Cerro Coso Community College Top Questions

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My school is unique becuase it is so small. Everyone knows everyone, so it is easy to form study groups.


This is my last semester before I transfer to a 4-year university this fall. I would say that the unique quality about this school would have to be the quality of instructors. I transferred once already to a four-year, and the instructors there were either just as good or worse than the ones a Cerro Coso.


Cerro Coso is a very unique school because of how inexpensive it is to enroll. Most other community colleges are at least four times that amount to enroll. I am a student who recieves no financial help and cannot afford to go to school and pay cash for my tution if it was that much more expensive. So that is why I have been successful at this school because of low the tuition rate is.