Central Washington University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I would have to say the best thing about my school is the size. I always say that the campus is the perfect size and the students body is not overly populated either. This is easliy the best thing because it makes it easier to get involved in activities because your now overwhelmed with a million options


The best thing about Central Washington is the endless list of adventures. For an outdoorsy person like myself, I can find something new to do every weekend, wheather it be snowboarding, hiking, rafting, camping or just barbequeing by the lake. When I first came to CWU, I enjoyed just sitting around and playing video games, but by the end of the year, I found out how much I enjoyed playing Frisbee and I've played pick up games in almost every sport imaginable. Plus, I got to live in the nicest dorm in all of Washington, New Barto Hall!


The best thing about Central Washington University is that it is a place for everyone. Central is a place where everyone is welcome, everyone is encouraged and everyone is able to thrive!


One of the best things about my school are the experiances I have had so far as a freshman. There are always so many programs and clubs to be a part of that it is almost impossible to be bored. I have made so many different friends and done so many different things being here that I wouldn't have been able to to in high school.


The small class sizes and convenience to where I live. I attended both the Des Moines and Lynnwood campuses to fulfill my education requirements.


The best thing about my school is its location and size. It is in a small town where you can walk to everything and a hike is only a short drive away. I love how it is a small campus because I don't feel like a number. My professors actually know me and I have a relationship with them.


The best about my school is how helpful they are. They go out of their way to find different soluations to your problems and there are always people welling to help money waise with books, and housing.


The best thing about Central is the environment. The weather is perfect and there aren't that many rainy days. So everyone always has a smile on their face. The staff and students are curtious,respectful and friendly. At Central you can be yourself and no one will mind. There are so may different types of people that you will never feel left out, you will always find someone that has similar interests as you.


The best thing about CWU is the community. Many of the campus dorms support a program called Living Learning Communities in which the resident students are allowed to interact as if they were all neighbors and companions. The campus itself in my opinion gives off a friendly atmosphere that promotes casual relationships with just about everyone. The town too has a small but close feel that allows students and civilians to feel comfortable.


I think that the best thing about my school is the teachers. There are so many teachers in my program and each one of them has had previous experience in the teaching field. When they come to class they know exactly what they are talking about have answers to all of our questions. It brings a lot of ease knowning these teachers know what we are experiencing and the challenges.


It's not a very big campus so it's a very big change from home and it's more comfortable to be going to school at. Everybody here is very friendly and it's easier to have a better relationship with a professor because of the smaller class sizes.


It would have to be all of the student resources available for aid. There's opportunity to have one-on-one with a tutor or teacher and there's opportunity to work in a group of students who are also struggling in an area of study. There is just so much help available for anyone that is struggling class and it enables them to work and interact with people who aren't even in their everyday classes.


Everything, the way that all aspects of school fit together makes it a great place to be.


I really like how small the class sizes are. I like that im able to speak to my professors a lot more than once a quarter. The small class sizes also make it possible to meet new people rather than meeting new people every day, where it is quite easy to forget people's names. Having that one on one time with the professors makes it easier to comprehend the course material and what is being taught.


I think the best thing about this school is the fact that there are so many opportunities to get involved. There are clubs that you can join along with on campus jobs, the radio station, and many extracurricular activities like Monday night movies and special events for students to partake in.


Central Washington University emphasizes student activity, diversity, and involvement.


I love the campus and the fact that it is near my home town. I enjoy my professors and being in class.


Central Washington University’s campus is what I like the most; it’s not too small or too big. I love it, because it expands, yet remains a close niche university that still takes time to communicate with the student body on a daily bases. Also, CWU offers a diverse range of majors; mostly recognized as a great teaching school and its music and art programs, it is breaking out from those specific majors and venturing more into the sciences. This just goes to show just how committed the university is to keeping their student body satisfied.


The best thing about my school is its education program. I plan on majoring in physical education to promote the importance of physical activity to youth. In my extensive research of colleges and their education departments, I found this school to have the most developed and advanced physical education program. I hope to receive the best education possible so that I can convey my knowledge and quality experience with our society's youth. Every child deserves an exceptional education and I believe this institution will help its students provide that for their future students.


The best things about Central Washington University are the people and the community. The small town is very accepting of new students and makes you feel right at home. There are a diverse group of students here religously, academically, and racially. There are so many ways to get involved in campus activities and clubs are a great way to find friends with similar interests. I have made so many friends here and i am so glad i chose Central Washington University!


It's in my hometown.


The best thing about Central-Pierce County is the feeling of family and connectedness you have with your fellow students and professors becuase of the opportunity to take every class together, frequently taught by the same small group of professors. Because everyone is striving to achieve the goal of becoming a professional educator, you are surrounded by students who place a high value on their education and serve as a support to you as you pursue your edcuational and career goals.


Central Washington University has a very good campus life. As a small school in a not very big city, the students can meet each other very often. The living and learning communites (LLCs) and resident halls are quite close to each other, therefore, it is very good for the student to meet and discuss about their classes. Because of the small area, it is very convenient to walk through one building to another building.


The best thing about Central Washington University is the location of the school. The school is in the perfect spot; it's not too long of a walk to go to the grocery stores, or anywhere in town because the city itself small. Then from my hometown of Shelton, Ellensburg is only a few hours away, whereas other universities would have been four hours or more of driving, and to me that is too much driving to go home and see my family! Another aspect of the location would be the mountains being only an hour away for skiing.


There is support for new and experienced students everywhere. It seems like there is a never ending flow of resources for any question you might have, and all faculty members are helpful and willing to guide you.


The one thing that I consider the best out of my school is that you get amazing professors who care for your grades. Here at Central, you get smaller classes where you can sense an environment of learning, and not feel like you are watching a play in a never ending theater. Here teachers care that you succeed, they tell you that you can come and see them where you are stuck. Teaches know you by your name, not by a number. Here teachers willingly work extra time with you to help you when you are in need of it.


The best thing about Central Washington University is the people. The teachers have so much compassion towards their students and really want them to succeed in life. They go over and beyond in every area of their teaching. I love that CWU is small enough to get to know my peers and classmates. I have built many relationships that will last a lifetime. I meet new people almost every day; whether it be at school, church or one of my many extracurricular activities. Lastly, I love the community. They are so welcoming and thankful for all of the college students.


The best thing about Central Washington University is that I can call it home. I have met some of the most important people in my life here, and I feel completely comfortable with my surroundings. Also, there are so many opportunities available for me here that I would have never explored if it was not for all the effort that the people put into it to make it known. I really appreciate what Central does for us to make sure every student feels safe and happy to be here.


I consider the best thing about Central Washington University to be how much the faculty and the community supports the students, helping us in any way they can. The faculty are very understanding and want to work with us in order to give us the best education possible.


The best thing about my school is how small it is for a state college, and how easy it is to get around on campus.


The atmosphere. Wonderful people, faculty, community, and location. It is also a wonderful learning experience!


I love how involved the students are, and how they communicate with each other so effectively. The dorms are oriented in such a way that makes it easy to hang out and have fun with the people that are living there with you, and I feel that it makes it a great place to live.


The best thing about Central Washington University is how the feel of a big campus is confined in to not to many people creating alot of friends and opportunities to present themselves. Yuo become very close to teachers and others at this university.


To me, the best thing about CWU is the fact that they have the Primate Behavior and Ecology degree, which I plan on pursuing in addition to a degree in Biology. Next year, I plan on doing an internship at the Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute located on campus, which houses a small group of chimps that have been trained in the usage of American Sign Language. I can't wait to actually get to work with the primates!


The best thing about Central Washington University is the close knit relationships between the students and the community. The school makes a strong effort to connect with the surrounding small town community. Many volunteer opportunities and events involving both community members and Central students keep the connection strong.


What I consider the best thing about my school is the opportunities offered. At Central Washington University we have diversity, which helps broaden many views for others on campus, including myself. Additionally, there’s a lot of help available for tutoring, advising or maybe even guidance when pursuing your major. There’s a wide variety of clubs and organizations that keep students active, but most of all the professors at Central Washington University are more than grateful to help their students in pursuing their goals or careers. The opportunities are never ending, which truly makes Central one of a kind.


Central Washington University is a fantastic school if you're looking into going into music. The environment of the Music Department here on campus is one that you will not find at any school. It is warm, friendly, welcoming, and very helpful. Not to mention it is the top state funded school for Music in the north west. Our Education program is also great and should be one that is strongly considered when looking for an education based school.


The best thing about my school is that it is in Lynnwood, and you don't have to go all the way to Ellensburg in order to get a 4year college experience. This means that you have a selection in the general Seattle area, besides The University of Washington, or Seattle University or some other private institution of higher education with is exorbinantly expensive, CWU is a state school located just a few miles outside the city of Seattle.


The Best thing about Central Washington University is definately the location. Being an outdoor lover, Ellensburg is perfectly nestled in the middle of nature. Being only minutes away from moutains and rivers, every opportunity is available. The winters here are amazing with snow falling from the beginning of november until mid winter. snow related activites are everywhere and cheap too! There are constantly outdoor activites going on year round, making it ideal for anybody who enjoys the outdoors as much as I do.


The best thing about Central Washington University is the atmosphere. The small "hometown" feel of the campus makes it so easy to adjust being away from your family in a new environment. The peaceful campus with its willow trees and shaded walkways creates feelings of comfort that you won't be able to find in a big-city university. The small-sized classrooms further the opportunity of being able to connect with the school, because students are able to get to know their professors and other students in their major. Central acts as a wonderful "home away from home."


Class selection is the best thing about my school. I would say any class you would want to take, you can at Central. The classes are small and intimate, which means you get the attention you need from the proffesor to earn a good grade.


Central Washington University has a very welcoming community of students and faculty that genuinely value each person in attendence. Because Central is a smaller school, the student body is more like a family. The atmosphere promotes learning through professors that are teaching because they really enjoy it; and, the forming of strong friendships amoung the student body through the leisure programs offered daily in the student union building and the diversity of edcational programs.


As an incoming freshman who was very apprehensive about attending college, I think the best thing about CWU is their freshman integration program. They provided many opportunities for incoming freshmen to explore the campus, meet current students, and ask questions of faculty members and upperclassmen. Then, once we'd arrived at college, they had a "Welcome Weekend" in which we attended countless seminars to learn about college life and mingle with other freshman, allowing us to build friendships with other students before classes started. There are also Living Learning Communities which help students connect with others who share similar interests.


I think the best thing about CWU area. Like I said it's in Ellensburg, the country side where its away from the city. Being in this area give so many people an opportunity to try new things. Mostly outdoor activities is what is mostly done here. Even in this area people just dont know what to do, but workout and thats not a bad team. I have never seen so many people running around, and thats not in the gym its running around campus and all over Ellensubrg. Ellensburg is close by to the mountains, that means snowboarding.


The best thing would be how relatively small the campus is; it just gives a small community feel to the campus.


The best thing about Central Washington Universitys campus is the atmosphere! Everyone here is so nice and so welcoming that it makes your freshmen experience amazing! I am currently a sophmore this year and have tons of friends! I hope that all the new and incoming freshmen can have the same freshmen experience that I can.


Without a doubt, the best thing about Central Washington University is the class sizes. Central has fairly small classes, which allows the students to get to know each other better. As a result, students are able to support each other more and learn from each other, and not just the professor. Of course, the students also get to know the professor better, which results in students being able to ask questions more often when needed, and they have a better grasp on the education they are receiving by knowing exactly who is teaching them.


The class sizes are great, and the professors are great for the most part. Very willing to help and advise.


You get the best of both worlds, A larger insitution of learning, but a smaller community. The area does not appeal to many city kids growing up, there are only 3 major grocery stores here in town, and very few places for additional shopping. There are some smaller stores. But if you need any larger ticket items, you need to drive the 45 min to Yakima, or the hour over the mountains. Plan accordingly. Other than that, Its a nice area for people who like to be outside. That being said, bring good summer clothes, and a heavy jacket.


I consider the diversity of my school the best thing about it. I consider it the best thing about my school because it makes me feel like I belong. Everyone belongs here. No one is out of place. It doesn?t matter what race, religion or the beliefs an individual has. Central welcomes everyone.