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It's in walking/biking distance from my house and the diversity of the students. There are mothers, fathers, grandparents, students with disabilities, every race you could think of goes to my school.


I came to Chabot after my freshman year at UC Davis. I expected Chabot to be very unlike Davis in quality. But I was wrong. Chabot has a very dedicated staff that made the education I was receiving there, seem on par with the education I received at Davis, yet at a fraction of the cost for attending a UC.


Most community colleges are thought of as lower quality than other college systems. Chabot is almost done completing a reconstruction face-lift, vastly improving and renovating the once outdated school. The teachers here are some of the best I have experienced and the low amount of students in each class can really foster a relationship with the teacher to further an education.


We are a diverse college and there is always a place a student can go for help with either their classwork, homework, or need to sign up for classes. There is a place for students to see conseluers and a place for special needs students. Everyone is always welcome onto our campus.