Central Washington University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Besides my education, the most I have gotten out of college is the social aspect. I have learned how to live with a roommate, live by myself, and get involved in activites that I normally wouldn't be involved with. I have always had to juggle school, work, and sports but I am learning how to do that on a different level here at college. Working is crutial to me since I do not receive financial aid, and it feels good to know I can support myself all on my own. College has and continues to teach me more about myself everyday. I love being able to try new things and meet new people every single day. It makes me appreciate all that school and life has to offer. Besides the social aspect, I have found a major that fits me perfectly, and that major is clinical physiology. I love going to class and learning all that I can. I am a person who likes to be challenges and college has challenged me more than I ever thought it good. It challenges me socially and academically and coninutes to make me a better person.


Central Washington University has been a place for amazing personal growth. As an art major while attending Central, I was able to work closely with personable staff and professors to create a professional portfolio of art work. My professors were knowledgeable, supportive, and available for discussions and questions. I found my classes to be intriguing and engaging, looking forward to the next lessons. In the art department I was assigned several group projects, solo projects, and presentation-based projects, making for a well-rounded experience. As an undergradute student, I grew immensely as an artist, and that is why I am now applying to continue with a post-bach degree at CWU. My experience at CWU has been amazing and I know I learned things here that I would not have learned elsewhere, which leaves me feeling satisfied with a unique learning experience. I hope to continue learning and succeeding at this institution with my Master's Degree in Art.


I feel that my entire life, I have been fighting to prove myself. Prove to my friends that I care more about them than myself. Prove to my parents I am worth investing money in for a good college education, show them I am just as smart as my older sister. To boss at work that I am worth the extra hours; show her how passionate I am about my work. This constant feeling tore me inside. Everyday I felt that I was living my life to make other people happy. Senior year of high school rolled in, and I couldn’t be more afraid to graduate. College? I constantly feared, ‘It’s so difficult to make people happy there!’ However, once I got here, I realized that college taught me that I have to prove nothing to no one, except for myself. Making an education at CWU has been the first REAL thing I did to make myself happy. It has secretly been the most selfish thing I will ever do for myself. Nothing is more valuable to me than to say, ‘here I will mold the platform to my future, and make things happen.’


My college experience thus far has been a tremendous multitude of self discoveries and intriguing social lessons. I have always believed that the most important attribute a person can cultivate is the manner in which one interacts with his/her peers. That is the biggest and most applicable lesson possible to learn and develop through a lifetime, and college is a leap in the direction of discoveries that will help to understand a place in life and where to fit in. I have learned how my actions can affect others in positive and negative situations and because of that lesson can influence my peers to strive for excellence and succeed in their endeavors. Another valuable skill I have obtained through my college experience is a better understanding of when to talk and when not to talk. This skill may not seem very important; however, this skill is necessary in order to collaborate with coworkers and those in a leadership position ahead of myself. My experiences in college has been one of the most valuable experiences of my life, and because of the lessons I have learned socially, I will never regret my decision to attend a four year university.


After a year and a half of college, I have learned as much in the classroom as I have out of it. Coming from a small town with dreams of entering the fashion industry I have had so many great opportunities through Central Washington University’s Student Fashion Association. I have been able to do something I’ve always dreamed of, modeling. From promoting breast cancer awareness to raising money for local abuse agencies I have had the joy of learning a skill I’ve always dreamed of. I’ve also been able to travel to places such as Los Angeles, California and Las Vegas, Nevada to meet with industry leaders and learn what it takes to make it in the fashion world. I would have never thought that the little town of Ellensburg would have provided me with so many wonderful fashion experiences but it has been such a treat. I am so excited to continue my education here and learn more about myself, the fashion industry, and this wonderful new community I now call home.


My college experiences have taught me to be a passionate life-long learner, to appreciate other people's points of view by placing things in cultural context, and to know I am a unique individual with positive contributions to make to society.


Pursuing an undergraduate degree has always been a goal of mine. Coming from a low-income household that also included being raised by a single parent has pushed me to exceed in every aspect of life. My mother is an extremely hard worker; she has worked in agriculture all her life. As the years go by and she gets older, her job begins to be more of a challenge. By pursuing higher education I will be able to have the opportunity to have a wonderful life for my mother and me. College has been a great learning experience, I have really grown up! It has taught me many things that I believe are not only essential in college but life as well. I have learned time management as well as how to spend my money wisely. These skills are just some of many that college has given me. I do not regret the choice of attending college not one single bit.


Being currently in the middle of my sophomore year, I am not even halfway through my college experience, but nevertheless I have already learned quite a bit. Before you go off to college, you always hear adults tell you "You meet so many different people in college, some of whom will not be as friendly as you might like." Well obviously, I'd think to myself. But it's something entirely different to experience it for yourself. My freshman year, I met many girls in my dorm who were VERY different from me, and not necessarily the most kind. And once you're in college and becoming more independant, you're forced to make more of your own decisions, such as which people to become friends with. It was definately an eye-opening experience to see firsthand that not everyone in the world is going to be nice to you, as evidenced by some of the girls in my dorm. College has taught me to just surround myself with positive people, and not to worry about the rest.


Growing in a low class family and a family of nine was hard to overcome. I was the youngest of nine. While growing up all of my family memebers had to work on the fields during our summer vacations. During school we had to work the weekends as well. I never had that 'AWESOME" school experince until I graduated and moved to college. Being in college helped me grow up and relalize that being able to attend college is a gift. My parents moved from Mexico to the USA at the age of 17. Seeing them struggle day by day has open my eyes and showed me how hard it is to live in the USA without a diploma. Everyday I attend class I cherish those moments for the rest of my life. Being in college has helped me become a strong independent young lady that some day will overcome her childhood experience.


Education is the key to success. I am grateful for the opportunities that have been opened to me as a result of attending college. One key asset for me in my college experience has been the opportunity to work with fellow students from all over the world. I have gained an interest and appreciation for the many cultures I have had the pleasure of learning about. I have had time to personally reflect on my own values and biases as I have been exposed to different points of view, teaching strategies, lifestyles, religious beliefs, and cultures. Without my exposure to this socio-cultural aspect, my world view would have remained ethnocentric and narrow. Through my studies I discovered that I am a capable learner. I am exceeding my academic goals by achieving outstanding grades and gaining knowledge in previously unexplored subjects. I have learned how to study and work with all types of personalities to accomplish group objectives in a variety of courses. The most valuable experience I have gained from college is my personal sense of accomplishment at achieving success in pursuing something challenging. I will inspire my future students to set lofty goals for their own education.


I have gotten lots of good experiences out of my time at college, so far. I made lots of friends in the dorms freshman year. These friends have been great because we are all here for the same reason, to further our education and get a degree in a field that interests us. I have also learned many things from the general education classes that i have taken. Those classes werent just to fill the seats in the intro level classes, they were to open our minds to all sorts of different topics that are relevent to us. These classes might not have been the hardest but they were very enjoyable. I have also learned how to balance my work load from class and my social time. Its important to handle both of these equally, you cant be having fun all the time and you cant always have your nose in a book. But to sum it all up i have gotten the world out of my college experience, and i am a little bit sad that iit is going to come to an end this next year. At least i will be graduating on time!


I have learned a lot since I went to univeristy four months ago. I started to have a sense of accomplishment that I haven't felt from anything else that I have done. College teaches me many things and I can use the skills learned to volunteer and to help others. Then I learnt and knew that I can take care of myself and be on my own during college, because my family could not help me much since they live afar from me. I have more confident. Student loans were worth it and have since paid them off as planned. I also have friendships and great memories with my new friends. However, the greatest benefit was the completion of a long term plan. It is very valuable to attend collenge because it will give you a good degree, which can help me to get a very good job with good pay. Then i will have some admiration from others, since i have tried my best to get that. Realizing because of college that there are a lot of things I can accomplish if I want to.


Being in college is not just "going to school", but a great opportunity for me to achieve something far more greater than any person in my family. My parent’s emigrated from Haiti to give me and my siblings a better life because in Haiti only the middle class have the finances to attend high school and college is out the question if you are not rich. I have always stridden to do my best in school and make parents feel like "the sacrifices we made for our children were well worth it". I graduated high school with honors and decided that just graduating high was not the end of the road for me. I have gotten so much out of my college experience that words cannot explain. I have learned time management, independence, self-discipline, and the true meaning of applying myself. The most valuable thing about attending college is the fact that I have the opportunity and that so many children, from the third world countries to the United States, can only dream about. God has truly blessed me by allowing my parents to leave the poverty of Haiti and enter this “great land of opportunity”.


The amount of time I have spent in college so far has shown me how important it is to put myself in situations I wouldn't normally put myself in. What I mean by that is, I am the type of person who is shy and I do not put much effort into making new friends. So instead of just sitting quietly to myself during classes, I daringly started up conversations with my classmates next to me, as awkward as they were, and finaly made a few friends. These friends I know I will have throughout my entire college experience and am grateful for that! Attending Central Washington University will be extremely valuable to me because by the time I leave; I will know how to run a successful business of my own. I like to think of school as an investment; I am going to receive more valuable information here at Central Washington University than I would if I were to work my way up from the bottom at any sort of business.


Going to school I am gaining helpful skills, I learned how living somewhere new is not so bad, and I am also making my dreams of becoming a D.E.A officer more reachable. I struggled my first week of college writing. I had to studying very hard. So I began asking my professor after class about what I could do to better my English skills. After conversations and support from her, I began to really understand the skills being taught. Now I have new writing skills I can always use. I also remember when I first moved to Ellensburg. Being the only child in my family, I was nervous to move out. I never lived anywhere without my parents, but with this great college experience, I learned how it’s not so bad living somewhere new! Now I can’t wait to have my own home somewhere. My dream career is to become part of the D.E.A. Before coming to school the career seemed so far away, but now learning new materials that give me the skills necessary and a chance to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Law and Justice my goal seems much closer.


I learned at a young age that people can take away anything, including one's life, but they will never be able to deprive you of your knowledge. Although I acknowledge that my grades have not always reflected my feelings towards education and learning, I do have a growing addiction for learning new things and being able to apply those learned tools to every day situations. The value of attending college is no different than attending grade school; every opportunity you have to attend an instutition that teaches you lessons that reach further than the surface of simple biology or mathematics is something you should value highly. The problem many endure when wanting to surpass High School is the need for an abundant income that can be used to pay for needed classes in one's desired degree plan. No money value can be placed on the desire to learn. To avoid this misconception, we must reach out and attempt to grab every opportunity we are given. Only then will we see that college is more than taking classes to reach a higher salary. It's an experience of self discovery.


So far, my college experience has been an exciting growth progress. I have changed so much over the past year here and I love the person I am changing into. Attending Central as a student, has made me evolve into a woman who knows what she wants and strives to get where she needs to be. I enjoy attending classes and I love leaving a class feeling like I have learned something new. To be a great person in the future, I believe it is important to learn as much as you can and absorb so many different types of knowledge like a sponge because knowing a variety of things helps you make great choices in whatever career you decide to have. I feel like I arrived here a girl with a goal of doing something new, and am finishing my college experience a girl who knows exactly what she wants, with new friends that will last forever, and the confidence to push myself and know I will make it out the other side like a champion.


Besides the education I've gotten in my field, which has been completely unparalleled (I'm in primate behavior with a double major in psychology, and the on campus Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute provides experience with signing chimps from day one), I've been learning about other disciplines. I've also regained organizational and study skills I thougth I'd lost. I took a break after high school to try my hand at acting before deciding to attend college. I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to learn anymore, as ridiculous as that may sound. But I've really discovered that I can give myself more credit than that, and take challenging courses like neuroanatomy and enjoy them. I'm glad I didn't go right after high school. I think as a slightly more mature and experienced adult, I really, truly appreciate the opportunity to learn.


College has encouraged me to challenge myself in ways I never would have before. Being here has made me more willing to take responsibility for myself, taught me effective time and money management, and has made me aware of what I want out of life. I will ready to enter the professional world and meet the challenges of working with dysfunctional families. Because I have attended college, I know the importance of networking, the value of being honest and dependable, and the responsibility of looking after myself. I am better equipped to plan my future around the skills I have developed since entering college. Beyond that, I can now see a sure future for myself, where before there was only a possibility. I know that I will be a contributing member of society within the next few years because I know I have the skills to do it.


I have found out that out of my college experience, not only that I have succeeded as an incoming freshman, I have also made very important connections for my future. It is very valuable to me to obtain good grades, and I can stress that you can never do bad with great Central Professors. I have had the most amazing experience of my life attending this campus. Staff is great, and help centers are always available for your support as a student. I have traveled around the world and never had I met great people, like who I have met here. I consider it so valuable that I have had the opportunity to meet me people that feel like I have known them since my childhood. It feels like they are my family, they are so welcoming. Central is the place where everyone will make a family out of their friends and develop true values of life like I have done.


My college experience has helped shaped me into the person I am today. When you live at home you have to follow mom and dad's rules. When you go to college you have to make decisions for yourself and live with the consequences of your decisions. There are many decisions one has to make in college from picking your major, to go to class or not, and even whether or not one should attend the occassional party. College is where I learned the importance of making good decisions because no one else has to answer for my actions. This is why college has been so valuable because it is where I started to well in school for me and not for someone else. Academically I learned alot, but the college experience really helped me grow into a person that I am proud of today.


Within my college experience I have became more self-disciplined and self-motivated. Since I am taking all online courses, these qualities are very essential. I do not have anyone telling me when to work on an assignment, and I have to be organized so I can keep track of my due dates. I have also learned more about myself by relating my life to my course content. Community college prepared me and helped me understand what the college experience is like. However, going to a university has been the most effective education for me. Within the first two quarters of working on my Bachelor's Degree in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, I have felt like my courses have taught me to expand my views and become more sensitive to other people's outlooks. This is a valuable skill to obtain because within social science careers, it is important to be able to understand other people. My college experience does not stay with me in just school; instead I expand my knowledge by practicing it wherever I go. Without a college education, this skill would still be hidden within me.


I am a black woman displaced from the workplace and returning to college was very intimidating. I entered the InterDisciplinary Studies program at CWU and found my comfort zone. I have taken classes that I have an interest in the field and in doing so have found that I had more interest and knowledge in certain subjects that I didn't know I had. This experience has allowed me to grow not only academically, but intellectually and emotionally. I have discovered new talents I didn't know I had such as writing skills. Attending CWU has also shown my children the value of education and that it is never to late to attain goals you set in life. I am a role model to not only my family but also friends displaced from school to work or that had never finished their degrees because life happened. I am showing my children and myself that you can do anything if you put your mind to it even if you have obstacles in your life, you can overcome them and be successful in college, life and work. It's never too late to achieve you goals, one just needs to start.


Attending college has brought forth many wonderful experiences to my life. I have been able to make very good friends that I would not have had the chance to meet if I decided not to attend. I have been able to live the life of a college student, by learning to balance education, work, and entertainment in order to do well academically and socially. I have also improved on self-responsibility, knowing that I am in control of I want to attend class or not. I value what the experiences and life lessons that I have obtained by going to college. It’s not about who has more friends or who has the best time, I learned that life is about whoever wants it more and is ambitious will usually reach their goals. College has opened my eyes to real world challenges and obstacles that will obstruct the path to success, but with hard work and determination, nothing is impossible. These are lessons that I will cherish and look back on for the rest of my life.


The most important thing I have gotten out of my college experience is hope for a better future. I know that by having a college degree; I can expect to make enough money to support a family, be able to retire at a decent age, and have a job I am passionate about. I also know that by having a college degree I have an opportunity and a duty to change the world. I am in the field of elementary education; therefore I know that I will be changing students' lives. In turn, I recognize that they are the future of this country and we must educate them in a way that will make a difference. My generation and the one to follow really are the future of America. And since our country is not in the best shape right now, I feel like it is my duty to do something about that. By becoming a teacher I feel like I am a piece of the puzzle to a more promising tomorrow. So, to conclude I would have to say the best thing I have gotten out of my college experience is stability and a hope for a better tomorrow.


Although I have only been at Central Washington University for just over a quarter now, it is safe to say that it has made a huge impact on my life. At the beginning of fall quarter, I was really struggling with being away from home and away from my family and friends. At that point, I was not sure what I wanted anymore and especially if I would want to continue at CWU Winter quarter. To keep myself busy, I started getting more involved with volunteering and meeting people in my dorm and it really changed my whole experience. I am now best friends with my roommate, joined the Lacrosse team (which we will be traveling for games starting March 5), constantly looking for more clubs to join, and keeping on top of my school work and feeling confident about it! I have learned so much in the past five months, not only from my professors, but from the people around me. I respect everyone that is here because it takes a lot of hard work and time to be where we are now and we have a full journey ahead of us.


While I have learned many things during my time at Central Washington University, the greatest thing I am taking away is a sense of responsibility and pride in my work. Growing up, I was never challegend to the degree I have been challenged at college. Through this challenge, I have gained confidence in my abilities and really take responsibility for the work that I complete. I have learned that hard work, no matter what the outcome, is something you can always be proud of. These lessons are something I will cherish and use for the rest of my life. Without the challenge that college has presented to me, I doubt I would have learned these lessons. Because of this, I cannot place a value on my education.


Some see college as the so-called liberation of the human mind, while others see it as mere preperation for a career. I personally see college as preperation for living, a kind of security net in starting out in the world. For me college has been the first time that I have been living relativly independently, and yet I feel free to experiment with different ways in livivng my life. I have interacted with people in different ways than I normaly would, in order to attempt to determine the best method of interaction. Does college offer an oppertunity for the expanding of intellectual horizions, while at the same time offering preperation for a career? Absolutely, but that is only the beginning of the true value of college. The most valuable element of college lies in the education and experience of human interaction. I believe Star Trek said it right "Genius doesn't work on an assembly line basis. You can't simply say, "Today I will be brilliant." All we are is the sum of our experiences, and college offers a forum in which we can try new things in a relativly safe enviornment.


When I started at Central Washington University, I knew only my roommate. My college experience has not only allowed me to make new friends that I will keep for a lifetime, but also gave me real life experiences. I am able to make my own decisions all the time and that means that I also have the consequences for those choices. Every day I am able to make small decisions, should I go to classes, should I eat food, and whatever else it arises. This decision making is a part of growing up which I have done a lot of since I have attend CWU. Also, taking classes at Central has made me sure that I truly do want to teach Elementary students. In my classes I learn the best ways to teach future generations. I am able to see every day how the information I am learning will be useful in the future. Central has been valuable to attend because it is helping me achieve my goals which I believe is the most important thing.


Well right now i am only a freshman at Central Washington Univerity but so far i have made so many different kinds of friends from all over the place. My college experience has been great. I think that making freshman live in the dorms their first year is probably one of the greatest ideas. All of us freshman are going through the same idea with not being at home and around our families. So we all help eachother through a hard times. Central Washington University has been valuable to attend because it has the major i would like to go into which would be Exercise Science. Also another reason why CWU is valuable to attend would be all the outdoor activities that we get to attend too.


I have learned a lot while starting my college experience. I have had the opportunity to meet many new people from a broad range of backgrounds and places, which is one of the greatest things because they will be friends I will have for a long time to come. I have loved the new experience of being an adult living on my own and having the great responsibility and excitement of college classes. The classes are very interesting and with great professors that you can tell love their field and are excellent at what they do. It has been very valuable to me because I was able to leave my home town and experience a different place while getting the opportunity of a great education, a lot to learn and new life experiences along with it. It is also a very valuable to me because I am able to start and plan for a career and my future to come.


I was an eighth grade drop out. Going back to school has given me a different perspective on how I view the world and the cultures in it. I am not just getting knowledge in my field, but I am learning how to live in a different class of people. I feel my experience is something I had to do as a first generational student. I think my expereince in going to school will be passed on to my kids and I will begin a new generation of an educated heritage. Now, with my new knowledge, I hope to share it with others who feel they can't go on in school, as an ESL teacher, I will be able to make a difference in this way.


As a new comer to the United States educational system, the me who first came to the United States at age 15 has become mature, confident, and much more courageous. I recall starting high school in the United States with pure fear of failure as well as a lack of confidence to openly socialize. With a lack of language skills in the beginning, I am now a social butterfly. I have also shown adequate skills to communicate with students at the school library counter, where I work. Having no previous involvement in extracurriculum activities in high school, I am now the vice-president of UNICEF club, and the Secretary and Treasurer of a community service club named Oakton Helping Others. My volunteering and community service experiences that I've gotten while in school personally carry tremendous value in discovering my passion of helping other people, and finding a new hobby. I've proven my capability in the academic world as well by overcoming every challenges in my way of pursuing my dream career. Oakton Community College has equipped me with all the tools I need to move forward to the future. The decision of attending Oakton never becomes a regret.


I have gained unique life experiences that would not have been available had I not attended college. Central offers a very unique opportunity to work with chimpanzees and learn about primates in general. From this opportunity I have gained experience in husbandry and care for animals and furthered my personal philosophy of humane care, not available at most universities. It has also opened my eyes to the conservation issues around the world, which i witnessed first hand in China when I attended a feild school. It has been more than valuable in backing my career interests in conservation and sanctuary work. I feel a college degree in general is extremly important because it gives an individual not only the enducation to succeed in an indevor of choice in life, but also the social skills gained working with others on assingments, and dicipline to succeed in an ever-growing competitive world.


I've always been a very shy person and making friends has always been kind of difficult for me. Everyone at Central Washington University is very nice and friendly. I didn't participate in school activities my freshman year and I regret it. But for the last two years I've participated in the Residence Hall Leadership Council , and the Residence Hall Assiciation. I'm still close to all of my friends from freshman year and I'm now a junior. I have a very good group of friends for the past two years. My friends have made me more outgoing and less shy. I still get shy and unsure of myself in some public activities. But my friends know how to get me out of my comfort zone and to get me pushing my person limits. I would reccomend to any incoming freshman to get out of your comfort zone, make new friends, by acitve in on school activities, don't do things that all of your other friends are doing just because you want to seem cool, stick to your morals, people will respect you more for sticking to them, and most of all enjoy the experience.


College is the best decision I have ever made. I know that getting a college education is important and valuable in society. In order to fulfill my goals and dreams college is a must. I love the experience I have gotten out of going to college between the new challenges in the classroom and in my social life, but also the growth I have experienced as a person. I am clinically diagnosed with depression and anxiety and college has helped me develop new social skills to push myself with and a new atmosphere of caring people who support me. College has been valuable for more reasons than just gaining an education. That is what I love most about college is that it is not like high school. I did not gain the same types of relationships in high school as I have in college and the social atmosphere was so hard on me in high school that I had a hard time learning anything. Here the faculty and my peers push me to be the best that I can be. That is what college can do for a person.


Going to college, and living away from home for the first time, has made me become more self sufficient and confident in what I can do to take care of myself. I was nervous about leaving home, and moving so far away, but I like the feeling of independance that brings. I had never shared a room before coming to college, so learning to live with a roomate is a new experience, too. By living on campus, I've made alot of new friends and take part in several activities that I would otherwise not have had the opportunity to experience. I love my school and I am so grateful that my parents encouraged me to go to college, even though I know it's expensive and difficult for them to afford.


Well I have only been in college for not even two full quarters but so far I have an amazing time. I never thought about college much but I am glad I am at Central right now. I want to get my degree and go out in the world with a great career. I think having the "college experience" is such an important thing to have. neither of my parents went to college, but I decided I did. Choosing Central was easy and it has been very valuable to me. I am there to learn and make new friends. I don't want to waste it like some people do. My parents are helping me so much with the money and I want to prove to them that I am worth that. I am excited for more years at Central. I know it will be an experience of a lifetime.


I first attended college while I was in high school and experienced the joy of running start. The reason why would be that I’ve been noticing just how disrespectful students can be, and in which case, caused me to not get the full potential that I knew that I could be getting out of high school. I will admit that when I first entered the college I was nervous and even wanted to quit because of the load of work I was receiving, and thanks to high school i wasn't really prepared for the experience of college. But I pressed onward where I learned so much and enjoyed my time, the classes, and just the overall experience that I was getting out of this, genius, of program. By attending college I’ve given myself a better understanding of what college is like, and the attitude that most students will have when they walk into a classroom. I know that I will get the work required finished, and know that the students that are in college are there for the same reason. To be able to succeed in whatever they wish to do.


What I have gotten out of my college experience has been learning about myself and what I am capable of. Having to take classes at odd times either in-class or online has shown me that I am able to adapt to different situations and that I have the strength to get through anything. Having to budget so that I can pay costs that aren't covered by any financial aid I recieve has made me appreciate the responsibility I have to get to where I want to be scholastically. I am truly appreciative of the chance to be at school since it has taken me some time to get here. When people take a break from school, a lot of people don't go back. I'm proud to say that I am back in school more determined than ever. Being more mature enables me to focus on school and make smart decisions that will benefit my future. It has been valuable to attend school because I know that it is going to make a difference in my future and in turn I will be making a difference with the career path I am on.


My college experience has been very enlightening thus far. I didn't expect that going into college with my mind set on being a music teacher that I would find my true calling in mathematics. The general education courses were very interesting and educational and never felt like a waste of time. I am the type of person to learn just for knowledge sake. I am always excited when I learn something new. Ultimately, my goal is to become a Math Teacher; I will start as a high school teacher, but most likely move on to teach at the community college level. By attending college I have jump started my career and with every class I get closer to certification and my dream job. I have made so many friends that I am sure to see in future years since we are heading into the same profession. We are already making connections, which is very important in the teaching profession, everyone should be on the same page or the students are the ones who will suffer. I am so lucky to have the opportunity to pursue my career by furthering my education.


School is really amazing and fun once you have found what you would like to do for the rest of your life. For me, I have chosen to be an elementary school teacher hopefully for the fourth grade. I started college at CWU in Fall 2010 and will graduate in Spring 2012. I have already learned so much just in my first quarter at CWU. My professors are always willing to answer questions thoroughly and they sincerely want each one of us to become teachers. You can see this in how energetic they are to teach us strategies to help other students succeed. Everyday I learn new ways to cope and aid my future students for success in the classroom and in the world. My professors go into detail about how to deal with all different types of students and how to stay positive and remember that every student is different because of their upbringing and to embrace their lifestyle. The hours that I have spent working toward my degree at CWU have been very valuable to my life because it does not only help shape my life, but my future students as well.


My college experience has given me the independence to explore the world and find other opportunities that I didn't have growing up in a small town. I am a foreign language major who has been enrolled in Spanish classes since I started college 3 years ago. After traveling to Europe when I was 14, I became extremely interested in learning foreign languages. Learning Spanish has given me the knowledge and confidence that I need to communicate with the fprever growing Spanish speaking community. During a study abroad trip to Mendoza, Argentina this summer, I improved and began to perfect my speaking skills. I networked with the Latin American culture while learning more about the history than I ever would have sitting in a classroom here. Study abroad gives you the experience of attending college in a foreign country while earning credits to finish your degree in the United States. Since starting my college experience, I have taken classes in Spanish, French and Russian with the dream of one day becoming a multilingual interpreter. College gives you the experience you need while providing you with more information than you will ever need to succeed in life.


Whether it be community college or a prestigious university, college is a catalyst for ideas, building character and a source for inspiration. My college experience has opened up my mind even more, with the exposure to a variety of educational disciplines, more life lessons, and through meeting people from diverse backgrounds. Through classes, being involved in student culture , and a member of the College of Business, I continue to soak up every last drop of the college experience. I have gained knowledge both in and outside of class. College has been a buffet of 5-star ideas that help to satisfy an endless appetite of curiosity. I believe I have managed to mature more and more each day in some way. I continue to further develop a lens to help me see more of the big picture of my life and the world.You can't put a price on what I will take from the 4 years I spend in the city of Ellensburg. But one thing I am confident of, is that college is the ultimate airport before we jet into the skies of our adult life. And soon enough I will be ready to pilot the plane.


My college experience so far has been great. I have been given many opportunities, not only scolastic, but social. There are so many options available out there for students and so many resources out there to help them succeed. To be honest there isnt anything but great marks for the college I attend. For me it was a perfect choice. It isn't too big and its not too small.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is just that, experience. I have learned life strategies and communication skills. I have gotten the chance to put college on job applications, and have recieved jobs in the past becuase of it. I have a two year old and I am a single mother, so college will be able to help me secure a future for me and my son. I believe that knowledge is something, once obtained, can never be taken away. It is the most valuable thing that a person can have.


College has helped me to build good communication skills with friends and teachers, and has given me a sense of purpose. For a while, I felt like I was being forced to go to school, but now that I have a good understanding of what I want to major in, and what I need to do to meet those goals, I feel a new sense of excitement about going to school, and attending classes that are pertinent to my intended major.


I have learned valuable lessons from my college experience. One could say that I made a mistake with my first college opportunity. Even though I successfully completed my courses with good grades and obtained my degree, I realized how much lack of thought I had given to choosing a major. I also realized that college is not just about completing courses and getting letter grades. There are many other things that are equally as important as gaining volunteering or work experience, an expanded circle of friends, and the need to push and challege yourself to grow to your potential. In life, however, there are rarely successes without experiencing at least a few failures, and past failures have indeed motivated me and given me a new ideas of what I should accomplish with my next college opportunity. This will greatly affect the path I will take in regards to a career and life in general.


Out of my time so far at Central washington University, i have learned alot about what i want to do with my life and what kind of person i am. Ive learned alot about what it takes to be sucessfull but what it also takes to be a good citizen. This is a great school and i am begining to realize that i love it here. There is alot more to be learned and i look forward to every day of learning throughout my years here. I plan to graduate with a degree in economics and move on to be a very sucessfull person and with the help of CWU i believe i can achieve this goal.


Since attending Central Washington University, I have grown into an independent and self-motivator that has overcome such obstacles in the last four years. With the effort of a support system that I have here at school from friends and professors, I can continue to successfully grow into what I have intended to become. I truly value my education and the practice of life long skills acquired. Here I have become someone who I have always viewed myself and dreamed of becoming. The professors in my major have made such a powerful impact on my life, and in fact will keep in touch with them after I graduate. Without the intrapersonal and interpersonal growth and development aquired within the last four years, I know that I would have not carried the ability to have overcome such a personal obstacle that would have limited me to reach my ultimate career goals. These four years can be applied to any obstacle I may face once I graduate and pursue a nursing degree.