Cerro Coso Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The kind of person that should not attend Cerro Coso is the type of person that wants t just skate by without having t do any wok. Cerro Coso College teaches and also has you do the majority of the work instead of the teachers ding it all for you. So if you are aperson that doesn't like to do work or pay attention in class then Cerro Coso is definitely not the school for you.


There are many kinds of people that should attend this school, however, there are a few that should not attend Cerro Coso. People who have certain majors such as, education, shouldnt attend this school because they dont offer that degree program. People who dont need one on one contact with the teachers can also go to bigger schools as well.


I think only people that are serious about pursuing a higher education should attend college. It really makes it hard to be able to focus on the lecture when the ones who don't care are talking and giggling in the back. However, this does not happen too often.