Centura College-Virginia Beach Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If i could go back, I would tell myself, not to get pregnant as soon as i graduated. I would have told myself to look into colleges further. I was in foster care until i was 18 half way thru my senior year so , if i could go back I would tell myself to use what resources they gave me alittle better, like taking me to colleges to visit. I would have taken the future after high school a little more serious then what i did.


If I was able to go back and give myself useful information regarding college life, I would tell myself a few things. First, I would tell myself to find out about all of the resources available and make use of them. For example, my college offers free tutoring in almost every subject, which can be very helpful. Another important thing that I would make sure to inform myself about is better time management. Working full-time and also being a full-time student is a difficult task to manage when striving to maintain a 3.5 or better grade point average. I would tell myself to balance everything out. Lastly, I would tell myself to make sure that I apply for as many scholarships as possible. As a sophomore in college without any scholarships, college can be expensive, even at a community school.


As a high school senior, if I had known what I do now about college, I would have had a much better time during the whole transition process. I was accepted and attended a private school in which I had no real interest in attending. I lived in an awful dorm room in a basement in which there was no air conditioning, exaggerated heat, and no roommate. I did not know anyone at the school, so I was pretty much miserable. I wanted to go home and just give up. After many helpful, late-night conversations with my mother, I sucked up my ?torment? and gave the college thing a try. I finally made friends, many of whom were from my hometown area, and really enjoyed myself. So my advice to my senior self is to just relax. There is not point in being nervous and held-back because there are always other students who are in the same position and feeling the same way. Be yourself because this is when you make life-long decisions and friends, and being true to yourself is the best way to ensure a desirable future.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior the advise I would give myself would be to practice being a leader as oppsed to being a follower. In high school you will come across many times when people will try to get you to do things that are not the best idea, and you have to have strong enough morals to know what is right and wrong. Focus on school and never take the easy way out. I would tell myself to challenge your mind, never settle for less, and to study as much as you can so that you can live comfortably while having a career that makes you happy. I would remind myself to have fun while keeping the future in mind, because at the end of the day you want to be able to look back and be proud of who you have become without any regrets.