learn to accept change.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to really think about my career goals before jumping into a major and to take a step back to consider what career would be most fulfilling. I would tell myself not to just slum through the General Education requirements and to do my academic best in every class as each credit makes a difference in the long run. I would tell myself to apply to every scholarship I could, and to get involved and seek out every possible opportunity. I would tell myself to not make friends with everyone, but to make friends with a few and make those friendships last. I would tell myself to take every chance to engage with a new idea, a new way of thinking, a new perspective, or a new culture and embrace it, and try to understand it.


Work hard to get into the tougher classes, it will make a world of difference in your future. Have short and long term goals that will hellp push you along the way. Stay motivated and be persistent. Surround yourself with positive people who have similar goals that will guide you. Choose a major that interests and excites you. When classes get hard, and they will, knowing that you are studying to do something you love will aid in those difficult times.


Dear high school Spencer, I know college seems out of reach but anything is achievable if you put your mind to it. Working your hardest and applying yourself will pay off in the future, sooner than you'd except. I know the plan is to go to community college for the first two years and then transfer to a four-year Univeristy after you've achieved your Associates of Science degree. This was the most cost effective plan but plans change and don't worry everything will work out. Although staying at a community college for your second year will save you money, it won't give you the life experiences you could have had if you went to a four-year university. The chance to experience living on your own, making new friends and having new responsibilities is priceless in the end. All I have to say is that its worth the risk to experience college and a life outside of your comfort zone so don't be afraid or intimidated, embrace your new found strength and enjoy every minute of it.


There are not many things I would change about my past, but I do think about how different my life would be if I had only known what I do now. If I were to write a letter to my high school self, I would stress the importance of the decisions I was making and the consequences of those decisions. I would explain that the GPA I made in high school would follow throughout my entire academic career. I would encourage myself to step away from the people I followed and to become a leader. I would tell myself to pursue hard after my academics so they would not be as difficult to learn in college. I would let myself know that the hard times of high school would end soon after graduation. Most importantly, I would stress the importance of seeing the big picture of things and lending a helping hand as much as possible.


I would tell myself to not worry so much what other people thought of me. Once you get into college it really doesn' t matter. Everyone is doing their own thing and is on their own path. It won't matter who you did or didn't date or what sports you did, once you're in college all that matters is who you want to be now. You can choose to be anyone you want and start fresh or keep on just like you did in high school. You are out on your own and really find yourself and how you want your life to be. If I would have known that in high school I would have saved myself a lot of stress and worry.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to save money. Even if I am getting help with grants and scholarships there might come a day when I need to pay out of pocket and if I start saving then I'll have no worries later. Also it might feel like that you can't make friends but really if you take a step back and look you'll see that you have some of the same people in more than one class. Finally that it's ok to change what you want to do in life. Most people change what they want to be more than three times so go ahead and change as many times as you need just know that one day you will have to make up you mind.


Be engaged. Listen, ask, collaborate, study, research, be curious. You are at a brand new place in your life that you've never walked through - don't miss something because you're too shy or feel silly exploring. Aside from being a small child -this is one major time in your life that you can explore freely and gain a fresh start in new surroundings. Be yourself - you are accountable to you alone, so don't be sucked into things and people that are unhealthy for you. Also, know you are not alone. Many, many other people are in your same boat - this time of transition will be hard, and you will get through it. Please travel!! Go away to fully experience new people and new cultures. You will never be more free financially and relationally to go than you may be at this time of your life. Make lasting relationships. Go deep and long with your friends, and welcome others into your circle. Friends are invaluable - you will not be healthy without a rich community of people around you.


Every college student wishes they could go back in time to when they were seniors in high school to tell themselves something about the future. Some may choose to tell themselves how to win big money from lotteries or games. Others may choose to tell themselves to enjoy time with friends and families due to an unexpected death. For me, I would tell myself to really think about a career i would enjoy and focus on pursuing it. From what I remember in high school, I was living in the moment with friends and having the time of my life. I would not change that for anything. However I would change my education choices such as taking courses that would help me pursue in my degree instead of taking the easy way out by taking classes that were easy A's. I would also tell myself to really look for a job while attending school and apply for as many scholarships that I can so that I would be financially prepaired and not have to worry about loans that I currently owe.


I would tell myself to enjoy my senior year of highschool and spend as much time with my family and friends as possible. During my senior year all I could think about was going to college and getting out of my parents house. In college you miss the things you have at home, you miss your family and friends. The hardest thing is staying in touch with your friends from back home. I would advise myself to be more thankfull for the support my parents gave me, whether food, gas money or even just moral support. When you have to eat food from the same place three times a day everyday you'll want nothing more then your moms homeade macaroni and cheese. But the most important thing I wish I could have done in high school would have been developing good study habbits and taking advantage of the library. Those are the two most important things you will utilize in college and its alot easier to come into college having found a specific study habbit that works for you. Overall I would tell myself to enjoy my senior year and to take advantage of the time with my family.


The advice I would give to myself is to study hard and put the time and effort into your studies. The grades you make will affect your college and life career dramatically. The college years may be hard and strenuous, but they only last for so long, so take the time to dedicate yourself to your studies and it will pay off in the future!


"Don't worry, be happy" to copy Bobby McFerrin song, that’s what I would say to my 17 year old self. A simple sentence yes, but very wise in the spectrum of things. The stress I bring upon myself amuses me in ways, because the fear that sprouts from my worrying is irrational. Back then why did the prospect of college seem so terrifying? I grew because of it. Clubs, classes, volunteering, living on my own, you could say I was at a full run when I hit college. Never having been on my own I still managed to amaze myself with my responsibility and my “go get ‘em” attitude. Somehow and for the first time I had my life in my own two hands. And hey, I was doing a good job with it. Worrying is such a useless action, in the end all that matters is how you handle what worries you. Take it from Bobby McFerrin, "In your life expect some trouble, but when you worry you make it double . Don't worry, be happy"