Century College-White Bear Lake Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school is the construction they are doing right now. They have a large portion of the main floor blocked off, which means students have to walk up to the floor above, walk down to the floor below or walk outside, to get to the classrooms on the main floor. This would not be as much of a frustration if this wasn't the middle of winter in Minnesota. The quickest way to get around is by going outside. On a cold day this can be a miserable experience.


The most frustrating thing about Century College is the parking. I usually take evening classes, but when I am trying to take a day class, the parking lots fill up very quickly. Even when trying to go see a counselor there is no parking after 9 am.


The only thing that would be some what frustrating at Century would be parking. There are ways in which you can make this easier. You can make parking easier by taking public transportation, car pooling, or making sure you have adequate time to find a parking spot if you must drive alone. Also you can park on one campus and walk to the other if the parking lot is really busy at a certain time.