Chabot College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The negative connotations it's given; It's not a horrible school, people jsut don;t give it enough credit, it is a great school.


Budget cuts are affecting everyone. It's a shame that classes are being cancelled due to the states poor management of funds that should be going towards students being able to achieve higher education. Counseling hours are being cut back and more and more students struggle to find the classes they need in order to accomplish their education goals. Classes fill up fast because there are not enough of classes to go around. At the same time nothing is meant to be easy and personally it's the struggle that makes me more devoted to finish.


Despite the fact that Chabot College is a community college, it lacks the feeling of community. Several friends of mine and I have noticed that most students come to class and leave the campus right after, essentially leaving Chabot as strictly an academic place without the experience many people have come to associate with college life.


To mainstream. Theres nothing that makes it stand out from the rest collages around, most of the people who i know that go there say its just like high school all over again. To me collage is suppose to feel diffrent a step above high school.