Centre College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Centre is an AWESOME liberal arts college, ranked at the top of every major college ranking list, one of THE best study abroad programs and a Guaranteed graduation in 4 years or Centre pays for you to come back!!


My school, Centre College, is a small, student focused college in Danville,KY that aims to give its' students the opportunity of a lifetime: furthering their education, and being successful in life. Centre College has allowed me to better myself, and my friends , and being a successful educator is all I want in life , and I plan on completing this goal through the help of Centre College , over the next four years.


Centre College is an uniquely passionate, blessed community of learners-student, faculty, staff, and administration- who all thrive from the Centre Commitment, high academic and personal expectations, and desire to reach out to the world in which they are surrounded.


My school is my life. Centre is that school in the middle of nowhere, where stars are made. It is small on purpose, it's size is what makes it so unique. Centre is stunning because it includes everyone and there is always someting to do even if you like the weridest things. Centre is the best!


Centre is academically and socially stimulating and allows you to become an extremely productive member of society all-around. Most of all, students know how to work hard and play hard.


Centre College is about personal education that can open the doors you wanted, or open doors previously unseen.


Excellent quality school.


Centre is one of the most academically challenging schools in the South.


Challenging, but worth it.


My school is a crazy hard, fun, engaging, social, nurturing environment where I can be myself and work hard to meet challenges, goals, and expectations; it is a place where I feel free to grow and learn new things daily; my school is home.


Centre College's tagline is "Personal Education. Extraordinary Success"; it couldn't be more accurate.