Chabot College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Don't trust you know what you want to do, walk into college with an open mind; be willing to learn and accept beliefs. Be dedicated and calculated about how you work and learn; you can decide easier where you're heading. Question everything you hear or read, and talk about it with everyone around you. Analyze and reflect. Dig for resources like it is your life's work; there are so many resources out there, you just need to find them! Get involved within the community of the school, you will enjoy it so much more. The general people and the teachers have huge impact on your school experience, so be sure to find the positive, supportive winners to associate with.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior the first thing I would say was, "this is it Melody, the foundation to your future. Your going to have try hard, study long, and make sacrafices. Get good grades so you can get into college. College is especially important now, while your fresh out of high school. You are less likely to be side tracked by LIFE! If you wait, you may never go because it's too easy to lose sight of your dreams. It's too easy to get stuck, and settle with what you might end up doing, just getting by and living check to check. It's no fun. Take advantage and explore the oportunities college has to offer. Make goals for yourself and reach them. Dream big, taking little steps at a time, never loosing sight of that dream, and you might be surprized at what you can accomplish, and who you may become. It wont be easy, but your chances to succeed are better now, having less obsticles in your way. Go for it, you won't regret it....


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would have told myself to get a job to help pay for college. I say this because when I was a senior I didn't relize how much college really dose cost. Before college you know about the fact that books cost alot, but you dont know about all the little costs. The little costs are student body fees, health fees, class fees, mailing fees, and all the other little things that are usually free in high school and not free in college, Another thing that I would have told myself to save for is living expenses because when you are in high school your parents tend to pay for evert thing but when you become an adult and have to take care of yourself you start to relize how much it costs to live and go to college.


All those SAT prep courses, practice tests, essays, finals, deadlines, University apps, don't sweat it. With these California budget cuts you'll be at Chabot and it's like high school part two just more lenient hours. Stop stressing, relax, and continue to do your work, then in due time you can transfer to the school you want.


Wishing I could go back in time and speak to my high school senior self is an activity I often partake in. I would tell myself to take college more seriously, and not treat lightly. I would tell myself that, unlike what people said about high school, college is actually difficult and takes a serious level of commitment. I would make my younger self understand that colllege life should be treated with the same respect that one would give to his or her own job. Most importantly, I would have told myself that it is okay to attend a community college for the first two years. I would tell myself that attending a community college for the first two years is in fact a terrific idea. My young self would come to understand that attending community college is a superb idea, as it would have helped with the difficult transition. I'm sure that, would I be able to go back in time and speak to my high school senior self, my younger self would be extremely grateful for the advice.


Back in high school, my priority was starting a family. I got married and had a baby less than one year after graduation. As much as I enjoyed my little family, we struggled. We were two young adults with intentions of going back to school. Instead, life kept on going. As my 30th birthday approached, we had four kids and still no real plan. I decided I needed to make a positive change. I enrolled in college as a now single mother. I worked full time while taking care of five children. I finally got into Chabot Nursing School and can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I cannot count how many all-nighters I pulled after making dinner; helping kids with their homework; and then studying for a test of my own. People always ask me how I manage. It is difficult, but I feel extremely blessed to have the opportunity to make a better life for my family. My kids are my motivation. Taking what I know now, how hard it is to go back to school as a single mom, I would convince myself, as a senior in high school, to finish school first!


The class is only boring if you let it be boring. As much fun as it can be to avoid the inevitable just get it done now. What you've been missing can be found in a classroom. It'll take some discpline , but you can do it. I was in a class one day and this kid was yelling at his teacher. He said something about how he couldn?t past the class because it had nothing to do with him. Let me tell what?s ironic about that argument, if you make it about you somehow it?s actually easier to remember large amounts of information. That only proves it does pay to be conceded in the long run. Studying never gets exciting ever. It?s just one of those things that comes with life. You do it because you have a dream and you do it because that is how your going to get there, right? Have you ever heard of an ?apple a day keeps the doctor away?? Well a little studying a day keeps the headache away and bonus that distributed study effect is fantastic for getting that memory on overdrive.


I would advise myself to study more diligently, study more for all the classes, and get more active in clubs. College life is bittersweet. Bitter to the sense that it is a different vibe from high school and friends might not be there whenever they are needed. Students need motivation to succeed that comes from within. Teachers will not care if they are late or absent and will not constantly remind them when assignments is due. There are more responsibilities, yet the freedom is present. It is also sweet because they are on their own. So I would tell myself to keep that in mind despite of the bittersweetness of college because every thing that is done in high school will pay off in college and the future.


"Study, work hard, and apply yourself," is what I would say to myself a year ago. I was hit by "senioritis" bad and recieved twos on my AP exams. I thought to myself, "I could always take those courses in college, people who do not take AP courses do and transfer to 4-year universities." What I did not think of was time, the time it would take to complete my requirements to transfer. If I had studied first instead of having "fun" on top of my priority list I would be able to take the classes I need and want instead of having to put them off to take remedial classes.


You have done a great job up to this point, but, you need a few adjustments if your going to be successful with your education beyond high school. The next level awaits your arrival with so many possibilities, you wont believe. Knowing your history and part of your future, I want to say that you can do all things if only you believe because I believe in you. College is a wonderful experiment in social behavior and higher learning. I know that youll want to follow the crowd but stay focused; your reward is yet to come. Dont worry about what youll do, just do it. Dont be fearful of trying anything, because failure is a part of learning and you will learn. Tomorrow is your opportunity of today, take it wisely. Go all the way in and fill on the nutrient of knowledge and I promise the petals of your bulb will blossem into a brilliant rose. Your future will be bright. . The next time I see you, if you follow this path and adhere to these words, youll smile as I reflect and Ill smile too. I Love You Go Forth!!!


Hi Rechell! As strange and impossible as it may sound, I am Rechell Vidanes. I am YOU at 22 years old. I know you are attending SFSU , which is an experience you shouldn't take for granted. I didn't graduate, or drop out, I just couldn't figure out what to do. And for the record I wasn't thinking. I went from Dermatology to Business to Nursing. Yes, Nursing, which you have rebelled against since every Filipino is a Nurse. The biggest "mistake" is that I took random classes that fit my work and social schedule causing me/you to be at this point. And as much I would love to correct these "mistakes", the only advice I want to give is that you will get through this. I am, and you will become a mother of a wonderful, beautiful and very active boy. I wouldn't, and I know you couldn't risk losing something so precious. So for now, I want you to know, you are on your way to becoming a great student, a great person, and a great mother, even if it's not what you had planned for.


Confused still about if financing your own college education is worth years of debt? Maybe sacrificing two years of a state-college quality education for a community college is worth it considering you don?t have money for college. Since tuition is only going to rise, community college is the best for you right now. After all you are an intelligent man already and there are other benefits going to a community college besides financial. Are you aware that if you take a few additional classes besides the General Education courses needed to transfer, you can obtain Associate Degrees? I know you don?t know about that because I didn?t find out till I was already at a community college. Guess what? I?m a semester away from transfering to a state college and I have already taken all the classes I need to in order to obtain an Associate degree in Behavioral Science. I need to pass two more writing classes to get a certificate in creative writing and pass one philosophy class to get two degrees in Liberal Arts. Do you think you would do that at a state college? I strongly recommend a community college.


I would tell myself to work harder during my senior year and talk to the counselor about what to do to get ready for college. I would also tell myself to take life more slowly and not rush into everything like I did. True, life is short, but when you rush into life without knowing what your getting yourself into, it can cause serious problems in the future.


Explore your options. Figure out what you like to do. What are you interested in? Those are all things that you should look at to determine what field may be good for you. Don't go to a community college just to save money if you know you're probably going to regret not going straight to a university. It's especially hard these days just to get into any class you want, so remember to always plan early and figure out what classes you need to take so that you are able to register for your classes the day that they are open. Never wait, because it may be too late. That's what makes it especially hard for students to transfer in two years since the budget cuts. Start on assignments early because it usually only gets harder; reading and assignments usually become more difficult, essay requirements tend to get longer, and don't forget to studying. It's probably best to form a study group so you become more motivated to do your work as well. If you're lucky, maybe your teacher won't be too tough, but never take them for granted either. Good luck!


I would probably tell my self to take advantage of all the opportunities that my campus offers. I would tell myself to see a conseluer right away and keep seeing that person until you are ready to graduate. Take the classes you need and make sure not to take not so important classes. Trust going to your teachers because they are always there to talk to and to help. Be honest with your teachers and your self. Ask for help when you need it and remember there is always someone or a place that is willing to help you with anything and to meet your goals.


If I was capable of giving myself advice, I would suggest having specific goals, semester by semester, and for my overall college career. It can be very difficult to find that classes that meet General Education requirements, are transferable, and are interesting as well. By planning out the classes that you want to take, you put yourself on the track for success. This is also helpful in tracking your progress and being able to see "the light at the end of the tunnel." I would also suggest finding a means of organization and sticking with it. While taking a full time class load, it is important to prioritize and stay on top of the homework. Using this tips will certainly assist in sucessfully achieving your college goals.


I would have to say, to not worry. That once you leave high school you're not completely on your own. There are ways to find money for collage and to pay for expenses. Its not going to be easy to transition from one to the other, but then again no one said life was. Collage is the time where doors open to knew places, new views, new ways of thinking to open up your mind and experience things that will make you decide which way your future goes. Theres no pressure on what collage you choose on going to, on the contrary, take your time and choose which you like. Each one is diffrent, some have massive parties others are known for their certain programs. Some are private others are public, theres so many choices theres no need in complicating yourself and feeling stressed. All you have to do is relax, your future is not set in stone you could always change it if its not the way you like it. Thats why collage is there, to give you options to where you could go.