Centre College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Centre?s commitment to helping its student reach their fullest potential is a unique part of Centre and one that I respect. This commitment not only includes dedicated professors who are willing to mentor, tutor, and meet with students, but also includes a large Centre staff who are willing to aid students in a variety of ways. Centre?s commitment to its students is also shown through the ?Centre Commitment?, encouraging students to become worldly citizens, as well as, national and local citizens. It is the Centre Commitment and the Centre Community that make Centre an amazing place to live.


This is hard to say. I think it is a draw between the personal education and the Centre Committment, which guarantees study abroad, internship, and graduation within four years, or the fifth year for free. The school has a great committment to not only academia, but also cultural understanding and broadening.


It is a close-knit community... the professors are AMAZING, and friendly, and there for you. And they are brillaint. That alone makes up for any flaws.


The teachers are very dedicated and excited about their discipline, and they try to make you excited too. Once you find your placec on campus it is easy to have fun and make friends that will last you the rest of your life. The study abroad program is AMAZING!


The community at Centre is by far the best part. This includes students and professors. It's just a tight-knit community because of our small size, small classes, and so many friendly people. When I visited, I loved how welcoming and friendly everyone was, and it's still my favorite part today.


The fact that the professors are willing to go out of their way to find things to engage you in the material. I am terrible at Chemistry, and I had a professor that new that I was struggling, so he suggested different websites, books, and additional problems from the book to help me. Also, he met with me several times to explain the material more fully with me, even if it were at times that weren't his scheduled office visitation hours. He worked with me and my schedule to make sure I knew the material!