Chabot College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Chabot College?


Someone is wants to get away from their community, who wants to be somewhere different, should not go to Chabot; a place full of community. If someone is interested in higher attention sports or prestige, they should look elsewhere.


The type of person who should not attend Chabot Nursing Program is someone that is use to floating by. If school is not your priority, then they should not even apply.


This school is not restricted to just one type of person. It doesn't matter if you have a high school diploma or not because the campus services everyone. Many students come from the streets looking for a way out. Other students are over achievers that simply couldn't afford a university so they decided to attend a community college. Even if your the student who is crazy disorganized and have no idea what your doing you can change your life on this campus as long as your committed to your own personal goal because the resources are there.


For someone who is very sociable and wants to become very involved in college activities like joining a fraternity or a sorority, Chabot College is not the place to go. It's very hard to meet people on a personable level because many people attending are usually there to get in and get out. I think that people who want to get that "Freshman" or "First-year" experience in college shouldn't attend Chabot because it doesn't give you that full college experience of dorming and getting to know new people like at social events compared to a university.