Central Washington University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Just to make sure that it is suitable to your needs, you enjoy your campus visit, and meet a lot of people and that is the key to having a good time with your college experiance!


I think that the most important thing is to remember that you need to pick the school that will help you reach your goals the most effectively. Once you are at college here are five things that can make or break your experinces. Make Friends. Attend Class. Get Involved. Dont Stret the Small Stuff. Enjoy your Youth. These five rules are important because once you are done with college you are going to have to deal with the real world.


Don't just apply to one college. Apply to two or three colleges and visit them. That ultimately led to my decision to attend Central. Once I toured campus, I fell in love. Also, don't sell yourself out for a college. Go to a college that YOU want to go to. Not where other people want you to go. Go where you will be happy. Once you find the right college it is a lot easier to make to most of your experience at college. To have a great experience, don't hole yourself up in your dorm room. Branch out and explore on your own and meet new people. This is the perfect time to create life long relationships with people around you. Don't miss out on that opportunity. Meeting new people one of the greatest gifts that you aquire from attending a college. Sure you graduate and get a job, but friendships are forever. Once you have a tight group of friends, your experiences, good and bad, will flourish at college and your friends will always be right behind you to help you along the way.


When it comes to finding the right college for you, or your child, I would recommend looking into the town/city colleges are in, and see if it is accommodating to you. Also, look into the kinds of programs the school offers. Do they offer anything in your area of interest? If not, cross that school off your list. You want to go to a school that will accommodate to what you want and what you want to do. Find out if you want to live in a big city or a small town. Also, check the climate ranges in the state/city you're thinking about going to. If you don't like the snow, make sure you don't go somewhere that has very cold winters. I know that college is about getting the right education for you and your future career, but the city/town your college is in will make a big impact on you as well. So, don't just look into what the school offers (although, that is very important), make sure you will be moving some where that you will enjoy. There is nothing worse than feeling out of place.


Think about the community that you grew up in, if you felt comfortable and really loved being there look for a college with the same qualities. Also, keep your interests in mind, some schools may not offer the courses and the degree that you are thinking of going into. But never limit yourself!


The most important thing is to go with your gut feeling. If you visit the schools and something just doesn't feel right, even if it is something super small, then don't go to that school. Your happiness is the most important thing because without you being happy, you won't do well in school.


Make sure you take a tour of all your top choices. Imagine living there all year round. Consider the size of the town, the size of the school, surrounding areas, how far away from home it is, and things to do for free time. When you find the college that is the best fit get involved in study groups, go to games, volunteer and participate in campus activities.