Central Washington University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the support staff such as the people in the financial aid office and the advising center. These people have always been willing to help as much as possible and most of the time go above and beyond to help me achieve my intended goal. Without the help of these people I would have had a very difficult time getting acclimated with this school.


One thing that I found most helpful about my school was it's rural location. While it eliminated many opportunities for college employment, college internships, and some activities I was interested in, it gave me a place to focus on my education exclusively. I did not have the distractions of excessive activities or work hours to get in the way of my studies. As a first-time university student, this helped me learn good study habits which I was able to take with me on my urban-based study abroad programs.


The smaller community of students. I love that the class sizes are smaller, which in turn gives students more one on one contact with professors. I previously attended UW in Seattle, and the classes were almost all over 400 students and the teachers never would know your name. It made it slightly more challenging to ask for help or to get time with them during their office hours, since your competing with a large number of other students. It is much more personal and fullfilling in my opinion to be part of a smaller community.


I love the fact that the school is small. There is more one on one guidance and help. I have access to more things than friends of mine in other schools. The professors and counselors are always there to help whenever needed.


I am currently involved in an Education Living Learning Community and basically you live with the people that will be in the same major as you later down the road. I love the fact that we live together in a dorm because we are able to make friendships now that will benefit us in the future. I know almost everyone in my Community and it is exciting to know that they are persuing the same thing you are and that your goals are similar. It is nice to know that you have support right down the hall.


The program. We were given the chance to work with students, schools multiple times. Out of the classroom preperation is a lot more helpful then in class work.


Central Washington University is amazing because they have campuses everywhere. I am going to go to the Des Moines campus starting this winter. I am currently attending Bellevue College and am transfering to go into psychology. They are making the transfer very easy and I cannot wait until I am going to school there and graduate with a degree in psychology. I am also hoping to get a masters degree one day.


The best thing about Central is the small class sizes. It really helps me learn because the teacher is more personal with you, you are not just a number to them like at other larger universities. With the small class sizes the teacher can really get in depth about the topic so students are really able to understand what they are learning and feel like they are really learning something. It is also really nice having small class sizes because the teacher is more willing to answere your questoins and is more avaliable to help you after class.


the people there. i havent met someone who was rude yet. i have met people who are annoying but who cares. there has been no one who has been a jerk and that makes me happy.


The students. We are all pretty motivated but, not usually stressed to the max. Everyone is really friendly and if you need help you can find it.


The size of the campus because you can get to your classes easily, and you can walk to most places (grocery stores ect)


I think the best thing about Central is that it is big enough to have a lot of variety in classes, in people, and in activities, but its not so big that you feel lost or unimportant in the grander scheme of things. You can choose to be anonymous, if you so choose, but there is lots of opportunity to shine as well.


The small size and friendly enviroment.


There are certain professors who will work with you and can be very helpful.


I love the size of our campus and town. It's fairly small, but it makes it easy to travel across campus and in town. Because it is a smaller campus and town , you are able to make many friends. We are also very diverse, so there all types of ethnicity here on campus.


The best thing about Central is the atmosphere and the overall learning environment. The small class sizes add greatly to the close contact you have with your professors and most of the students here have a strong drive to succeed. Grounds are well kept, activities are well organized and advertised, professors are intelligent and more than willing to help and the student body has a great mix of students from every walk of life.


When I wake up in the morning I can role out of bed and make coffee for my roomates and I before I go to work. After work I go directly to class which is a home-like atmosphere here at Central. After class I generally go to the library to study, and then go home to make dinner. I walk wherever I go and always feel safe when I do so. I enjoy the people who go to school with me and I enjoy the professors in the business field. Hard work is also important to professors at Central.


I really enjoy the location and the size of the school. It's 2 hours from my house and near great hiking, fishing, camping, shooting, and anything outdoors you can think of. I love how the people who go to the school have the same outdoor interests as me. I also love how my school doesn't have the greek system.


The campus is very pretty and well maintained. Computer labs and other technology is very up-to-date and clean.


I consider the small town feeling and general friendly atmosphere to be the best thing about my school. Having a smaller environment makes the school seem more personal and just creates an appreciation for what is around me. Growing up in a larger town really makes me appreciate having an opportunity to be live on my own, but have more assurance than I would if I were to, perhaps, live in a city such as Seattle, Washington. Familiarizing yourself with people around you just makes the atmosphere more acceptable and bearable.


Its class sizes are nice and small


It's a nice place to live, people are generally pretty friendly.


It's not so small to where one feels like they are at a Community College but not so big that one feels like just another person in the crowd. Central is the perfect size.