Centre College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Nasty Nevin. I'm kidding, Nasty Nevin isn't really all that nasty. It's a freshmen guy's dorm that everyone makes fun of because... well I guess you'll just have to come here to understand. The worst thing about Centre is probably Cowan. Cowan is our cafeteria and whereas it is not bad, it just gets boring. Small campus = small kitchen so there isn't always the largest range of choices. But there are two cafe's on campus with simply amazing meal options for those days when you just don't want to deal with Cowan.


I think the worst thing at Centre is the stress during finals. I think this because as much as it is a positive to do well ; I think it is a negative because it messes with peoples emotions and mental state. It is just too tiring.


The sorority and fraternity scene can be annoying., and there is a strong divide between the "artsy kids" and the "frat kids". But I think that is getting better since each class when I was a freshman in 4 years ago.


Don't have anything negative to say about it.


Too many kids party too much on the weekends.


The grading is way to hard here. Most people say a C from Centre is just as good as an A elsewhere, but no one else knows how hard Centre is, so I'd rather have the A elsewhere. Our PR team is stupid. We named a hall after John Todd Suart because he lent Abe Lincoln a book once. Little did our team know that Mr. Lincoln hated Mr. Stuart for most of his life. Centre talks itself up too much and overplays small events like this one.


Sometimes the workload can feel overwhelming. It's really managable if you stay on top of things, but people have a habit of "taking breaks" when they need to work. Stay focused and the work's not too hard, get lazy and you're screwed. A lot of the social scene on campus does involve alcohol, and while you're not going to be pressured to drink, there's definitely a tendency for people to just grab and beer and join the crowd.


I really can't think of anything that bad about Centre. The parties are lame unless you're drinking, which for someone under 21 is illegal.