Central Washington University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


First attending college at the age of fifteen, I had other dreams I wanted to pursue. I did follow those dreams and had a successful career racing bikes. At time of retirement, I then realized my next goal was to return to school and achieve academic excellence in an area I know I could be a strong contributing member in society. Since my return to school one of the most important things I have gotten out of this experience is the realization that it is never to late and one is never to old to learn and to return to school. The ambition I have for learning and for helping others has surfaced exponentially in my pursuit of my dreams. What has been most valuable for me is the discovery of endless possibilities we all truly hold and sometimes need a push to see. With faith and a dream anything is possible.


Out of my college experience i have gotten the chance to live on my own and learn how to make good decisions without having my parents around. I have learned to become more independent and less of a procrastinator. I have also learned the importance of schooling and from going to Central I have become more focused on my studies.


Attending college has been the best and most influential decision of my life. I have already had numerous oppurtunities to develop my academic interests and abilities and to really transform myself as a young scholar and a person. Being in a competitive pre-medical program has given me the drive and competition I need to become a valuable part of society. I have also learned much about myself and how I am able to organize well, be thorough in my actions, and try my best at all that I do. I know that I will have to work hard throughout my entire life and being in college has prepared me for that. I now know that I AM capable of doing and accomplising anything that I set my mind to and I will succeed. Even if I don't the first time, I know to pick myself up and try again.


Attending Central Washington University has been a fantastic experience for me. I have had the unique opportunity to take part in the Experience Leadership Project. This allowed me to meet new people before school even started, and I learned how to become not only an active member of my campus community, but one of its leaders. Also, as part of the Douglas Honors College, I enjoy the benefits of being one of the scholarly elite. My classes are interdisciplinary, which allows me to explore multiple avenues of study in a single course. This is extremely important to me, as I have not yet determined my major. Living on campus is teaching me to be independent and responsible. I am discovering just how challenging it is to be an adult, but I relish the opportunity and am taking full advantage of it. I am learning to listen to myself and do what I want to do. This is helping me learn who I am and what is important to me, which will be critical in choosing my major. College is a completely new and enequaled experience in my life, and I am extraordinarily grateful for this incredible opportunity.


My college experience hasnt been all that people say its suppose to be. My teachers are great and the work load isnt much, but it just hurts that i havent made any friends. I feel like if i went to a university that had dorms, i wouldve made so many friends and had a great college experience. But being in a college im in doesnt allow me to this. Hopefully when i graduate from community college i would be accepted to a great university that would allow me to feel like im really in college.


My college experiance has been great. In the short time that I have been on campus, the greatest skill I have learned is time managment. Coming from High School my time managment skills were less than par. But since being at college I have learned how to manage my time. I have also learned to interact with many diverse people. I believe that college has prepared me for life, and I would suggest to everyone to go to college.



My college experience has given me a small taste of how much independance and self motivation is needed for success. Success can be variable only determined by your goals. Living on my own teaches my that only I can do everything, and if i don't get everything done, then it is my fault. I am accountable for my actions.


I have gained so much out of my college experience so far. But this was all done through attending school everyday. By attending school everyday, you gain the advantage of learning all you can. Whether its learning about your subjects or learning life lessons from your teachers, the most important thing is being there. Because if you dont attend, you wont get anything out of your college experience. Thats why its important to attend Ouit of my college experience, I have learned that school is the most important thing to take part in. College is the way to really get on your own and get your life started. College has really taught me how to be an independant student. Meaning taking care of my work and studies on my own. Thats the most important thing I have learned out of my college experience, is becoming an independant individual.


Foremost college becomes the tool of which high school has fallen facetiously short. It is to me redemption of what intuition I lost in a childhood of indoctrination. Church, when I was born to eighteen, was a spongy pillow into which soaked any questions and logic until flat and empty without will to learn I lay in bed with a paper-god. High school was not different. Having accomplished regrettably little, I graduated a statistic of illiteracy. My father retired from the Air Force when I was eighteen, and an abrupt relocation put three thousand miles between my sleeping intellect and those who lulled it. I was so far out of my comfort zone that I enrolled in college and saw who I wanted to become in the professors under which I blinked my illusions into vapor and pored—pored through more paper-gods than I could have imagined in my bucolic childhood. To sit before a man who has spent his entire life at pursuit of mastery in fields of which I am only scratching the surface and delve his mind, that is the libation of college. And that is for what I now live my life in thanks.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is a sense of indepedance and self. In high school i was comfortable with my group of friends and my parents taking care of me and now I am away from all my friends and parents and really have to do things for myself. It was really scary but I have really grown more in the past two months than my four years of high school combined. I have found out things about msyelf I didnt know such as the fact that I dont mind being alone sometimes and it has really helped me be comfortable in my own skin. I now feel like I can do anything becaus I concured this and have come out a better person so that in itself is more valuable than anythng I have ever learned.


The past three years of my college career has been wonderful. Academically, I have struggled, but have found a good pace for myself. The professors and other staff here are very caring and friendly to me. I recall I was struggling in calculus, and my advisor went out of his way to find the perfect tutor for me. I also didn't have to pay for it, the University had offered free tutoring. There is also a great 1st generation college student program here called "TRIO" I am assigned an advisor that touch bases with me in a more personal way, sort of like a mentor or parent figure. I have met great people here, they have became some of my closest friends. Some of them have the same classes, goals and interests as me, so it helps when it comes to studying. I was able to experience bigger responibilites such as taking care of myself finacially, gaining independence, and overcoming hardships. The greatest opportunity cost that I personally gave up to receive this higher education is a job. I am struggling financially right now, this scholarship would benefit me remarkably. And assisting to pursue my career dreams after graduation.


Returning to college has helped my self-esteem. I never finished my undergraduate degree after high school, and, despite successes working for a federal agency and as a self-employed massage therapist, I know that I will have demonstrated real responsibility and commitment when I earn my degree. Since returning to school, I have earned high grades, and currently hold a 4.0 average. My achievements in school are helping me realize that I can do anything I set my mind to, and are helping me achieve more in my massage practice as well. When I earn my degree, I will be attending a Masters' program in Oriental Medicine. I hope to help people enjoy their lives more, with better health.


So far, my college experience has been great in the fact that I've learned much more about what's going on in the world, I've finally found out what I want to major in, and I've met a lot of friends along the way. Furthermore, I've learned how to manage my time and money better than in high school. In high school I used to have trouble with keeping up with my homework. Now I can bust out a 5 page paper in a matter of hours! College really is a great experience and I encourage all high schoolers to try it out!


I have gained much great experience from attending Central Washington University these last two years and intend to continue learning and growing over these next two years. A strong foundation is very important to me, thus my decision to attend a university and obtain an education. I know that with a degree from a university not only will I have more options available to me after graduation but I will also be much more knowledgable about the feild I go into, making it easier for my to strive to my full potential.


What I have gotten out of college is probably the friendship. Although it is a place to get an eduaction, I have found my real friends here. I came into college with high school friends, but in the end that friendship ended, but after walking around campus and meeting new people, I have found my true friends. I honestly can say that I have met some great/awesome people at CWU and theyll stick with me for a very long time.


So far, I have received many things out of my college experience. I have made new friends, been involved in many new activities, and met new people I otherwise never would have talked to. In my classes, there are people of all ages and life stages, as well as previous education, but ultimately we are all in the same place for the same goal; to better ourselves and reach our higher education.


During my college experience I have learned to be a leader. By becoming Vice President of Business Services in Student Government and a Peer Tutor/Mentor, I have had the opportunity to be an example to others and to help others find their potetntial. Also, I now have strict deadlines with homework and to meet those deadlines I have had to learn to be efficient and focused. College has also taught be the benefits of working hard by presenting more opportunities when I recieve good grades or when I go beyond the expected minimum. I have learned patience by working with both my fellow student, faculty, and teachers, as well. I have also been able to make good relationships that will hopefully stay strong throughout my life and be a support and inspiration as I continue on in my education and following career.


In my college experience I have met a lot of great friends that will be life long friends. I have also taken many class that interst me that I didn't think they would. I joined RHLC and attended RHA meetings to know what was happening not only in the dorms but also on campus. I believe that education does matter and is very important to become successful in life.


In my opinion, the college experience isn't necessarily about memorizing the difference between mitosis and meiosis, or learning expressions in intermediate calculus. College is solely an experience in which the individual attending grows. Generally, college is the time and place where kids become adults. We are granted four years, to determine our life long goals, and where we wish to see ourselves after we cross our tassle and throw our caps. Outside of the classroom, students are given freedom; freedom to make our own choices, to decide right from wrong. From these experiences, individuals grow, often more than inside the classroom. College grants, the opportunity to break away from the realworld, and discover oneself. Without college, I, personally, would have never been granted the time to discover my true feelings of who I am as an individual and what I strive to become.


I've gotten a sense of just how important putting effort into my education is. It's been valuable for me to attend because at first, I didn't see the need for me to attend college. I didn't try in high school, so I didn't get scholarships and had to stay home and go to the community college. Now that I am attending college, I see the importance of an education and the potential I have. I plan on attending a four year university after I graduate from community college.


College has taught me that everyone wants to feel needed and/or accepted. College campuses bring together such a diversity of students from different backgrounds and with different visions for their future. But we're all in this place together, and we all long to feel a connection to someone else, to know that we're not alone. I've met people that I get along with great, and other people that are hard to get along with. People who are socially accepted and people deemed socially awkward. But being in college has taught me to accept people for who they are and not to judge them based on appearances. These people who surround me are just like me, in that they have feelings, they have emotions, they have dreams and aspirations for their lives. Who am I to judge them or condemn them because they don't measure up to my expectations of who I think they should be?


This is my second year here at Central Washington University and so far it has been amazing! My freshmen experience was very good because I got involved in a lot of things here at campus, but also I have been able to grow up and mature as well. Personally it was a big change for me to move into the dorm from my house. I wasn't sure what to think of all of it and that is why I got involved in activities such as playing rugby, doing RHA (Residence Hall Association), and FUEL. Being in these organizations from the beginning was good for me because I got to meet a lot of different people, but it also made me realize how hard it is on your own. Realizing this has opened my eyes and made me see what I’m going to school for and that is to get an education so I can be successful in life. So I guess you could say that my fantastic freshmen experience has been an excellent starting point for an amazing college experience and it has been valuable for me to attend because I have matured and grown up a lot.


My college experience has been a roller coaster. I have had weeks that were absolutely horrible and weeks that have been almost perfect. In college you learn so much; in classrooms and in your daily life styles. Everyone says you learn who you really are in college and from my personal experience they are 100% right. My whole life I have been wandering around trying to find a place where I fit in and where I feel like I am wanted or accepted. Going to college has taught me that I can't deny who I am. It doesn't matter that I am different and that I don't fit into a certain 'group' I am who I am and no one can change me. It's been a life altering experience to go to college and see what I can make of myself. It's been difficult and sometimes lonely but I am finally realizing who I am and what I need to do to be the person I want to be. If I didn't attend college and branch out I would still be wandering and trying to figure out what things were most important to me.


What I have got out of my college experience so far is the concept of challenging my current opinions and beliefs. This has ultimately helped me to become well rounded and stronger than I was before. Everyone grows up immediately accepting the opinions and beliefs of someone that they may hold to a higher standard. Usually shaping who they become as young adults. This was a perfect depiction of me entering college. Right off the bat my foundation was rocked with a tornado of ideas, concepts, beliefs, and opinions that contradicted mine. At first, like many of us do, I shut down and became defensive and unreceptive of those ideas. It wasn’t until I had a particular professor who helped me see the bigger picture. That was to accept other people’s opinions and beliefs right or wrong. This not only helps you understand them as a person, but will cause you to look to yourself in what you believe causing you to either change your belief/s or re-affirm what you already believe. This is an important life skill that has shaped who I am and I believe is why the college experience is so valuable.


I have learned both about myself and my major of interest. I have found out more about who I am as a person through my studies than I ever thought I would. The determination and drive that it takes to complete a collage degree is something that is truely to be admired. All of the people around me want to be here as much as I do, which makes classes more interesting as well as challenging. If I had not attended school here, at Central Washington University, I would still be in the rut I was stuck in through high school: having no time management skills, and floating by with A's without having to work at it. College has shown me that everything in life doesnt come free and also that it is worth the blood, sweat, and tears that it takes to get where you want to go. In addition to helping me become a great music eduator, CWU has lead me down the path to become a great person on the inside and out.


As a double major in Chemistry and Biology, the research opportunities and jobs I have gotten through Central have proved to be an incredibly asset in preparing me for post-graduation work. Not only I have been earning a degree through challenging academic coursework, I have been gaining real-world experience in the fields that I am interested in. I feel confident in my abilities as a scientist through my hands-on college course work and the individual attention I recieved at CWU. Working with esteemed professors from around the world, I have gained new prespectives on various issues to help shape me into a more knowledgable world citizen.


What I've gotten out of my college experiance that has been the most important is the ability to listen to other peoples views. Before college it was my way or the highway but I've been opened up so to speak to be able to hear and converse with people about different or even abstract ideas. That is how people will listen to your ideas, just by being respectful and listening, otherwise they will treat your idea's like you treated theirs. One of the most important classes I've taken at Central was geography of the middle east. What we talked about though was the conflicts and different groups of people in the middle east such as between Israel and Palestine. It really opened my eyes up to both sides and why they fight. College has given me the ability to sincerely sympathize with others, even ones I haven't met yet. Thank you for your time to read what I had to say.


The most important thing to note that I have recieved from my college experience thus far would have to purly be the fact that i am getting an education. Not everyone in todays society is lucky enough to have the oppertunity to attend a university, so with that I consider myself to be very lucky. I would also have to note that getting to experience real life away from home has showen me a whole other world. It has started me on my path to success.


I'm 37yr old single mom with 4 children who recently attended a vocational technical center for Practical Nursing. I've beeen out of school f or over 20yrs and to sit a room other adults like myself was a new bringing for me. What I have gotten out of attending nursing school is teamwork and comradory. The amount of support that you receive from the faculty is comforting. Attending school has been valuabel


Throughout my college experience I have learned a lot about myself mostly and how to accomplish my dreams. I have learned lessons about friends and how important my family really is, and also that helping others is so important to accomplishing a successful life. Central has taught me a lot about being on my own, how to handle situations appropriately and about time management along with self motivation in order to be successful in my classes and in my life. Since moving to Central I have grown up to be such a mature and proficient person, who accomplishes tasks with accuracy and in a timely manner. I am happy that I have chosen to attend Central Washington University and with who I am turning out to be.


Other than the keen skills and knowledge I have obtained, I have grasped the meaning of living alone and succesfully in college. Most kids, when they go off to college, "forget" how to do simple chores. They become prone to the "I am going home to 'visit' my parents," which in all cases has a favor they pack with them. When I visit my parents nowadays I only bring me, my smile, and an appitite (what can I say, I am in college). I have taken my study skills to a new level, which in highschool my teachers said was never possible. Who would have ever thought that a person like me would ever make it to college? Let alone succeed in college. I have gained self confidence where there was not much hope to lift me up, and I have spoken heaps of words with out speaking to my parents who never thought their kids could make it anywhere in life but as a pizza delivery driver. College has not only given me a new life, but a new goal in life; to live out the dream that is impossible.


The college experience always proves to be unique for everyone; some people gain a valuable education and necessary life skills, while others just learn to party all the time. For me personally, the time I have spent at college has already taught be several valuable lessons that I did not have before. The most valuable thing I have taken from college is the ability to work well with others. I have always been very independent, but in college when working on a group project the only way to get it done efficiently is to be organized and have every member of the group do their part. Which brings me to my next point; college has taught me how to organize better, particularly how to organize time better. In high school you're time is organized for you, but in college you have to learn to organize it yourself. Finally, college has been so valuable to attend because of the education I am receiving. My education, along with all of the other unexpected skills I am learning in college, will allow me to go to become successful in my career and life.


Prior to attending Central Washington University I had the opportunity to attend several community colleges. The most valuable lesson I learned is that education can not be taken for granted. Students cannot assume knowledge of new subjects, just because of good performance in high school's core subjects. Studying is a discipline and classes will not complete themselves. Online courses should only be taken if you can trust yourself to plot out an academic schedule as if you were attending in person. I have allowed myself many mistakes, and these mistakes only make things more difficult in the long run.




I have come to learn that getting a higher education is a privilege that not all experience or honestly appreciate. I joined the International Dorm on campus and discovered different people of different cultures and became best friends with some. I have learned what it is like to juggle school, being club officers, friends and being involved at church and I love it. I had to teach myself how to study better and learned what is effective and what is not. I always thought I would attend community college, but I opted not to, set my goals higher and am so glad I did. I love that everyone lives in Ellensburg in the same small town I live in and that there really is no excuse not to get to know someone. I love the professors and staff that have helped me along the way. I am enjoying every second of volunteering and making a difference by being in the Equity Services Council. Attending school is about learning your future profession, but also learning all that you can about yourself and how to interact with others. Attending school full time allows you to focus and challenge yourself whole-heartedly.


My college experience has been absolutely wonderful so far. I am majoring in Music Education and attending CWU has solidified my decision of becoming an orchestra teacher. We have such an amazing faculty who are not only quality professors, but also good friends and mentors. I love attending classes and rehearsals because I have so much fun that I almost forget I am being graded! It just makes a complete difference being in school and working towards something you are excited to do. CWU has definitely energized me to learn everything I possibly can so that I can be hirable. This university has even given me the opportunity to teach through the Prep Strings Program we host on campus. I cannot think of a better way to do the one thing I love as well as practice my teaching skills. Through CWU I have been invited to join groups for Washington Music Educators where I am able to get my name out making it easier to find a job in the future. Finally, the quality one on one time I get with the professors to talk about my future career is so uplifting and I wouldn’t attend anywhere else.


Albert Einstein said, “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.” Knowledge is not learned all at once, but often comes line upon line; those lines are within textbooks and lecture notes. As a first generation graduate, it’s easy for me to see why an education is important. My Bachelor’s has allowed me to become more of a Swiss-Army knife, versatile in the eyes of employers, in comparison to a common house hold butter knife, good for only a couple of tasks. With a degree I have acquired many useful concepts and principles to help in my career endeavors. Continuing my education simply makes sense to me. My current educational ambition to become a Graphic Designer will place me in a hands-on design program to help me concentrate on my talents. Combining my general education with a specialized program, my potential to move from designer, to lead designer, to project manager, to senior project manager, becomes more of a reality. An education is a lifetime adventure I intend to safari. If someone were to ask me, “is college for me?” I would answer, “was Albert Einstein a genius?”


What I have discovered was myself. Im only 24 years old so thats more than a lot of people can say. My journey to self discovery began with going to college. Through this whole process I have lost a best friend, dealt with an eating disorder, failed classes, stopped going to school for 2 years, had a baby, returned to college, and I am now graduating with a degree in Exercise Physiology. Without my struggle I could not appreciate the woman I am today. Witout my college education I can not be the person who I want to be tomorrow. Of course my soon-to-be- degree is the most valuable aspect of attending my college. I can create a life for me and my son without having to struggle to find a job as most people do. I no longer have to work as a waitress, barista or any other job where I am not happy at. Instead I get to have a career and if I get the job that I am training for, then I will have a place where I can work everyday, and be happy becuase it's what I want to do.


My college experience has helped me answer the question, "Can I really do it?" When I first considered returning to college, my first urge was to discard the idea immediately because it has been many years since I was last in a classroom. I was afraid I would not be smart enough or that my academic skills would be too rusty. However, with some encouragement, I was able to overcome my fears and embark upon my journey toward my degree. Attending college has shown me that I can do it, that I am smart enough and capable enough. The increase in my self-esteem and feeling of self-worth are what I value most in attending college. The second most valuable aspect is the new knowledge I gain every day and the feeling of accomplishment I continue to foster with every classroom success. I look forward to every new day and the opportunities I am presented with, as well as to what the future holds.


When I got married at a early age of 22, I had to leave my family and friends and relocate to the United States with my husband. I was already in my third year studying Physics and I had to leave everything behind to be with my husband. But before leaving Nigeria I also made a promise to my parents that I would complete my education, because they spent all what they had to send me to college back in Nigeria. The on only way to make them proud was to complete my undergraduate degree and even further in my studies. But coming to America I realized that I had to work, so I combined schooling and work, this was what I never had to do because my parents made me go to school full time and took care of all the bills so I can focus in school. So it was quite rough for me working and schooling at the same time but I got used to it and became better in what I am doing. Life is not a bed of roses sometimes you need to make things work for you to become a better person in life.


As a single parent, it has become easy to lose myself as a person. After returning to college the Fall of 2009, I have discovered who I am! Upon enrolling last fall, I was in pursuit of an Accounting degree, however, this experience has shown me that I am a far more creative and hands on worker, so I have changed my major to Culinary Arts. Not only am I now on the path to a career that I will truly enjoy, but I find myself expanding my horizons in many other ways. For a fact, I have become a better parent. I am more disciplined and can, thus, provide more structure for my 1st grader, and I am also happier because I am learning and growing and becoming a well-rounded woman with the progression of time. I have also learned the most important lesson college can teach; enjoy what you do and have fun doing it! I am blessed to attend college, and look forward to my educational goals improving the life of my daughter and motivation, Taylani.


I've learned many new things that I wouldn't have been able to learn anywhere else. I've had classes that would help in the workplace, such as the "Customer Service" class. The professors have been such great role models in teaching us the best they are able to. There has been many events that give us opportunities to find work in the various job fairs and college bashes. Attending college has been a valuable experience because I've learned to be a dedicated and hard-worker. Since no one from college would force you to attend, you have to be the one dedicated enough to come to class on your own. College also has been valuable to attend since it helped me become a hard-worker in studying, homework, classwork, projects, etc. These two traits I've gained helped me keep up a steady 3.3GPA and also have applied the traits outside of college such as working and everyday life. Education has become very important in the real world in order to go far in life.


My name is Kimberly Hitchcock and I am a 41 year old single mother of three boys. Jordan 16 Joshua13 and Jaxon 5.In 2007 I was diagnosed with stage 3 invasive breast cancer I underwent radical bilateral mastectomies and chemo. The following summer my cancer spread to my ovaries and I underwent a complete hysterectomy. This march I was diagnosed with invasive vertical spreading melanoma. I underwentanother surgery June 15 and am being watched for possible metastisis. I am a breast cancer survivor and recovering addict through this I have come to know fear... I believe, that fear robs you of all good will. Fear moves challenges from the realm of ability to the impossible. Fear lives and thrives, grows, and dwells on defeat, not steps to recover. Fear tells the heart to quit, to give up, it’s useless and fear spreads despair from the brain to the body. Helplessness is an attitude that refuses to declare that the human heart and spirit can be stronger then the disease. My school experience has been invaluable to me it has given me hope for a better life . College has taught me the value of perseverance and hard work.


I now know where I'm headed and what have to do life. I'm the first in the family to get a bachelors degree. I know that I want to get my master degree. Some of my teacher have given me valuable exprerience and given me new light on my furture.


The education that I have gotten has been extremely valuable. I have met teachers that even though I am no longer in their class, I feel like I can go talk to if I have questions, or problems. I didn't at first have a chance to have the "College experience" I served in the military, and bounced around quite a bit. Now that I am done serving, I have had a chance to get involved. I feel like the experiance here and in the military are great partners, and give me a better foundation for life.


A sense of accomplishment that I haven't felt from anything else that I have done. More confidence in obtaining good job with good pay and knowing I have job security. Use the skills I have aquired to volunteer and help others. Knowing I can take care of myself and be on my own during college. Student loans were worth it. Friendships with people I never knew existed or would have never know existed. Great memories that can't be just made.The greatest benefit was the completion of a long term plan/goal. Realizing because of college that there are a lot of things I can accomplish if I want to.


College has helped me to see what can be accomplished with enough determination. Before I started college I was a little intimidated by those with college degrees, but after being in college for almost two years, I realize that it is something that anyone can accomplish with enough determination. It is all about being committed to the process. Many of the business classes I have taken will have a very real impact upon my career and the decisions that I make at my job - especially my economics classes. I love learning , anything from random facts about biology to calculus. I enjoy it all!


I have learned that being in school is very importatnt to me. I had to take a year off because funding was not there. But being back feels great and it has really motivated me to do the best that I can do and be the best that I can be in any situation. No matter where I go to school I will make the best out my education.


Taking the opportunity to go away to college has been valuable because it has forced me to live life on my own and build relationships with new people and to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life. I think that I would have regrets if I had decided to stay at home and go to a community college rather than attend Central Washington University. So far my college experience has taught me that I can make my own choices and if other people are not satisfied with those decisions then it is up to me to fix them or continue to carry on with what I want to do. I am now living on my own and I believe that to get the full college experience, one has to make mistakes and learn through trial and error who to trust and which friends are real friends. After beginning excited and anxious about college in the fall, one will shortly figure out that academics is the main priority. That is why I am here. The rest of the experience just falls into place because it is part of life and life will continue to happen.