Central Washington University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


My college experience has been really interesting. I don't live on campus like most students, so i didn't get to meet new people that way. I didn't join any clubs or really get involved. I wanted to pay attention to my school work. I loved the classes i took and the teachers that taught them. They understood not everyone learns the same way and tried to create lectures that covered different ways people learn. I am really happy i choose to go to Central. Its been really valuable. They teachers are always there in one form or another to help you. They want you to learn, so they do anything they can to help you get what they are teaching. I'm only in my second quarter of my freshmen year, but i can already tell the teachers are there for you and will do everything they can to help you succeed.


I have learned the importance of diversity through my time at Bellevue Community College. As the Vice President of Communication for Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, I am part of a six member officer team. I am one of two Americans on this team. The other officers are from Indonesia, the Phillipines, and South Korea. Because of our combined experiences, academic interests, and cultural diversity we have been able to create a well-rounded, organized leadership team. Together, the Phi Theta Kappa officer team at Bellevue College has created volunteer events for Better World Books, Habitat for Humanity, King County Parks, and the Special Olympics. If I did not attend my community college, I would not have recognized the importance of diversity in leadership teams or been able to participate in such wonderful volunteer events.


I have gotten knowledge beyond the books and test in my college experience. I have met and befriended many different/interesting people in my time as a college student. Thanks to college I have a vast stream of knowledge when it comes to other cultures and ethnicitys, I have learned and understood the ways of many cultures such as philipino, black, mexican, Korean, japenese, chinese, samoan, tonga, etc.. This has been more educational to learn from because it is a hands on personal interaction, every time you learn somthing positive from some one else you grown and become a more well rounded person. After college is said and done most people rarely remember the classes and buildings, but they never forget the people they met and the people that helped them grow to become the peole they are today.


I have learned a lot of information from my classes but the most valuable things I have obtained from my community college experience is work ethic. I have realized the importance of working hard although some days it may seem a struggle. The ultimate goal will be worth the struggle that I went through. Sometimes it would be waking up early or the rainy weather. These obstacles prevent me from my goal of getting an associates degree. Sometimes the work might be difficult or a concept might hard to comprehend. I have learned to seek out resources or just ask help from the instructor. It has been valuable to attend college because of the things you learn there. It is not just academics it’s about life. In life we must struggle and sometimes learn from those mistakes. College prepares you for the working world, be it critical thinking or working in groups. Sometimes I take for granted the opportunities in America. Some underdeveloped countries do not have the college luxuries that Americans have. In college we learn how to be law-abiding citizen and this is good because the world needs more good people in the world.


College for me is a privilege. I believe that having this opportunity, as a low-income student, has greatly changed my values. I am very thankful for all I have; therfore, I look forward to school every morning and work very hard to attain good grades and new knowledge. I value my college education because with it I will be able to pursue my dream career and help my family succeed. In college, I have met many wonderful people who will support me in my path of becoming a Registered Dietician. Attending college is a great gift from God; I will be able to help others because of my college education.


College was a big change of culture for me; I found myself tied into many new responsibilities. Meeting people was great, but finding the right people so that I could put myself on a path towards the life I wanted was vital. I discovered that while chick-fil-a is amazing, but it is necessary to mix and match, preferably with a few vegetables every now and then. And while these were important lessons to learn at school, they were of mere consequence in comparison to my biggest discovery. Attendance is neither a requirement nor a suggestion. It is an indirect decision. Signing up for a class is a lot like signing a job contract. A job requires people to show up to work and do the work in order to get paid. College is very similar, you have to show up to the class and take notes so that you can study them later. The information learned each and every day is vital to understanding the entirety of the lesson given throughout the semester. So, 5 months and $15,000 later, the greatest lesson I learned in school is that I have to go to class.


My college experience has taught me more in my first few months of school than I ever thought it would! Not only did I learn a lot of new things in my classes, but outside of the classroom, I learned a lot about meeting new people. I realized that you can't make new friends without making an effort, and that just because you haven't known someone for long, that doesn't mean you can't be your complete self around them- if they want to be your friend they will be your friend for who you really are! Also, I learned a lot about living on my own. I'm an only child, so sharing a room was totally new! Plus, I had to learn more about cooking for myself and for managing my time better. This information will stick with me forever, and the new life skills I've gained were definitley worth it! Going to college has changed my life for the better, and I will never regret it!


Attending Central Washington University has been very rewarding form my academic career thus far in many ways. I am originally from Fairbanks, Alaska which is a small city and I was not exactly sure that I would be able to adjust to being at college very easily. Central has offered me a very effective program for my intended major and minor (Elementary Education) and the resources that are offered by my proffessors are invaluable. The students on campus are friendly and my class size is never too large which allows me to have a more personal relationship with my professors. I really do enjoy being a student here at Central and over all I am satisfied with my decision to attend this school.


Due to my lack of financial ability to attend University I feel that I have gotten more out of the short time I have spent at Central Washington University than others have. The school I attend serves many students who are fortunate enough to have their parents pay tuition out of their personal pockets. These fortunate students do not seem to have the same gratitude or yearning for knowledge as I feel towards my school work. Due to my financial status and that of my parents, I pay for university through FAFSA and out of my personal pocket. Central Washington University has become my home and I have settled in to this town. I work on the university campus and am the the acting vice president of a campus club. Since I pay for school completely on my own, I have embraced and valued this school from the first day. I find an education far more valuable when working for it on my own and am aware of what is at stake if I don't take it seriously.


The most important knowledge I can take with me that I’ve learned while attending college, is not letting money be the issue. In my experience, my family was unable to pay for my college education and unfortunately I wasn’t eligible for grants within financial aid. However, I knew that attending college would only better my future, and I couldn’t give up my dreams just because I couldn’t pay for college. I have experienced family members and friends drop out of college because of financial issues and it breaks my heart. To me, there is no better investment than college, and although it’s not easy to overcome the hardship of being in dept, I have confidence in knowing that my education will help me pull through and lead me to bigger and greater things in life. Attending college puts a greater value on life, especially when students can just put aside their worries for financial need and just visualize the bigger picture. There is no way in knowing how valuable it is to attend college until you can realize all the opportunities it has to offer and disregard all the obstacles; from which anyone can overcome.


So far I am learning a lot. I just started this school a week ago so it has been a good experience so far. I have learned a lot about the things I need to do to get thing done towards my major but also things that will help me in life outside of school. I believe that it has been valuable for me to attend college because it is helping me grow as a person, to figure out what it is I want out of life but also what I need to do to achieve it.


So far my college experience has been very unique. When I first got to school I was taken advantage of while under the influence. It put me through a lot and I am still seeing a counselor to get through my experience. But I am still optimistic about my situation. I feel that this horrible event taught me a lot. Not only have I learned the consequences of drinking I have also matured as a person. It was so valuble to attend college because I am truely growing as a person. I am learning to do things on my own such as: cook, clean, pay for things, and manage my own time. My difficult situation was somewhat of a wake up call for me. I have learned that life isn't just a game that I can't fail in and still get by. I have to work for what I want and avoid the temptations that are always surrounding me. I have learned that it is important to keep a strong work ethic and good friends around me. But the major thing I have learned is that as an individual I need to learn from my mistakes.


I started college at 18, but dropped out after personal disillusionment. Two years later when I reentered the confines of university walls, I still couldn't find my life's purpose. We relocated, had children, I started my work as a freelance writer, a published author AND editor, and then the bottom of our nation's economy fell out, right after I started my own international wedding site. At that point, Plan B had to go into effect. A relative of mine died and that relative's wife sued his estate. The behavior of this relative was absolutely abhorrent and after a while, it struck me that law was something that I was very interested in. I pursued Plan B, am currently enjoying my college experience as a Paralegal major, and became a Phi Theta Kappa inductee/member, as well as an honors student. Out of 51,000 students, I was one of 60+ to be chosen for the Student Leadership Academy program at Collin College. In my second trek, college showed me the avenues and paths to betterment through volunteerism and leadership skills taught to me BY leaders in academia. This time, the wait was worth it.


Out of my first year of college I have learned various perspectives on the world around me. I have seen people from all over the world and enjoyed my time with them. Not only does college give you the chance to have a hands on experience of living on your own, but it also puts you in a stressful environment that one will see in the future outside of college. College also opens your mind to different perspectives, different ideas, and different people. There are few jobs in the "real world" that one can sit in seclusion. Most jobs are looking for bright, outgoing, and hard working people that they can trust to get the job done. College is an opportunity to build these skills that are necessary in the future, and I firmly believe this. If I could attend college for the rest of my life, I would. I love learning and I adore the people around me here. I have built up the necessary skills needed and to me that is very valuable. A college education will push me to make more money, which will lead to me helping others in need.


My college experience at Central Washington University has been one that I will forever cherish and remember. The impact that this school, its students, its faculty, and its facilities have had on me is one that is infinitely profound. I am a Music Education major with a minor in Ethics, and I feel that the education and connections I have receieved here at CWU is one that will do more than prepare me for a job, it will have prepared me for the rest of my life. I have connected with people who will be great in their intended field, and I feel that I have helped them connect with someone who will be great in his intended field. I will be a great teacher because of CWU and all that it has done for me. It has provided me with an active but healthy social life, a fulfilling academic life, and done it all at a relatively inexpensive price. My time spent at CWU has been one that will prepare me for the rest of my life, both in and out of my career field.


I have discovered a field of study that I intend to follow. It has always been a dream of mine to find a job where I can work outside and/or allows me to travel the world, and it seems that getting a degree in Environmental Studies will allow me to do just that. I hope that this degree will open doors for me that were not open before. It has been valuable to attend college because it helped me to find a field of study that I really enjoy and I hope will lead to a career that I enjoy just as much, if not more. I believe that choosing to come to Central Washington University was valuable because I feel like I have found my way.


As of the 2010/2011 school year, I am sophomore standing. I am pursuing a degree in education. Fall quarter, I was accepted into the teaching program, and I have declared that I am double majoring in Elementary Education and Special Education. Central Washington University has given me the opportunity to get the best possible education possible to prepare me for my future career of being a teacher. There are so many different classes available, and after completing my education at Central I know that I will be prepared to go out and be an amazing teacher. Central Washington University also has a club called SWEA (Student Washington Education Association), which is the best in the state. This is my second year in the club, and this year I am Vice President. I have had the opportunity to go to conferences and learn a variety of things that will better prepare me for when I am a teacher. Overall, I feel that Central Washington University has provided me with a wonderful college experience where I have had so many opportunities to better my education and better prepare myself for my future career.


The most important thing that I have gotten out of my college experience is time management. With the combination of working, having social time, doing homework, studying, going to classes, going to the gym, and volunteering in my youth group, I have had to work diligently to manage my time in an effective way so that I can accomplish all of the aforementioned activities, as well as excelling at all of them. When I first started attending school I had no idea how to manage my time in a proper manner. This led to many light nights cramming or trying to complete homework that I hadn’t given myself enough time for, because I had been too busy hanging out with friends or playing sports. Learning to balance my schedule has already paid off great dividends for me, because now I have a good idea how long a homework assignment will take or how much studying that I need to do for a class. This in turn leaves me far less stressed and in a position to succeed in my college courses as well as in the rest of my life.


After Graduating in December 2010 with an AA degree, I'll pursue a BS in Info-tech at UCF. My college experience has been interesting. Regarding writing, my English level has been improved (grade A for most writing classes). Besides, I better understand cultural diversity. Next, my gained knowledge in mathematics for my major is rewarding. Thanks to my new speaking skill, I keep my stage fright under control. In effect, on December 19, 2010, I preached three hundred people the gospel. Before, I feared and always declined offers to preach. After completing my speech class, I have gained confidence and took up the challenge. At the end of my sermon, the audience and my family pinpointed strengths and weaknesses, the former exceeding the latter by far. My college experience has been valuable because, first, it catapults me to a superior intellectual level. Thanks to that breakthrough, I’m pursuing a higher education. Second, my public speaking skill will serve my every-day-life activities and future career. Finally, that experience prepares me to envisage my future with hope. In conclusion, my intellectual and psychological benefits should motivate donors to encourage my endeavor by funding my studies toward a BS.


I have had the time of my life since being here at Central Washington University. I could not imagine attending anywhere else now. This school has led me to meeting some of the best people I've ever met, and some of my best friends. Also, this school does so much to involve the students, they really want you to get the most out of your education. The music program is great, spawning some of the best musicians ever met. I used to be a music major, but changed my mind and became a psychology and sociology major. I've had the time of my life here at Cental and I've had expieriences I will never forget. It has been valuable to attend here for me to get me the skills in order to land the perfect job in the future, either here in Washington or back home in Colorado. I am an out of state student, and I couldn't imagine attending anywhere else. I've had the time of my life.


After compiling a huge mental list of all the knowledge I’ve acquired in my college classes, all the wisdom I’ve gained while trying to work and be a full time student, and all the ideas I’ve been privileged to hear and be a part of, I finally narrowed the last few years down to one word. Photosynthesis. Yes, you read that correctly—the process by which plants use sunlight to convert carbon dioxide and water into food—that’s exactly why my college experience has been so dear to me. Please, let me explain. I see myself as an individual leaf on this tree of humanity that we are all clinging to, supported by the insight and wisdom of those before us. Just as the sun provides a catalyst for photosynthesis to occur, my education is allowing me to flourish and give back to my fellow human beings. When I step up to the podium next year and receive my diploma the sun will still be shining, and this life giving process will continue, because I’m learning how to learn.


By going to college, just in my first semester I feel more excited about life and ready to get deeper into my major in psychology. I look at my course list and know that I'm doing exactly what I'm supposed to do in life, and each day confirms it. I'm more purpose-driven, goal-oriented, and inspired by what I'm learning in college. I hope to continue my education in graduate school so that I may be able to use my knowledge and excitement about my career to its fullest. Even with the odds stacked against me for completing a graduate-level degree without debt, I can continue to work towards my goal with vigor knowing that all my hard work will be worth it in my career.


My college experience has been vast. I've been to 8 institutions of higher education, and will be graduating from CWU Lynnwood at the end of spring quarter. This is a huge accomplishment for me. I will be 47 years old when I walk across that stage on June 10, 2011. My college experience has taught me to stick with something to it's end. Even though it has taken me 25 years to graduate, I am going to graduate. And I plan on attending CWU Kent in the fall of 2011 to pursue my masters in Law and Justice. I have had two children during my college years and they will both be in attendance on that day in June to see me walk across that stage. My college experience has also motivated my children to get their education while they are still young, as my 18 year old is attending Shoreline Community College, and my 14 year old is working diligently on his grades so that he can get into a good college. My college experience has taught me how to be responsible member of society and for that I am grateful .


My college experience has proven to me that anything I dream of becoming is possible. In the past year and a half have learned to manage my time and be more organized. I also feel that it was destiny that I became a student at Community College of Aurora. And that God specifically placed me there. I have grown into a more responsible and committed. The support and dedication of the falculty and staff have guided me along the way. With every semester ending I am growing that much closer to finishing my degree. I never felt that I could accomplish what I have so far. Today I am confident that my time spent at CCA is laying the foundation to many more successes in my future.


My college experience has really taught me what it is truly like to live on your own. I use to be completely dependent on my parents and now I have as much freedom as I want. Having the choice to go to school or not, stay up late or get up on time, has really showed me who I am. I've grown as a person in making more serious decisions since being away at college. Attending a school outside of my hometown has taught me there are more opportunities out there that I would have never even known existed. I value every minute being here, not only for the education but the diversity of people I have been able to meet.


My college experience has been very rewarding both academically and personally. I have grown in my two years of attending college thanks to my peers, my teachers, and the support staff at the school. I learned a number of valuable life lessons from both my peers and teachers. Namely I have learned that academic performance are not as important as the actual learning. I learned that getting a B in a course was not the end of the world, and that by diversifying my activites to include non-academics such as student government, intramural sports, and most recently political involvement outside of school. This helped me realize that the importance of school not only lies in the GPA but also in the expereince itself. I have spend this past school year doing a great number of new and exciting activities that I never would have done if not for the lesson I gained from one of my most memorable teachers. College has been the most valuable experience I have had thus far in my life.


I never truly understood why it was so important to attend college. In high school I didn't fret over college applications or begin to think about what I wanted to major or minor in. I thought anyone could get a job and make a living after high school without a college degree, and so I had no real higher goals for myself. After graduating from a community college, my family members congratulated me for pursuing a higher education and deciding to continue on at Central Washington University, and I realized that I was among the few in my family to pursue a bachelor's degree. I received words of wisdom that this was truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in being able to receive the loving support from my parents to better myself. I finally realized that this is the moment in my life where I am free to explore exactly what I want, which is English, and I have so many people behind me for support. College has given me not only higher academic learning and advanced career opportunities, it has been the stepping stones towards shaping my character. I owe my future to my college experience.


I have gained independence while in college. I have always wanted to feel independent and know I could take care of myself and going to college has done just that. Realizing it's my life I am investing for the future is why I am attending college and why I value it. The future has a lot to offer and I believe with a higher education I will be able to achieve anything. And it all depends on me to make it a reality.


I have received independent living from just one week of my college experience. I have overcome my fear of parting from family and fending for myself for weeks to months. During my time in college, I learned how to manage my grades, finances, and my social status. College has been a valuable change because it has empowered me to become my own.


I have learned a lot from my first quarter at college. Most importantly I have learned a lot about myself. I am still unsure about what I will major in or what career path I will pursue, but I have come to know that I want to do something to help other people. This may be in the form of a medical career, one related to sociology, or possibly non-profit work. But I have heard that in order to successfully help others first you must learn about yourself. I have taken this statement to heart. Because of this I think it is important that in everything you do you learn some lesson about yourself. From attending college I have learned how I adjust to new situations and meeting new people. I have been challenged academically, emotionally, and socially. But I have grown from all of these challenges. I know I will continue to encounter new challenges as I continue my education; the more I am able to learn from these challenges the better. This will all increase my ability to learn about myself, which will ultimately lead to the ability I will have to help others.


From my college experience , I consider that the most valuable achievement in my education is the clear understanding of the purpose of my intending profession. My aim is to become a professional teacher, and I believe that a teacher should be open-minded and caring and should be able to demonstrate equity in the classroom. When saying that a teacher should be open minded, I refer to a teacher who accepts others’ ideas and beliefs. It is important that a teacher considers everyone’s ideas in a classroom in order to create a feeling of belonging in every student. Teachers should be caring with all students so that they feel protected and comfortable in class. Teachers should also practice equity in class. Examples of equity are giving certain students more time to finish specific tasks or providing dictionaries to English language learners. In my opinion, well-rounded teachers have these three characteristics that comprise their educational philosophy. This way, students will feel as if they are part of the learning environment and will safely contribute and learn in class, which will effectively allow the teacher to serve as the guide to a better future life for the students.


My college experience has helped me grow and mature both academically and personally into a person that I am proud to be. Meeting my husband on campus is a main reason why attending CWU has been so valuable for me. He has helped shape the person that I have become. Also, because of his ever present support and encouragement I am determined to pursue my childhood dream of becoming a doctor. Attending CWU has given me the opportunity to take classes that I really enjoy which have helped reinforce my plans of attending medical school. My last four years of college have made me realize that I really enjoy school; I have gained a great appreciation for learning and performing well academically.


My college experience at Central Washington University (CWU), has been not only educationally enlightening, but it has also provided me with a deeper insight into who I am and what I stand for. To clarify, prior to attending college, my understanding of the world as I knew it primarily involved my hometown of Shelton, Washington, a small, historical logging community. Through my varied college experiences, however, I have been activly developing my understanding of how the world works, the variety of people in it, and who I am, as well as who I can become, as an indavidual. Continuing my academic career at CWU has been valuble personally now, and I feel it will be valuble occupationally in the near future.


College has simbly been valuable in that I feel like I have been able to allow my brain to explore new information. It is a boost of self esteem to feel more knowledgable. The more information one knows about a subject, the more their opinion matters. Education is highly important because it allows one to argue fairly, and be more understanding. I was a rather close minded person before college and it wasn't out of ignorance, but simply that I was just not educated enough. Know I understand the how the why and who of many things that I did not know before. I learned that the education gained at my college is not only applied to tests and homework, but life as well. I value it very much.


So far I have gained a lot from my college experience. I have matured and learned to be more patient, more understanding, and to be more independent. I have also learned that sometimes you have to seperate yourself from all the negativity around you, even if it is coming from people that you consider friends or family, in order to do well and get to where you want to be. Sometimes it is okay to be selfish. Central has been valuable for me to attend because it has allowed me to become more independent from my parents. It is far away enough from home to where i have to do everything for myself and not depend on my mom to do it. It has also opened my eyes and helped me to become more open-minded about life. Overall attending Central has helped shaped me into becoming a well rounded and educated individual.


As far as my college experience has gone so far, I've realized a few things: there is so much opportunity to learn, there is much more diversity among my peers, and that this is when the rest of my life will begin to take shape. One of my first concerns attending college is finding a subject I'm passionate about. I would love nothing more than to figure out just what it is that I would love to study out of all the amazing disciplines available at CWU, and then applying what I've learned to make a difference in someone else's life. In addition to the academic opportunities presented to me is the chance to know and learn about diverse people unlike never before. Learning about other cultures, customs, and religions among my peers is fascinating and important to my growth in understanding and freely accepting others who may be different than me. This time of my life in college is when the foundation for my future is being built upon relations and education that will stay with me for the rest of my life, enabling me to pursue a career that changes people's lives.


Deciding to go to college was one of the best decisions of my life, because I have begun to learn to so much, not just in my classes, but in the whole college experience. So far in my college career, I have learned to accept people no matter the differences. Quickly, I also learned responsiblity and how to mange my time. I learned that in order to have a good college experience, I have to put myself out there and not be afraid to try new things. I have learned the responsiblilities of a student such as aking questions, making sure I understand the material, and studying. Being in college, I have also learned the importance of keeping a tight schedule. Making sure I am on time for class and appointments.


Throughout college I have learned that you actually need to try in order to be successful. I have made excellent friends that I will have with me for life. The Central Washington Universtiy campus in Ellensburg is one of the most beautiful I have seen. The people in town are very friendly and are proud of the town. This whole college has given me an opporitunity to reflect on my life and understand how greatful I am that my parents can afford to send me to college. College has made me a stronger person in that I can talk in front of groups of people and I am confident in what i say and know. School has taught me the value of education and how much people are endowed in their fields, I love college and I have never felt so comfortable somewhere. Lastly people always say that they want their careers to be a college student, well I completly agree.


There are many things I've gotten out of my college experience but for the most part it has taught me to become more independent. I started off going to a community college where my parents were still helping me pay for everything because I still lived at home. However, now I am currently at a 4-year university where I am having to pay for my own bills, rent, schooling, food, etc. This has been a huge life changing event and it is amazing belonging to a university where so many advisors and teachers care about you and whether your learning what you should be and whether your taking the classes you should be. It feels nice to know there are other people looking out for you and helping you make it on your own when you are so far away from home. Becoming an independent woman has made me realize how tough life can be and at the same time has made me realize how much it has helped me grow, and I owe this all to college.


From college I've obtained indepence, self discovery and confidence. It's been valuable to me because it makes me realize I can make friends, I can be myself and people like me for me. It helps me figure out who I want to be as a person and know that there's many different kinds of people out there who I can interact with and learn from and grow as an individual. It makes me want to strive harder to do better in school and in life and accomplish what I came to start.


In my college experience, from attending two universities, I have learned about the truths and hardships in this world. A friend of mine in a foreign country once told me that, growing up, he imagined that everyone in the US respected everyone elses opinions and thoughts. During my college experience, I have learned that this is not true. Colleges will pride themselves for being diverse and respectful of everyone, but in truth this is not the case. If you do not share the same opinions that other people have then you will be cast aside. Students will glare at you, say that every word that is coming out of your mouth is hateful and a lie, even professors will not respect your rights. Any information that you try and put out will be quickly torn down and your opinions and thoughts will end up in the nearest trash can. People will through you away. You are the trash. From this I have learned to stand up for my rights and beliefs, in a respectful manner, and encourage any person I come across to do the same. College has taught me to be strong, and have a voice.


Most people think college is just a place to get a degree to help towards a job in your future. In my opinion college is a place to help you find out who you are as a person and create a life of your own. Since I have came to school I have learned that I can live on my own and control my own bugget. Aslo college is about meeting new friends and creating friendships that will last forever. The classes taken in college also open your eyes to many different aspects of life an then to help you choose your major. In my experience I have enjoyed the educational and social parts of being in college. I can not wait to complete these next two years and obtain a degree in Business and minor in Art.


College has been everything to me. I am a single mother of three young children. For the past three years of my life, i have been a stay at home mom. Every day just buzzed right past me, only worrying about my children and all of their needs, rarely taking a moment for my self. In that tmem, I really had lost my whole sense of self. For the past year I have felt a sudden craving for knowledge. I decided to jump on that and went to the local community college to see if it would even be possible to attend at this time. That day I signed up for a program called Moving On. This 12 credit program was based on career and and self-exploration. I recently graduated Moving On not only with straight A's for the first time in my life, but I now know who I am. I am extremely confident in myself and my ability to excell in college. I am more dtermined to graduate to become a Neonatal ICU Nurse than I have ever been. I have learned to set attainable goals and not to let your life make choices for me.


College has been said to be a time of discovery for the young person that chooses to attend, and I cannot refute this statement. In my time attending Central Washington University, I have gained a more holistic perspective of myself and the most importantly the world in which I live in. The value of a college education is priceless because some of the most important lessons while enrolled at an institution of higher education are never once discussed in a lecture in a class. Besides the knowledge that I have gained in my major, I have also learned valuable lessons with regards to people and how the world works. The manifest function of a college education is to achieve a desired degree in the intended major; however, the latent functions should not be ignored either. The primary reason I decided to attend college was to attain a degree, but I have learned that without the experiences in the university the degree would be pointless. The latent function of a college education is the experiences one has that helps them to achieve a more hollistic view on themselves and the world around them. This is the true value of college.


Attending Central Washington University has and is still helping me make the transition from adolescence to adulthood. The staff here is very helpful and makes figuring out finacial aide, buying books, and participating in activities easy and fun because most of the staff is made up of Central students. I am able to take on responsibilities I have never had before and actually do things on my own. This experience is very valuble because for me, my education comes first and I feel that I am learning on a high level here at Central and I really enjoy my classes. Since the classes are smaller the student participation and student professor interaction level is greatly increased compared to other larger universities. But the most valuable experiences I have gained while attending this college are the many memeries I have made with my fellow peers. Central really makes it easy for everyone to get out there and start making freinds. My college experience has been very fulfilling so far and is only going to get better with every freind I make and with every class I take. I feel that Central has greatly helped me grow in many ways.


My college experience has been one of the best experiences for me besides the birth of my daughter. College has opened so many doors for me in my career and personal life. Because of the specific degree I obtained while attending Central Washington University, I was able to work in a variety of fields and further expand my opportunities. I contribute my success directly to my college experience and the completion of my four year degree. Most importantly I am the first child of my parents to finish a four year college degree. I believe I set precedence in my family by taking the initiative to further my education. My only daughter is now ten years old and I am proud to be once again, setting an example for the most important person in my life. I know that she will be watching my steps as I return to Central Washington University and work on pursuing another degree. My hope is to influence family as well as collegues I work with. It makes me feel glad that my employer and co-workers support my decision to return to school. I am know I am setting an example for them too.


As a highschool student, getting "good" grades wasn't really that hard unless a person was involved in AP studies. Furthermore, even in AP classes, it wasn't really that difficult to maintain high grades even without major studying. College is a completely different experience entirely. Just from my first quarter at Central Washington University, I've come to realize that college demands quite a bit out of a student's life - namely exceptional study skills which I'm finding are hard to develop if you've never had any need for them in the past. College also has a way of enforcing the responsibilities of a student by making attendance an important grade aspect, forcing independent studying, and making deadlines crucial to the grade of its students. I've found my experiences in this university incredibly valuable because its made me a more responsible individual and challenged me by making it important to me to build good study skills to grasp what it takes for a grade to go from a B to an A.


The living experience has definitely been the best part of college (so far). The fact that people live with each other usually makes people treat each other with more respect, which is definitely a welcome change from high school.


I came into college a very sheltered young women. I didn't understand the way life truly worked or how to achieve real goals. My college experience has not only taught me how to study and other learning skills, but it has truly taught me life skills. I learned how to take on life responsibility and be reliable in every aspect of my life. Not only did I learn this from classroom life, but also from living off campus and being able to survive on my own. This has been extremely valuable to me because now I have the life skills to be a good career women, wife and mother. If I hadn't gone to college I could have seen my life going to a very different direction and I am thankful everyday that I have been lucky enough to attend.


So far in college I have made so many new and wonderful friends. I've had great teachers and classes. I've learned who I want to be and what I want out of life. I learned how to manage my time better with school work, classes, and my job. At first I was struggling but then I pulled myself out of that. Also, at first I was having problems socializing but then I learned that I need to get out and do activities to make friends. Central Washington University has a lot of wonderful activities like movie nights, games, a gym, etc. The people I have met this year, have changed me for the better.